Why is Germany called Germany?

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The Romans called the area that is now Germany, Germania. It is called Germany because English has Latin roots.
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Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (formally, Holland) To the East: Poland, and the Czech Republic. To the South: Austri (MORE)

What is Germany?

Germany is a federal republic in Central Europe, east of France andwest of Poland. It was divided into West Germany and East Germany(Warsaw Pact) during the Cold War (1946-1990), after its post WorldWar II occupation. The German Empire was formed from Prussia and the former GermanicConfederation sta (MORE)

What is Santa Claus called in Germany?

In Germany, children receive gifts from the Christ child on Christmas Eve. In addition, Knecht Ruprecht and his helpers come on the 6th of December bringing mostly cookies, nuts, and a small toy to the good children. In Germany, Father Christmas is also be called Der Weihnachtsmann. In Germany th (MORE)

What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far from Garmisch is Oberammergau. German center for wood carvings and the passion play every 10 years (check your calender). If a t (MORE)

Why do Americans Call Germany Germany?

The word Germania was used by the Romans to describe the region now known as Germany. Because English contains some Latin roots, the name Germany has continued to be used.

What was Germany called from 1918-1933?

the Weimar Republic ___ Weimar Republic is a nickname used by historians. It was not used at the time. For a few months the new republic was called Die Deutsche Republik but following protests from hardline conservatives it was renamed Deusches Reich with effect from August 1919. The trouble (MORE)

Germany what was it called before?

Germany has always been called Germany in English. Until 1871, when the country was first unified, the word was somewhat vague and until 1866 included Austria.

When was Germany called Western Germany?

When there was an East Germany. East and West were commonly used terms for two separate states during the Cold War, their real titles were Federal Republic of Germany (for the west and Germany as it is now) and German Democratic Republic (for the east). In 1990 Germany was reunified after the fal (MORE)

What are people called in Germany?

If they are ethnically German, they are usually referred to either as Germans or based on the province or city that they come from (e.g. Bavarian, Frankfurter, Berliner, etc.) If they are not ethnically German, they may be called German Nationals or referred to by their actual ethnicity (e.g. Ger (MORE)

What is father Christmas called in Germany?

In Germany, Father Christmas is called "der Weihnachtsmann." In some regions of Germany der Weihnachtsmann is accompanied by "Knecht Ruprecht" or "Krampus," a big horned monster clothed in rags, who carries a birch. If children were bad, he punishes them and gives them a birch as a present. He is us (MORE)

Why is Germany called Allemagne in French?

It comes from the Latin Alama refering to the German tribes living near the Elbe River from the 1st to the 8th century. The Alamans and the Francs invaded Gaul in the 3rd century. Then there was a war between them in the 8th century. The Francs won and founded what will become France.

Why is Germany called Deutschland in Germany but not anywhere else?

Deutsch in the Germanic language is derived from the term for people or tribe. So Deutschland originally meant in German, "land of our people" or "land of our tribe". Germany comes from Germani in Latin. It is probably derived from the Celtic word for "neighbor". This is the term the Romans (MORE)

What is the VW Rabbit called in Germany?

The car was always called the Golf in Germany. The name was changed because VW feared that people would think "Golf" meant "golf", the sport, as opposed to the German for gulf wind.

Why is Germany called the land of the Reformation?

because Martin Luther, generally regarded as father of the reformation, was a german catholic priest and wanted to reform the catholic church! he started this process in germany resulting in the different protestant churches we know today!

What is Germany river called?

If you mean the actual name of a river in Germany, the main river is The Rhine, althought hey have many rivers.. the translation of the word "river" in German is "Fluss"

What is it called when Germany surrendered?

It is actually called surrendering. They signed a document called "the Instrument of Surrender". They signed that intstrument of surrender with the allies. The surrendered to both Russia and the Britons/Americans. So they surrendered twice. We call it a mighty big victory of very valiant warriors an (MORE)

What are Girl Scouts called in Germany?

Pfadfinderinnen or Girl Guides The three German organizations which are members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) are: . Pfadfinderinnenschaft Sankt Georg (PSG) . Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) . Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfind (MORE)

What do they call houses in Germany?

house = Haus detached house = Einfamilienhaus semi-detached house = Zweifamilienhaus Flat = Wohnung apartment = Apartment apartment block = Wohnblock bungalow - Bungalow tenement = Mietskaserne

What was the day called when Germany surrendered?

The day Germany surrendered was labeled by Winston Churchill as VE day. VE stood for Victory over Europe. Later when Japan was defeated that day was designated as VJ day, Victory over Japan. England still celebrates VE day and it is a holiday. The US changed it to Memorial Day so all soldiers who fo (MORE)

What is the bridge in Koln Germany called?

There are 8 bridges in Cologne (German: Köln) crossing the Rhine: two raliway bridges and six road bridges. they are: The Hohenzollernbrücke (railway) The Südbrücke (railway) The Rodenkirchener Brücke (Autobahn) Leverkusener Brücke (Autobahn) The Deutzer Brücke (r (MORE)

What do you do in Germany?

I just eat bread and cheese and ride my bike smelling cowcrap along the way to the next town. Then I come home to my German Shepherd and play PS3 online. Pretty charming, yet boring life. :)

Leader of Germany is called a?

The leader of the German government is called the Bundeskanzler. The German head of state is called the Bundespräsident.

What do you call people who are from Berlin Germany?

Berliner. Not a Berliner. (That`sBerlin`s famous cake) John F. Kennedy made a terrible mistake bysaying in his speech at the Berlin wall: "Ich bin einBerliner!""where he should have said: "Ich bin Berliner!" Freelytranslated he said: "I am a cookie!" In fact it is a myth thatKennedy made a terri (MORE)

What are the political regions in Germany called?

Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart Bavaria Munich Berlin Berlin Brandenburg Potsdam Bremen Bremen Hamburg Hamburg Hesse Wiesbaden Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin Lower Saxony Hanover 47,618 North Rhine-Westphalia Düsseldorf Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz Saarland Saarbrücken Saxony Dresden Saxony-Anha (MORE)

What are french fries called in Germany?

In Germany we have adopted the French term and call them (die) Pommes frites (pronounced 'pom-FRIT'). They are also nicknamed Pommes (now with a German pronunciation POM-muhs) in most of German or Fritten (pronounced FRIT-n) in areas closer to the Belgian/French border.

What is Germany about?

Germany is an awesome country! You might want to vist it one day. I definitely would want to visit Germany. It's has a great culture and really really pretty people!

Why did they call it Germany?

Germany is called Germany because Romans called Germany, Germania. It is called Germany because English has Latin roots..

What was the secret police called in Germany?

The Gestapo was a secret police that showed their strength with the use of terror. Hitler and the Nazi party used this secret police to hunt down Jews, gypsies, etc. Once they found them, they would be sent to the concentration camps.

How to call Germany?

Calling to the Germany explained: 00 + 49 + City Area Code + Number To call Germany you have to dial 00 + 49 + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.

What do thy call santa in Germany?

santa is real no matter what you say he is real he brings toys to those that believe if you dont he doesn't because you dont have the critsmas spirit those who say he doesn't ensits you know you once did believe just a liltel word stop't you from believing im ten and i well always believe in santa m (MORE)

When Germany started being called Germany?

Germany started being called Germany in the year 1871. Like many other regions, Germany went by a variety of different names over the years, which include Deutscher Bund and Germania.

What did Cologne in Germany used to be called?

The ancient Romans called it "Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium".The "colonia" part is where "Cologne" derives from. Also, Germanuses different names for a lot of cities- the German name forCologne still is "Köln".

How do you call mother in Germany?

If you mean how to say mother, Mother: . Mater, Mutter, Muttertier, Mama If you meant how to call your mother who is in Germany, Type +49 (this is the area code) before their number on the phone. .

What is a bar called in Germany?

Assuming you mean a bar, the place where people get together todrink beer, the German word for bar is "Kneipe" (pronouced'ka-nipe-eh"). In large cities, they'll sometimes be called a "bar"or "pub", just like in English. There are also special kinds of bars, which are mostly common inBavaria (a larg (MORE)

What was the wall in Germany called?

The wall in Germany was called the Berlin Wall, separating WestGermany with the communist East Germany. It was built in 1961 butwas destroyed in 1989 and Germany became whole again.

What is santa called in Germany?

He is called Nikolaus or Weihnachtsmann. Traditionally the Nikolausvisits on December 6 either in person and brings gifts or woodensticks for the naughty children, or he fills up the children'sboots over night.

How do I call a number in the US from Germany?

You will have to dial the US Country Code (1) first then the numberyou wish to call. There may be another prefix you have to use before the country codeto indicate that you are entering a country code. Check your localphonebook for specifics on making international calls.