Why is Palestine in war?

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because it bombs Israel constantly for no reason
Palestine brought war to themselves, its their fault there was a war.

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It depends on which Palestinian conflict the question is referring to.

Is it the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970s and 1980s, killing between 5,000-25,000 Palestinians depending on the estimates used. This conflict began when the Palestinians fled from the former Mandate of Palestine and the governments of the Arab countries to which they fled preferred to effectively incarcerate them in refugee camps for generations.

Is it the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in the 1920s, but became much more widespread in 1947 with the Jewish-Arab Engagement and the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9. Approximately 19,000 Palestinians have died in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This conflict started in the conflict between Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) and resurgent Arab Nationalism. It continues as a conflict between these two nationalisms and various religious, political, social, and economic groups which have chosen to support one side or the other.

Is it the Palestinian Civil War? -- which began in 2006, but most violence took place in 2007 with approximately 600-1000 deaths. The causes of this conflict deal primarily with leadership/political disputes between Fatah and Hamas over governance of the Palestinian Territories.
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What is Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to two separate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It was a relatively small territory that was also bounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest and has (MORE)

Where is Palestine?

There are three different definitions of Palestine: a country (therecognized Palestinian Authority or the unrecognized Arab dream toreplace Israel), a British Mandate (from 1922-1948), or a region.They are all generally in the same place although specific bordersmay differ. In all three, Palestine (MORE)

What nation controlled Palestine after World War I?

Britain controlled Palestine from 1918-1948. Britain, which had promised in 1917 in the Balfour Declaration to create a 'national home for the Jews' in Palestine. Britain was trying to keep in with both the Arabs and the Jews - and this little game of 'divide and rule' didn't work. Britain

What was Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to twoseparate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt,Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It was a relatively small territorythat was also bounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest andhas access (MORE)

What was the effect of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 on Palestine?

It effectively prevented the establishment of an Arab Palestinian State. Israel controlled 78% of former Mandatory Palestine and Egypt and Jordan occupied the remainder. Another result of the war was that Palestinian refugees had been scattered from their former home to numerous countries in the Ara (MORE)

Why was palestine divided after World War 2?

during the world war2 Britain needed help defeating the Nazis so they turned to the Jews in Europe promising them with an independent land of their own in case they agreed to fight for them and they did. Since palestine was allready occupied by Britain and Jerusalem is where Jews used to live 2000 y (MORE)

What is the link between religion and the war in Palestine?

Issues with the term "War in Palestine" It is unclear what the "War in Palestine" specifically refers tofor two major reasons. There have been numerous regional wars andthe term "Palestine" is nebulous at best. "Palestine" is typicallyinterpreted one of two ways. The first way is to refer to all of (MORE)

What is the conflict for the war between Israeli and Palestine?

The wording of this question is confusing. If this question is asking for the Causes of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, please see the Related Question below. If the question is asking what is the name of the general conflict of which the recent Israeli-Palestinian War in Gaza (2008-2009) is (MORE)

Why did the British rule Palestine in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948?

The British did not rule Palestine during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9, leaving just before the war began. It was actually the British withdrawal from Mandatory Palestine that allowed Israel to declare independence. This declaration, in turn, was what precipitated the Arab invasion of the former B (MORE)

What happened in Palestine and Israel before World War 2?

Return to Israel had been a long-standing hope on the part of many Jews, but not all took it entirely seriously. Since about 1880 there was steady trickle of Jews who returned, and Zionism provided a further impetus.. In November 1917 the British government, which was at war with the Ottoman Empire (MORE)

Why did many Jews move to Palestine after World War 2?

\n . Answer 1 \n . because they wanted to. . Answer 2 . Certainly many Jews who survived the Holocaust wanted to go to Israel as it was trying to create a truly Jewish state. However, those Jews who tried to go home after the war found squatters living on their property who did not want to ret (MORE)

Who gave Jews the land of Palestine after World War 2?

The answer that the person is looking for is the "United Nations".However, this is not historically correct. The phrasing of the question misconstrues the authority of theUnited Nations Resolution 181. Most people incorrectly believe thatthe UN Resolution "created" a Jewish State (Israel) and an Ar (MORE)

Is there a war in Palestine?

There have been several wars in Palestine, such as the Gazan War of2008-2009 and the Gazan War of 2012. However, there is no currentwar in Palestine, just an Israeli military occupation.

Why is there war in Palestine?

There is a war because the land was originaly Palestine, but was split up after world war 2 to add Israel so that the Jews could have some of the holy land. The Isrealis attacked the Palestinian half of Jerusalem and other Palestinian states because they said the holy city could never be split.This (MORE)

What effect did World War 2 have on the Israel and Palestine conflict?

Israel did not exist prior to WW2 It was created as a result of British imperialist forces simply appropriated the land on behalf of a number of Jewish refugees from Europe despite the protests of the legitimate inhabitants of the area. The natural inhabitants wer made virtualy stateles by this move (MORE)

What percent of the people are dying in Palestine because of the war?

You may be surprised to learn that the percentage of deaths in Palestine due to the Conflict are relatively small compared with the overall population. There are roughly 2 million Palestinians between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and there have been 14,000 Palestinian fatalities as a direct resu (MORE)

Why did Palestine become a center of conflict after World War 2?

The conflict is basically started when the Jews were forced out oftheir country in ww2 by the Nazis. when they were gone the Arabsmoved into their homes and took over their country. When the Jewsreturned, they were angry and wanted their land back. But thePalestinians didn't want to give it back as (MORE)

Is the War on Palestine legitimate?

The term "War on Palestine" is nebulous. Does it refer to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as a whole? Does it refer to Operation Cast Lead? Does it refer to Operation Pillar of Smoke? Does it refer to the Separation Fence? Does it refer to the military occupation of the West Bank? Does it refer to (MORE)

Why did Israel want war on Palestine?

Israel did not want war at any point, but they are also not willing to surrender their right to a state. Unfortunately, the Arabs were less gracious.

What happened to Palestine after World War 2?

The British Mandate for Palestine was partitioned by the UnitedNations leading to an independent Jewish State: Israel, and otherportions of the territory falling under Jordanian and Egyptianoccupation.

What was the cultural significance of palestine before World War 1?

None; there was no "Palestine" prior to World War 1. Before the Great War, the area now sometimes called "Palestine" was part of Turkey, and had been for hundreds of years. Turkey was allied with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after WWI ended, the British and French partitioned Turkey into several (MORE)

How do you stop the war in Palestine?

The only to stop the war in Palestine both parties would need to sign a peace treaty. They cannot come to an agreement on borders, security, water rights, and mostly control of Jerusalem.

Did Israel win the Palestine war?

Answer 1 No they haven't! InshAllah (if God wills) Palestine are going towin! :) Answer 2 Historically, Israel has won all the wars or other militaryengagements in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the conflicthas not yet been resolved.

Does Qur'an state any war about Palestine?

No. There is nothing in the Qur'an that applies to Palestine,Jerusalem, Jewish territorial holdings, or the Levant in general,in connection to any Muslims other than Mohammed's ascension toheaven at al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem). Most Palestinians and Arabs who quote from the Qur'an to claimDivine Mandate (MORE)

Will palestine win the war?

As this is forecasting, there are different opinions. Answer 1 yes. i know 4 a fact, because in our holy book the Qur'an it says that we r going 2 win. My opinion is that whoever thinks that we r going 2 lose r idiots. p.s. I'm from Palestine and my mom told my whole family this. SO THERE. LOL. (MORE)

Did Palestine become the country of Israel after the World War 2?

Yes and No. The Mandate of Palestine was merely the British Name for the land they occupied in the Southwestern Levantine region of the Middle East. There was no nation of Palestine or independent Governate of Palestine at any point in the prior 2000 years. When the Jewish population of the Manda (MORE)

Why did the Jews leave Palestine and come back again after World War 2?

The Jews were forced to leave Palestine after an unsuccessful revolt against their Roman overlords, about 70 AD. They were scattered by the Romans to all points of the compass. Where ever they were they preserved their ethnic and religious identity, which often led to persecutions. The Jews never lo (MORE)

What were the wars between Israel and Palestine called?

Since Israel's modern inception in 1948, there have been a number of declared wars between Israel and surrounding countries, including at various times, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. There has never been a war between Palestine and Israel. The area now known as Israel was part of (MORE)

Does Palestine have a right to war?

Assuming that this is asking about "right to war" in the legal context of "jus ad bellum", the criteria can be discussed below. Most Western Just War Theory revolves around Christian perceptions. I am personally unaware of what Islamic Just War Theory looks like, so I will perform the traditional (MORE)

Why did Israel declare war on Palestine?

Israel has never actually declared war on Palestine. If you are referring to a specific war between Israel and Hamas or the general causes of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, please ask that question. If this is a general question on the causes of the Israeli-Palestinian (MORE)

Why did Jews move to palestine after World War I?

There were already 15,000 Jewish colonists in Palestine. The Great War of 1914-1918 displaced millions of Jews who were living in what had become battlegrounds: a territory called the Pale of Settlement, extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Because of their separate religion, customs and lang (MORE)

What happen to the palestine after world war 1?

It became a british mandate. Eventually, the british split the country in half, between the jews and the arabs. With the six day war, the jews took the rest of the country, as well as the sinai peninsula. They gave it back to egypt to establish a peace after the war.

Which organization divided Palestine into the two countries of Palestine and Israel after World War 2?

The answer you are looking for is the UnitedNations . However, the phrasing of the question misconstrues the authority ofthe United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181. Most peopleincorrectly believe that the UN Resolution "created" a Jewish State(Israel) and an Arab State (Palestine) on the m (MORE)

Who Partitions Palestine after World War?

It was known that eh League of Nations (currently the United Nations) gave Britain the task of controlling Palestine therefore creating the British Mandate for Palestine. The Mandate lasted from 1920-1948.

What is the Palestine War?

Which Palestinian War is the question referring to? Is it one of the wars in the Arab-Palestinian Conflict? -- which began in 1948, but became much more violent in the 1970s and 1980s, killing between 5,000-25,000 Palestinians depending on the estimates used. Is it one of the wars in the Israe (MORE)

How did the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9 change Palestine?

The war effectively prevented the establishment of an ArabPalestinian State. Israel controlled 78% of former MandatoryPalestine and Egypt and Jordan occupied the remainder. Anotherresult of the war was that Palestinian refugees had been scatteredfrom their former home to numerous countries in the Ar (MORE)

Why isn't Israel charged with war crimes against Palestine?

Because if such a charge were brought in any court, it would come back double against Israel's adversaries in the region. As just one example, we have seen an organized force plant launchers among its own civilian neighborhoods, and use them to launch rockets across an international border into (MORE)