Why is Florida fishing important to Florida?

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Florida is the number one hot place to fish you can catch way more fish here than anywhere else and i recommend you fish when there's a full moon out
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What is the best fishing bait for Florida?

\nDepends what you are fishing for. Shrimp for small fish like snapper. Live minnows for grouper and other fish. Chunks of other fish for shark and other large fish. Crabs als

Where does the Florida freshwater fish live?

the fish live in the freshwater...????. most fish dont sleep because if they stop moving, the oxygen does not get to their blood from the gills. they musty stay in motion to
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Why dead fish on Florida beach?

Sadly, Florida Beach does not protect fish from dying. Fish die everywhere. You know what, it's sleeping honey, don't poke it. The seagulls are kissing it.