Why is Europe the coldest place in Europe?

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Europe is situated in northen hemisphere and is near to the North pole. So it is the coldest place in europe.

When you consider that Europe is in Europe (for the same reason that China is in China) it's obviously going to be the coldest, driest, hottest, wettest and all at the same time.
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Which is the coldest country in Europe?

My guess for the coldest place in Europe if you are to include Russia west of the Ural mountains would be anywhere in its wilderness in the north heading towards Murmansk and

Coldest place in Europe?

The lowest temperature ever measured in Europe was -67 Fahrenheitin Ust'Shchugor, Russia. Russia is one of the coldest countries inEurope.

What is the coldest place in Europe?

Ust-Shchugor, Russia is the coldest place in Europe. Ust-Shchugorhas the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in Europeat -72.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the coldest cities list in Europe?

Here is the order of the coldest cities in Europe: 1. Helsinki- Finland 2. Stockholm- Sweden 3. Oslo- Norway 4. Copenhagen-Denmark 5. Munich- Germany 6. Prague- Czec