Why is Dante's Divine Comedy titled as a comedy?

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Dante called the poem "Commedia" (translated as "Comedy" with the adjective "Divine" being added later in the 14th century) because poems in the ancient world were classified as High ("Tragedy") or Low ("Comedy").
Low poems had happy endings and were of everyday or vulgar subjects, while High poems were for more serious matters. Dante was one of the first in the Middle Ages to write of a serious subject, the Redemption of man, in the low and vulgar Italian language and not the Latin language as one might expect for such a serious topic.
Our word comedy has moved on and does not equate to the commedia of Dante.
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What is comedy?

Comedy is humor; the amusing aspects of something. It can be aprofessional entertainment, with jokes and visual humor, or it canbe a funny story or book or play.

Why did Dante write the divine comedy?

because he was on the edge of killing him self. Also, he was pretty much banished from Rome, and if he stepped in he could be punished to death. He wrote it as pretty much a big hidden f bomb to all the people who wronged him(like the pope) by putting them in hell

When was the divine comedy first translated into English and by whom?

Henry Francis Cary was the first translator. His translation of The Inferno was first published by James Carpenter in London in 1805. Cary later published the full Divine Comedy in 1814 at his own expense since the publisher was unwilling to take the risk. It gained recognition and was later picked (MORE)

Famous medieval poet author of divine comedy?

The famous medieval poet who authored the 'Divine Comedy' was DanteAlighieri (c. 1265-1321). An Italian who was recognized in his ownday as a great poet, Dante wrote many moving poems and stories; atthe same time, his remarkable writing ability profoundly influencedthe development of the Italian lan (MORE)

When did Dante write the divine comedy?

The Divine Comedy was completed shortly before the author's (Dante Alighieri) death in 1321. Further information can be found in the book, "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri- translated by John Ciardi.

What is the divine comedy about?

It's basically about the medieval christian [catholic] afterlife, where the author explores heaven, hell, and purgatory. There are a TON of different allegorical interpretations, too. Also, it's not really a "comedy" in the sense that it's funny, but at the time that it was written, "comedy" just me (MORE)

Why did Henry Longfellow translate The Divine Comedy?

Longfellow translated the text because he wanted assist Dante in remaining a prominent poet, along with the Fireside poets, they translated the texts because, I believe Longfellow, found a copy of La Divina Comedia while he was in Rome and was so fascinated by it, that he brought a copy back and beg (MORE)

Why is the Divine Comedy called a vision?

Dante's Divine Comedy describes the 6 layers of hell and the 7 areas of heaven. In a very literal sense, it can therefore be described as a vision of afterlife. One step removed, it is also a reflection upon society at the time (early Italian Renaissance), where the description of hell reflects soci (MORE)

Which was written first The Divine Comedy or Canterbury Tales?

Dante probably began writing the Divine Comedy in 1308. He decided to call it a day in 1321 (when he died). Chaucer was probably born around 1340, and seems likely to have begun work on the Canterbury Tales around 1380. Chaucer never completed The Canterbury Tales (the work we have is proba (MORE)

Who is phantom's divine comedy?

"PHANTOM"S DIVINE COMEDY" IS TED PEARSON LEAD SINGER AND GUITAR PLAYER OF THE DETROIT ROCK BAND "WALPURGIS". That was the official name of the band for years!!! They played all over Michigan, Ohio, and Canada. They were recording their first LP in New York under that name before the big hiatus happe (MORE)

What did Dante's The Divine Comedy and Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales have in common?

I am having a problem finding some of these too. I have found some which are 1. They both go on journeys ( Dante's through hell, and Chaucer's to Cantebury). 2. They both narrate their stories and refer to them self in the first person. 3. And third they both show dislike for the Catholic C (MORE)

What is divine comedy?

the divine comedy is a trilogy that startin a religious view then goes in to a traavel through hell scenerio it is quite a captivating book a little slow in the beginning but it picks up pace

How many lines of poetry are in the Divine Comedy?

Not far from 13,000 lines If one multiplies approx. how long an average canto is and multiply it by 100 (for the 100 cantos) one will end with more than 12,000 and less than 14000. For comparison Paradise Lost by Milton 10,565 lines Faust by Goethe around 12,000 lines

Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy?

Dante Alighieri is most well known for writing La Divina Commedia or The Divine Comedy , which is one of the greatest works of world literature.

What is the moral lesson of Divine Comedy?

There are various moral lessons to be learned from the DivineComedy. For example, there is the golden rule, which is the ideathat you should treat people the way you wish to be treated.

Why is the divine comedy not a comedy?

It is not funny, to be sure. But back in the 1400 when the book was originally written comedy meant a story or in the books case a poem which turns out well in the end. Dante starts out in Hell, but he works his way up to heaven which you might say is an improvement.

Is there a movie based on the Divine comedy written by Dante Alighieri?

Yes: What Dreams May Come (1998) with Robin Williams. It shows the Paradise (Heaven) and the Inferno (Hell). It's based on Dante's Divine Comedy. You can see that for example in the fact that a person that commits suicide goes to Hell and "can't be saved"... I can't remember if they show the Purg (MORE)

What are the three major parts of the The Divine Comedy?

1. The topics of the three major parts of The Divine Comedy, the first part talked about how Dante would imagine the ancient Roman poet Virgil guiding him to hell, the second was the purgatory (lies about hell and heaven) and the last one is about how Dante is guided by St. Bernard through the para (MORE)

How did the divine comedy get so famous?

Dante Alighieris Commedia, or as Boccaccio dubbed it, The Divine Comedy, may be famous unto poets and literature students for its rhyme pattern called terza rima combined with iambic pentameter that Dante kept as the single metric shape throughout the whole work. For linguists it may hold such imp (MORE)

Why did Dante Alighieri write the Divine Comedy?

The Divine Comedy was a political satire. We do not see the political elements the same way that Dante's contemporary readers did, because the specific people who were satirized by Dante, as well as their political factions and philosophies, are long gone and forgotten. So now it just reads like an (MORE)

What is the Divine Comedy By Dante about?

if i remember correctly the divine comedy is a poem following the journey of 2 men, names dante and virgil, as they travel though the circles of hell, purgatory and paradise

Why was the divine comedy widely read?

Because it dealt with Christianity. In the epic, Dante was the first person to ever be guided through all 3 stages of the afterlife, and then wrote a book about it.

Why was The Divine Comedy read by many?

It was read by many because Dante wrote it in a simple the simple lower class language of the time so he could get as many people as possible to read it.

What are some movie titles that are football comedies?

There are a number of comedy movie titles where football is a part of the plot/the plot; examples range from the 1994 film "Little Giants" to more recent films such as "The Replacements" in 2000 and classics like "The Longest Yard" released in 1975 and 1991's "Necessary Roughness".

What is considered to be divine comedy?

Divine Comedy is a poem written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. If one is talking about comedy entertainment then divine comedy could either be great comedy or a comedy about the church such the the Vicar of Dibley.