Why is Minnesota named 'Minnesota'?

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The name comes from the Dakota Indian (Sioux) word for "whitish" or "clouded water," and refers to the Minnesota River in the southwestern part of the state.
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What is there to do in Minnesota?

Actually, the amount of snow kind of depends on WHERE in the stateyou are talking about. The southern parts of the state do not getas much or regular snow cover that the north

Where is Minnesota?

usa, in the midwest In the United States of America. It is located along the northern border in the center of the country. It borders Canada, and the states of North Dakota, S

How is Minnesota?

Minnesota is a cold place (in the winters) it can get to about -25 to 25 degrees in the winter but in the summer it is a nice place to go 70 to 90 degrees great weather to be

How did the Minnesota wild pick their name?

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How did nimrod Minnesota get its name?

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How did you get to Minnesota?

You can get to Minnesota in many different ways. You can fly, drive, arrive by boat, arrive by train and these are four options. If you drive by land from the north you arrive
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Who is Minnesota?

Minnesota is a northern state in the USA. The USA is in North America.