Why is Ethiopia underdeveloped?

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There are so many reasons but to mention some: bad governance, 3 decades of civil war and repeated famine.
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Where is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is on the Horn of Africa, but not quite on the east coast of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Eritrea. To see a close-up map of the Horn of Africa - which shows Ethiopia in relationship to its neighboring countries - see the Related Link. Eastern (MORE)

What is underdevelopment?

Underdevelopment is a term often used to refer to economic underdevelopment , symptoms of which include lack of access to job opportunities, health care, drinkable water, food, education and housing. Underdevelopment takes place when resources are not used to their full socio-economic potential (MORE)

What countries are underdeveloped?

the most of the countrins of southen eastern Asia and Africa is under developed or developing like India, pakisthan, bangla desh, napal, bhutan, etc in Asia and u-ganda, tanzaniya, zimbewe, in Africa are most under developing countries.

What is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the oldest countries in the world dating back more than 3000 years, the birth place of coffee, one of the few countries that was never colonized, mentioned in the bible about 45 times and home of Lucy - the oldest full human fossil ever disco (MORE)

What is economic underdevelopment?

Economic underdevelopment refers to a country or society withlimited economic opportunities. This could mean few jobopportunities, no healthcare system, limited food and water, aswell as lack of schooling.

Characteristics of underdeveloped country?

Undeveloped countries have a variety of distinct characteristics.Some of these include poor health, low level of employment, anunstable economy, as well as low level of education.

Concept of underdevelopment?

Underdevelopment is "when resources are not used to their fullsocio-economic potential, with the result that local or regionaldevelopment is slower in most cases than it should be." Soessentially resources are not being utilized to the fullest andfurther organization is needed.

Why is Africa underdeveloped?

Due to the lack of infrastructure, food and water; the corruption that occurs in each and every country; the high illiteracy rate; the low life expectancy; the crime (South Africa specifically) and the huge sums of debt.

Urban bias of underdeveloped countries?

In international development, bias towards urban areas is sometimesan issue. Sometimes those in more rural locations of underdevelopedcountries can be forgotten about.

Causes of underdevelopment in Nigeria?

The most common cause of underdevelopment in a country is lack of education. Countries with a well educated populace tend to be developed. Countries without an educated populace tend to be underdeveloped. There are other causes as well, such as foreign ownership of the country's resources, bu (MORE)

Effects of underdevelopment?

One of the effects of underdevelopment is a poor education systemdue to ill-equipped government. Most underdeveloped countries donot participate in the free trade system, and therefore citizenshave access to limited resources.

Why is Thailand underdeveloped?

At least you spelled "underdeveloped" correctly. If by "underdevelopment" you mean a 3rd world country? Because Thailand is not a 3rd world country; the definition of a 3rd world country is "A country in which as been colonized". Thailand has never been colonized therefore it is not a 3rd world coun (MORE)

What are the causes of underdeveloped?

My last period on 24 of the august. missed my period in September went to the doctor and test was positive. two weeks after they did and ultrasound and the test showed the sac was empty. Went back two weeks later and the doctor did another one and he said i am pregnant but nothing is there. What is (MORE)

What are features of underdevelopment?

There are so many features of underdevelopment. Some of theminclude poor infrastructure, limited industries, high rate ofilliteracy, poverty, unemployment and so much more.

Why are some countries underdeveloped?

Countries such as Ethiopia are undeveloped because of a few reasons 1 Empires ruled it for a long time and exploited its resources. 2 Wars with Neighboring countries exhausted resources. 3 Many governments are corrupt and put all their money into Defence , for example Ethiopia has Africas largest ar (MORE)

Is Poland underdeveloped?

Since Poland has regained its independence in 1989 there are many changes taking place. These changes are to observe in many fields: economy(transition from command economy into free market), EU member, letting alone social changes.

What are the characteristics of underdevelopment?

One answer: CHARACTERISTICS OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT Harvey Leibenstein (in the Related Link below) has classified the characteristics of underdevelopment under four major heads, namely 1.Economic 2.Demographic 3.Cultural and political 4.Technological and Miscellaneous

Is Colombia underdeveloped?

it is the country exports petroleum and other very sought after legal products.it has an annual uncrease in it s GDP of about 8.27 percent whuch if you have a brain is really high I understand all the above, but I woulde say that Colombia has an underdeveloped law enforcement system, since Colombia (MORE)

Is Mexico an underdeveloped country?

Mexico is definitely considered to be an underdeveloped country.This is because they do not have the health, education, or sanitaryliving conditions that fully developed countries have.

What are the external and internal causes of underdevelopment?

1. The external causes of underdevelopment. The effects of external factors in underdevelopment are numerous, it depend on the view point of the writer. E.g African nations had many times base their major reasons for low or lack of development as far back as colonisation of the Africans nations b (MORE)

What are the major causes of underdevelopment in Pakistan?

CAUSES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT IN PAKISTAN ARE AS FOLLOWS; Food problem Energy problem Education problem Health problem Poor infrastructure Lack of effective management Poor political system Law and order Poor industry Lack of natural resources Low self esteem Government by healthy persons Glut of unski (MORE)

What is an underdeveloped personality?

An underdeveloped personality is a person who has not learned how to fully and properly behave, think, feel, interact socially, control self, express self and to feel remorse for bad behavior. Think of a baby. The baby has not learned to be an adult and to be a fully rounded person yet. If someone f (MORE)

Can you get pregnant with an underdeveloped uterus?

The only matter affecting pregnancy is wether the woman has had her first period. From there, its only a matter of fertilization. Having an underdeveloped uterus could make intercourse unpleasant or complicate the birthing process however, and if all else fails a surrogate mother could be brought in (MORE)

What are the characterstics of an underdeveloped country?

poverty agriculture dualistic economy underdeveloped natural resources demographic features unemployment and disguise unemployment economic backwardness lack of enterprise on initiative insufficient capital equipment foreign trade corporation

What are the causes and effects of underdevelopment in Nigeria?

To Understand this one would have to look at different aspects like the development theory and also the History of Nigeria ( Colonization). First on the issue of development theory, the third world entirely is characterised as poor, underdevelpoed/develpoing Countries that are dependent on the Rich (MORE)

What factors affect Aruba's underdevelopment?

Geography is the factor that affects Aruba's underdevelopment. Specifically, the island is limited by its predominantly flat terrain. For example, world renowned beaches run along the southwest shore. In the northeast, the island is inaccessible, rocky and largely undevelopable.

What are the causes of underdevelopment in India?

A developed country is one which provides a high standard of living to its people as a result of the per capita income and Gross Natural Product. Many European countries which have already developed all their resources and have reached a high level of development can now generate their own capital a (MORE)

What are the causes of underdevelopment in Africa?

Their is a very real answer to this question. It is how we are wired, genetically. This factor produces a thing called culture, and culture dictates our interaction in the communities around us. Dont think for one minute that there is a lack of intelligence or some sort of inhibiting factor, Africa (MORE)

What happens if the frontal lobe is underdeveloped?

underdeveloped frontal lobes make you a social weirdo and you just don't fit in with people look up Phineas Gage source: Thinking About Psychology by Charles Blair-Broeker, Randal Ernst, David Myers. Worth Publishers, 2008.

Is china a underdeveloped country?

It depends, China has very a very wide rich-poor gap. Eastern cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, HK are certainly not underdeveloped. Shanghai and HK are global economic centers, and Beijing is a political center. But inland and Western China are underdeveloped, as are villages dotted throughou (MORE)

Why is Pakistan underdeveloped?

Pakistan is a old and culturally rich country with a great deal of potential. Its problems and development status are related to the corruption problems in its systems of government and administration.

Can poverty lead to underdevelopment?

Poverty is not a synonym of underdevelopment, nor is a cause. It is a mere symptom of underdevelopment. Underdevelopment is a state in the economy when the resources available are not used to their maximum potential. Symptoms of underdevelopment also include social backwardness, literacy levels, la (MORE)

Why is Kenya underdeveloped?

This is because Kenya is an underdeveloped and has no resources such as petrol and gold etc.... It is too hot there and also because of governments who are dictators wich make a lot of corruptions in the country which is a steady proof of the well-known news ,BBC World news .

Why the third world is underdeveloped?

According to neoclassical economic theory, the Third World is underdeveloped because its productivity is low. Low productivity is a sign of underdeveloped or underutilised capital, human capital, and resources.

What are effects of underdevelopment?

Underdevelopment usually results in a small, unstable economy (that might grow tremendously fast, which is too much to handle), a corrupt government, and a low standard of living and average income.