Why is Maryland called Maryland?

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Maryland was named in honour of Henrietta Maria; Mary being a shortened form of Maria - Mary's Land.
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Why was Maryland founded?

Maryland was founded by Cecilius Calvert as a refuge for Catholics who were persecuted in England.

Who is the mayor of Maryland?

Maryland is a State, not a city, so it does not have a Mayor, but a Governor. At the moment, this is Martin O' Malley, who is Democrat, and has been in office since January 2007.

Who was the founder of Maryland?

The Proprietor was Cecil Calvert, the 2 nd Lord Baltimore. Maryland's first Governor was his younger brother Leosnard Calvert who brought the first colonists to Maryland in 1634. that is right but here is some more info. King Charles the 1st gave the colony to George Calvert. However, it was (MORE)

What is Maryland like?

Well if you are near Baltimore theres a little crime but theres tons of places to go visit. If your near the eastern part of Maryland, Ocean City is the place to be. During the summer its not to hot its just perfect. During the winters....its brutal.

What is the population of Maryland?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Maryland is 5,773,552. See the Related Links below for a break down of Maryland's population.

What is the geography of Maryland?

It is diverse and varied ranging from the pine forests in the western Appalachian Mountains, the hardwood groves in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region to marshes and sand dunes in the Atlantic Coastal region.

Where is Maryland?

Maryland is in the USA right next to Delaware and it is very small compared to other states. Maryland in on the eastern seaboard, off the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by: Delaware on the east, Pennsylvania on the north, West Virginia on the west and south, and Virginia on the south. Near the Che (MORE)

What landforms are in Maryland?

Major Rivers - Potomac River, Patapsco River, Patuxent River, Susquehanna River. Major Lakes - Lake Oakland, Deep Creek Lake, Prettyboy Reservoir, Loch Raven Reservoir. Highest Point - Backbone Mountain - 3,360 feet above sea level.

What is someone from Maryland called?

Officially, people from Maryland are called Marylanders never Marylandians, which isn't even a word. People from Baltimore are called Baltimoreans. Some famous ones are Ben Carson, Tom Clancy, Edgar Allen Poe, Upton Sinclair, Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken, Michael Phelps, Goldie Hawn, Jim Henson and Mo (MORE)

Who are Maryland senators?

Benjamin Cardin(D) and Chris Van Hollen Jr. (D) are the U.S. Senators representingMaryland. Cardin's next election will be in 2018. Van Hollen's nextelection will be in 2022.

Who governed Maryland?

Maryland was an English colony that later became under the Britishrule in early America. There have been 98 people to governMaryland.

What are the crops in Maryland?

Because of the population Maryland has become a major producer of fluid milk and dairy products. That has caused a major shift in acerage to provide hay, forage and silage for the dairy herds.

Why is Maryland called the free state?

Maryland is known as the Free State, a moniker earned back in the 1920s when many in our state protested the federally mandated prohibition of alcohol. Despite the carping from those who thought alcohol control was a state issue, Maryland went dry just like everywhere else. Though Prohibition was ul (MORE)

Why was the Maryland founded?

Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore. It was founded because it was made for religious freedom for catholics. I know its a short answer but it answers the question! Hope its helpful :)

Why was Maryland a success?

maryland was a sucess because it had money and had farmed goods as in tobacco and indigo and rice etc....

What was the population of Maryland?

The population of Maryland is 5,928,814, which gives it apopulation density of 596 people per square mile. The capital ofMaryland is Annapolis, with a population of 38,620.

Why is Maryland famous?

Maryland is a state which has seen many firsts. It was the state tohave the first balloon launch, first municipal water company, andthe first post office in the United States.

What is the retreat in Maryland?

The Presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Frederick County Maryland is formally called the US Naval Support Facility Thurmont but is best known as Camp David.

What is there to do in Maryland?

Go to Baltimore: View the city from The World Trade Center, located on the edge of the Inner Harbor. Head north and climb the Washingtion Moument, the first moument to the Father or the Country, just blocks from the Harbor. Play at the ESPN zone, next to the Trade Center. Also at the Harbor: The Sci (MORE)

Where is the farming of Maryland located in Maryland?

The Piedmont region of Maryland, specifically central maryland, is very suitable for farming. This area consists of gently rolling hills and some forested areas that is suitable for cattle and horses. The Eastern shore also consists of many farms, which are actually a cause of pollution of the Chesa (MORE)

Why do they call Maryland the old line state?

Maryland earned the nickname "Old Line State" in the American Revolution. The Maryland Line, Maryland's regiments of regulars, achieved a reputation as the saviors of the Continental Army and the cause of independence. References to the "Old Line" are a tribute to the Maryland Line, but more specifi (MORE)

Why is TM4M call The May fourth Massacre when they are from Maryland?

The may 4th massacre refers to the historical event in which the national guard shot upon college kids protesting the Vietnam war. It's got nothing to do with us being based out of Delaware. Just a cool sounding name that refers to an event that shows a horrible thing that happened in our country.

Why is Maryland called America in Miniature?

Because of it's variety of topography. You can find just about any kind of natural feature in Maryland, except a desert. That's because water is almost everywhere in Maryland. The "America In Miniature" title also applies to the role Maryland has played in US history, from the founding of the Unit (MORE)

Are there ravens in Maryland?

Not as breeders. Some may wander there after nesting dispersal, but these are usually young birds, and will eventually return to the mountains. Ravens have extended their range in some parts of Virginia and North Carolina.

Can a creditor call you at work in Maryland?

Debt collectors can contact people at their place of employment until that person request the agency/collector cease from doing so. Once the debtor has told a creditor/collector to no longer contact them at work the collector must do so. If after notice a collector continues such action they are in (MORE)

What is the Maryland state flag called?

State flags do not have additional names. The Maryland state flag, is just that. It depicts the crests of the Calvert and Crossland families on it in alternating fashion.

What is the state Maryland called?

Maryland's nicknames are "The OldLine State" and "Free State". Legend has it that George Washingtoncalled Maryland "The Old Line State" referring to the regular linetroops from Maryland who served courageously in the RevolutionaryWar. It is called the "Free State" because Maryland became thefirst st (MORE)