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Why is Miami Florida a major city?

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Because it is a gateway to Latin and South America. We have one of the highest Hispanic populations in the country, and direct access to many of the major cities (Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Caracas, etc). Our year round warm weather is attractive to tourists worldwide, and we are also a huge hub for many Fortune 500 companies.DHL has its North American headquarters a few minutes north in Plantation, American Airlines has a mega-hub at Miami International Airport, Telemundo TV is headquartered in Miramar, MTV Latin America has it's primary offices in Miami, and, as I just found out, Nokia has it's Latin American headquarters in Miami.
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What are the major cities in Florida?

The top 10 most populated cities in Florida, according to the 2010Census, are: . Jacksonville. . Miami. . Tampa. . St, Petersburg. . Orlando. . Hialeah. . Tallahassee.

Is Miami a capital city of Florida?

  Miami is not the capital city but it is the most populous city. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.