Why is Illinois named Illinois?

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Like many states in America, especially in the Midwest, the name of Illinois comes from the native tribes that lived there when the white men first came - the Illinois people.

It comes from the Indian word Illini meaning a confederation of tribes. Illinois is the French interpretation of the Algonquin word for 'tribe of superior men'.
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What is the origin of the state name Illinois?

As a result of the French exploration and settlement in this area, in the 18th century, Illinois was so named after the French version of the name of one tribe which thrived in the area. Thus Illinois (pronounced: /ˌɪləˈnoɪ/) is the French version of the Algonquin Indian word for "war (MORE)

Why is Peru Illinois named Peru?

The Origin of the Peru, IL was the founding fathers admired theindustrious nature of the inhabitants of Peru. An early act of thelegislature set aside Section Sixteen in every township for schoolpurposes. Therefore, when more settlers came to Peru in 1834, theSchool Commissioners laid out and sold t (MORE)

How did Illinois get its name?

Illinois got its name from a tribe called Illiniwek. The state of Illinois was named after the Illinois River.The river was named by French explorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle in 1679 after the Indians he found living along the banks.Illinois is the French spelling for the Illinois and Peori (MORE)

What is the name of the Illinois state legislature?

The official name is the General Assembly and it is bicameral with a House of Representatives and a Senate. There are 59 Legislative Districts, equal in population, and each district elects one Senator. Each Legislative District is divided into two House districts of equal population. One House memb (MORE)

Where is Illinois?

US - Midwest: 39.78143 N, 089.64465 W . The Northeastern border of Illinois is Lake Michigan. Its eastern border with Indiana is all of the land west of the Wabash River, and a north-south line above Post Vincennes, or 87° 31′ 30″ west longitude. Its northern border with Wi (MORE)

How did Pontoon Beach Illinois get its name?

There are two theories regarding the origin of "Pontoon Beach." Thefirst theory is that the residents built a bridge that wassupported by pontoon boats across Long Lake. The second theory isthat, due to steep banks, the residents created docks that werefloated on pontoon boats. This created a "beach (MORE)

How did Robinson Illinois get its name?

Robinson is a city in Crawford County, it is the county seat ofCrawford, located at the center of the place, and the populationwas 7,713 at the 2010 census. Illinois, passed through the centerof the city as main street, leading east 7 miles to Palestine nearthe Indiana border and west 24 miles to Ne (MORE)

What is the name of the current US Representatives from Illinois?

Tough call with 118 members of the House and 59 State Senators in the Illinois Senate and two US Senators and 19 members of the US Congress. Illinois has a sitting POTUS that was a former US Senator from Illinois and a First Lady from Illinois all of whom ' represent' Illinois. . To some extent T (MORE)

What are the names of some famous museums in Illinois?

The Art Institute of Chicago. . The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. . The Chicago Children's Museum. . The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. . The Illinois Railway Museum in Union. . Krannert Art Museum at UI at Urbana Champaign.

Illinois arms company is the trade name for?

The Illinois Arms Company IS the company's name. In 1987, they purchased all the rights and inventory of the failed American Arms Company and continued to produce the American Arms AR-180. This is a 22LR rifle that fired in Full-Auto and had a 180 round drum magazine. Later, they teamed up wit (MORE)

Where did Illinois get its name from?

Algonquin for "tribe of superior men" Algonguins were a native American tribe living in the great lakes area. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0854966.HTML

What are the names of the five us representatives from Illinois?

Based on the 2010 Census, there are18 members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois. Asof January 3, 2017 they are 1st district: Bobby Rush (D); 2nddistrict: Robin Kelly (D); 3rd district: Dan Lipinski (D); 4thdistrict: Luis Gutiérrez (D); 5th district: Michael Quigley (D);6th distri (MORE)

Where does the name Illinois come from?

Early in the 1670s, French settlers coined the term Illinois based on an Ottowa dialect of the Ojibwe language word ilinwe-, to describe an individual that resides there as he speaks the regular way. The word came to them from the Miami-Illinois language. See the related link( (MORE)

What are some tornado names in Illinois in 2009?

Tornadoes are not named; hurricanes are. However, tornadoes are typically referred to by where and when they hit, as well as their rating. There were 52 tornadoes in Illinois in 2011. The link below leads to a map that summarizes them. Click on individual tornadoes for more information. Here are s (MORE)

Why is Illinois called Illinois?

The state of Illinois was namedafter the Illinois River. The Illinois River was named by Frenchexplorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle in 1679 after theIndians he found living along the banks. Illinois is the Frenchspelling for the Illinois and Peoria Indian word "iliniwok,"meaning men or warrior (MORE)

What are the names of the five appellate courts in Illinois?

(??) They're called the Appelate Courts. There are both State Appelate Courts located within the state itself as well as Illinois lies within the jurisdiction of at least one US Court of Appeals. Other than that, the question is very unclear as to what is being asked.

Origin of state name for Illinois?

"Illinois" comes from the French settlers' pronunciation and spelling of the ALgonquin Indian word Illiniwek, meaning "tribe of superior.

What does Illinois have?

3 i's 2 l's the words: ill, in, no, is. Also, it has the city of Chicago which is filled with wonderful things to do, as well as many other interesting smaller cities and farmland. It's the home of the invention of Barbed wire and it's the pumpkin capital of the world.

What is the names of two us senators in Illinois?

The U. S. Senator from Illinois reelected to the 2009-2015 term, his third term, Democrat Dick Durbin. The U. S. Senator from Illinois reelected to the 2011-2017 term, his first full term, is Republican Mark Kirk.

How do you change your name after a civil union in Illinois?

You Illinois certificate of civil union is legal proof of name change for one partner to change his name to the other partner's last name, or for both partners to change their names to a hyphenated version of both last names. You take your civil union certificate to the Illinois DMV and get a driv (MORE)

What is the name of our current governor in Illinois?

Bruce Rauner is the 42nd and currentGovernor of Illinois. He was elected in 2014 and assumed office onJanuary 12, 2015. He is a member of the Republican Party. TheGovernor in Illinois serves a four-year term and there is nolimit on the number of terms a governor may serve.

What is the name two senator in Illinois?

Richard Durbin (D) and TammyDuckworth (D) are the U.S. Senators representing Illinois. Durbin'snext election will be in 2020. Duckworth's next election will be in2022.

What are the names of the Illinois state representatives?

Based on the 2010 Census, thereare 18 members of the U.S. House of Representatives fromIllinois. As of June 2017 they are 1st district Bobby Rush (D);2nd district Robin Kelly (D); 3rd district Dan Lipinski (D); 4thdistrict Luis Gutiérrez (D); 5th district Michael Quigley (D); 6thdistrict Peter Ro (MORE)

What are the names of the states that are larger than Illinois?

Based on population, the largestU.S. states are #1 California, #2 Texas, #3 Florida, #4 New York,and #5 Illinois. Illinois ranks #25 among the 50 U.S. states basedon total area. The states larger than Illinois are Alaska, Texas,California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon,Wyomi (MORE)