Why is Minnesota named 'Minnesota'?

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The name comes from the Dakota Indian (Sioux) word for "whitish" or "clouded water," and refers to the Minnesota River in the southwestern part of the state.
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What is there to do in Minnesota?

Actually, the amount of snow kind of depends on WHERE in the stateyou are talking about. The southern parts of the state do not getas much or regular snow cover that the northern regions do. Thereis lots of hockey, downtown St. Paul is filled with differentevents and restaurants, and the north is fi (MORE)

Where is Minnesota?

usa, in the midwest In the United States of America. It is located along the northern border in the center of the country. It borders Canada, and the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. South of Canada north of Iowa east of North Dakota and west of Wisconsin.

How did the Minnesota Vikings get their name?

Bert Rose named the Vikings because many people in the surrounding area were from scandanavian heritage. Historically, the Homestead Act of 1862 provided the opportunity for settlers to get free of very cheap land in the Great Plains area of the United States. To stimulate use of their railroad (MORE)

How did the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves get their name?

By what I know about the Minnesota Timberwolves on there website. They had lots of teams in the NBA and the ABA. The first team you probably know is the Minneapolis Lakers. Obviously they got that name from the amount of lakes they have their in their neck of the woods. Then they moved the Lakers to (MORE)

How did the Minnesota twins get there name?

The minnesota twins got their name from where their home is. Their home is Minneapolis and Saint paul. These cities are sometimes called the "Twin" Cities as they are close to each other and work together.

Where is Blaine Minnesota from Minneapolis Minnesota?

It's in the northern suburbs. Blaine is in anoka county...near Coon Rapids, Fridley, Mounds View, New Brighton, Spring Lake Park and Anoka. how do i know this? It's about 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis/St Paul area.

How did Minnesota Gophers get its name?

I believe Minnesota's state nickname is the gopher state so they named it after that, a common thing to do(Iowa, the Hawkeye state, Wisconsin, the Badger state, Ohio, the Buckeye state)

What are names of places in minnesota starting with the letter x?

There are no cities inMinnesota that start with the letter X. However, there are severalstreets in Minnesota that begin with the letter X including XavierCourt in Minneapolis, Xavier Avenue in Bloomington, Xylophone Roadin Garrison, Xenia in Golden Valley, Xeres Avenue in Minneapolisand Xanthus Lane (MORE)

What is the Name of Minnesota Twins stadium?

The Minnesota Twins stadium is called the Hubert H. Humphery Metrodome. Although, they are building a new facility and will be switching to it for the 2010 season. As far as I know, it will be called Target Stadium.

What are the names of all the counties in Minnesota?

Aitkin Anoka Becker Beltrami Benton Big Stone Blue Earth Brown Carlton Carver Cass Chippewa Chisago Clay Clearwater Cook Cottonwood Crow Wing Dakota Dodge Douglas Faribault Fillmore Freeborn Goodhue Grant Hennepin Houston Hubbard Isanti Ita (MORE)

How is Minnesota?

Minnesota is a cold place (in the winters) it can get to about -25 to 25 degrees in the winter but in the summer it is a nice place to go 70 to 90 degrees great weather to be at one of are 10,000 lakes but be careful the sun in Minnesota last year I burnt my noses skin off from the sun so don't forg (MORE)

Why is the name Golden Gophers significant to Minnesota?

It is the mascot for the University of Minnesota. . The "Golden" Gophers (FROM WIKIPEDIA) . The Gopher mascot is a tradition as old as the state. Minnesota was tabbed the "Gopher State" in 1857 after a satirizing cartoon, depicting nine Gophers with the heads of local politicians pulling a locomo (MORE)

What is the name of the Minnesota Vikings Stadium?

The Metrodome (originally called "Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome") was renamed "Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome" in October 2009. There is a three year agreement in place for this. The renaming partnership ends on Feb. 28, 2012.

What was the name of the old Minnesota Twins stadium?

Metropolitan Stadium. The Twins played in Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington between 1961-1981. They moved into the Metrodome in 1982 and will play there through the 2009 season. Their new stadium, Target Field, is scheduled to open in 2010.

Why are they named Minnesota Twins?

They are named after the twin cites, Minneapolis & St. Paul. That's also why they have the letters "T" & "C" as their logo. My Uncle, Dale H. worked for Dixie Cup and the team owner when it was in Washington was a client of his. When the team was moved to Minnesota he came up with name and logo.

How the Minnesota Vikings get there name?

The state of Minnesota is recognised as the capital of Scandinavian Culture in America. Minnesota is famous for it's major population of Scandinavians who immigrated to America. Many Scandinavians moved to the northern mid-west in the USA and settled in the states knows as Minneosta, North Dakota a (MORE)

Who owns the trademark to the name Minnesota fats?

Only two active claims; one registered and one pending: . Registration #1825276 (awarded March 8, 1994): [pool & billiards] Minnesota Fats Billiard Factory, Inc. (Skokie, IL). . Serial Number #77504642 (pending since June 20, 2008): [gambling machines] Teresa Parsons (Nashville, TN).

Who named the state Minnesota?

The Native Americans who settled in the land first named it, and the word Minnesota means "Sky-tinted Water" in the Native American language.

What is another name for the Minnesota River?

I am not aware of any other name for the Minnesota River, since it was named by the Souix indians. It is the second largest river in Minnesota and flows into the Mississippi River.

How did the Minnesota wild pick their name?

In 1997, there were several names suggested for the new NHL expansion franchise, including Blue Ox, Freeze, Northern Lights, Voyagers, White Bears, and Wild. The team leadership chose the name Wild, because they felt it was the most appropriate name for the team.

How did nimrod Minnesota get its name?

The city of Nimrod was named after the Biblical Nimrod, the grandson of Ham. The village was incorporated as a city on December 4, 1946. According to the 2000 census, its population was 75. See related links for more information about Nimrod, MN.

What are the names of the ballplayers who have worn number 7 for the Minnesota Twins?

Minnesota Twins Jersey #7: Lenny Green, 1961-1964 Jimmie Hall, 1964-1966 Frank Quilici, 1967-70 Paul Ray Powell, 1971 Jim Nettles, 1971-1972 Jerry Terrell, 1973-1974 Danny Walton, 1975 Dave McKay, 1975-1976 Rob Wilfong, 1977-1982 Larry Milbourne, 1982 Boomer Wells, 1982 Scott (MORE)

How did you get to Minnesota?

You can get to Minnesota in many different ways. You can fly, drive, arrive by boat, arrive by train and these are four options. If you drive by land from the north you arrive via Canada (Manitoba or Ontario), driving from the US from the south you come in via Iowa, from the west via South or North (MORE)

How did the state of Minnesota get its name?

The origin of Minnesota came from the Dakota people, of the Sioux tribe, referencing the Minnesota River or Mnisota. "Mni" Mni means water and together Mnisota means somewhat clouded water. The Native Americans demonstrated this by pouring milk into water and calling it Mnisota.

What was the name of Minnesotas hockey team before the northstars?

According to hockey-reference.com, there was no NHL hockey team based in Minnesota before the North Stars were established as part of the first expansion of the league in 1967. There was a team called the Minnesota Fighting Saints (played in the WHA) that existed from 1973-77. Other than the Wild or (MORE)

Is St. Paul Minnesota named after a saint?

I think that st.paul of minnesota is named after a saint and its counterpart is minneapolis being connected by the bridge and that is why it's called a twin cities..