Why is Ethiopia underdeveloped?

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There are so many reasons but to mention some: bad governance, 3 decades of civil war and repeated famine.
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Where is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is on the Horn of Africa, but not quite on the east coast of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Eritrea. To see a close-up m

What is underdevelopment?

Underdevelopment is a term often used to refer to economic underdevelopment , symptoms of which include lack of access to job opportunities, health care, drinkable water, fo

What is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the oldest countries in the world dating back more than 3000 years, the birth place of coffee, one of the few countri

What is economic underdevelopment?

Economic underdevelopment refers to a country or society withlimited economic opportunities. This could mean few jobopportunities, no healthcare system, limited food and water

Effects of underdevelopment?

One of the effects of underdevelopment is a poor education systemdue to ill-equipped government. Most underdeveloped countries donot participate in the free trade system, and

Why is Thailand underdeveloped?

At least you spelled "underdeveloped" correctly. If by "underdevelopment" you mean a 3rd world country? Because Thailand is not a 3rd world country; the definition of a 3rd wo

What are the characteristics of underdevelopment?

One answer: CHARACTERISTICS OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT Harvey Leibenstein (in the Related Link below) has classified the characteristics of underdevelopment under four major h

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Pakistan is a old and culturally rich country with a great deal of potential. Its problems and development status are related to the corruption problems in its systems of gove
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This is because Kenya is an underdeveloped and has no resources such as petrol and gold etc.... It is too hot there and also because of governments who are dictators wich ma
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What are effects of underdevelopment?

Underdevelopment usually results in a small, unstable economy (that might grow tremendously fast, which is too much to handle), a corrupt government, and a low standard of liv