Why is Hawaii named Hawaii?

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Its named Hawaii, because King Kamehamah (the king of Hawaii) changed the name to Hawaii, when it was first named the Sandwich island from Captain James Cook.

He changed it to Hawaii, because Hawaii means love!
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How do you get to Hawaii?

By a 5hr 30min flight from California of by cruise ship. By sea or by air. Mainly by air as it is a long journey fromanywhere by sea. Even by air it is a long journey wherever

How did Hawaii get its name?

No one is exactly sure when or how Hawai'i got the name Hawai'i.Historians suggest that the name Hawai'i came from the ancientPolynesians' word for homeland. Hawaiki and Ohwyh

Does Hawaii have an island named Hawaii?

Yes, there is an island called "Hawai'i" in the archipelago. The island has several nicknames: "Big Island" "Orchid Island" and "Volcano Isle," which are used to distinguis

When did Hawaii get the name Hawaii?

No one is exactly sure when or how Hawai'i got the name Hawai'i. Historians suggest that the name Hawai'i came from the ancient Polynesians' word for homeland. Hawaiki and Ohw

How was Hawaii named?

Hawaii is said to have been named by the Maori people who named it"Hawaii" meaning "Heaven" in their own language. Legend states thatHawai'i Loa, a fisherman, was the first pe

Where did Hawaii get its name from?

This is still an ongoing debated topic. Polynesians have a name for a mythical land from whence they originated: Avaiki, Savai'i, Havaiki, and Hawaiki. Based on this, th

What can you do in Hawaii?

You can go to the beach, Lava Tree State Park on the Big Island, Waimea Canyon on Kauai, sea parks shoping. Almost anything

How is Hawaii?

Hawaii is a beautiful place. Very humid, and very warm.

What is to do in Hawaii?

There's actually a lot to do such as visit the Pearl Harbor memorial visit beaches like Ala Moana, North Shore, Snuba which is scuba diving with a 50 foot hose above the water

How can you get to Hawaii?

The cheapest and most affordable way to get to Hawaii is by airplane. The other alternative would be by cruise ship.
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When was Hawaii named?

Hawaii was named Hawaii at 1778. Because Captain James Cook first named these islands the Sandwich island. But, then King Kamehamah, the king in Hawaii changed the name to Hiw