Why is Palestine in war?

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Answer 1
because it bombs Israel constantly for no reason
Palestine brought war to themselves, its their fault there was a war.

Answer 2
It depends on which Palestinian conflict the question is referring to.

Is it the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970s and 1980s, killing between 5,000-25,000 Palestinians depending on the estimates used. This conflict began when the Palestinians fled from the former Mandate of Palestine and the governments of the Arab countries to which they fled preferred to effectively incarcerate them in refugee camps for generations.

Is it the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in the 1920s, but became much more widespread in 1947 with the Jewish-Arab Engagement and the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9. Approximately 19,000 Palestinians have died in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This conflict started in the conflict between Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) and resurgent Arab Nationalism. It continues as a conflict between these two nationalisms and various religious, political, social, and economic groups which have chosen to support one side or the other.

Is it the Palestinian Civil War? -- which began in 2006, but most violence took place in 2007 with approximately 600-1000 deaths. The causes of this conflict deal primarily with leadership/political disputes between Fatah and Hamas over governance of the Palestinian Territories.
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Is there a war in Palestine?

There have been several wars in Palestine, such as the Gazan War of2008-2009 and the Gazan War of 2012. However, there is no currentwar in Palestine, just an Israeli military

Why is there war in Palestine?

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Why did Israel want war on Palestine?

Israel did not want war at any point, but they are also not willing to surrender their right to a state. Unfortunately, the Arabs were less gracious.

How do you stop the war in Palestine?

The only to stop the war in Palestine both parties would need to sign a peace treaty. They cannot come to an agreement on borders, security, water rights, and mostly control o

Did Israel win the Palestine war?

Answer 1 No they haven't! InshAllah (if God wills) Palestine are going towin! :) Answer 2 Historically, Israel has won all the wars or other militaryengagements in the Isr

Will palestine win the war?

As this is forecasting, there are different opinions. Answer 1 yes. i know 4 a fact, because in our holy book the Qur'an it says that we r going 2 win. My opinion is that

What were the wars between Israel and Palestine called?

Since Israel's modern inception in 1948, there have been a number of declared wars between Israel and surrounding countries, including at various times, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon

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Assuming that this is asking about "right to war" in the legal context of "jus ad bellum", the criteria can be discussed below. Most Western Just War Theory revolves around

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Israel has never actually declared war on Palestine. If you are referring to a specific war between Israel and Hamas or the general causes of the Israeli Occupation of the Wes
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Why people in palestine get affected when the war started in palestine?

After Israel took over the PALESTINIAN land the Israelis built a wall around the Palestinians. Then the Israel people started to kill and throw tear gas on the remaining peopl
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Who Partitions Palestine after World War?

It was known that eh League of Nations (currently the United Nations) gave Britain the task of controlling Palestine therefore creating the British Mandate for Palestine. The
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What is the Palestine War?

Which Palestinian War is the question referring to? Is it one of the wars in the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970