About Harry S Truman?

Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States ofAmerica. Truman called the atomic bomb on Japan and successfullyended World War II.

Harry S Truman occupation?

Harry Truman had many professions before becoming a politician andeventually the president of the United States. He worked asbusiness person, a farmer, a laborer, a merchant, (MORE)

S in harry s Truman?

The S in Harry S Truman stands for S. His middle name is the letter S after the first initials of his grandfathers.

Did Harry S Truman smoke?

I don't think Truman smoked in his term in office; nither did his wife. If he did, he never smoked in public, but I do remember Roosevelt and Eisenhower smoking.
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Harry S Truman how he died?

Harry S. Truman died from a Heart Failure at a Hospital in December 26, 1972. For more information type in Harry S. Truman at the top bar in Answers.com then press Go with you (MORE)

Is Harry S. Truman on a coin?

NO, not yet- but he is scheduled to appear on a 1-dollar coin about four years from now.
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Was Harry S Truman wealthy?

He was not born wealthy, but because his political career as Senator , vice president and the Presidency he became fairly wealthy.
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What was Harry S. Truman dislikes?

Harry S. Trumn disliked stalin. Because stalin was a rude murdering senator. Stalin basically wanted to kill everyone in the world(which im suprised he didnt.) His man goal wa (MORE)

Where was Harry S. Truman Educated?

He went to public schools in Independence, MO and graduated from Independence High School. He did not go to college.
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