Why is Scotch Corner on the A1 called the Scotch Corner?

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The name originates from being the junction where travelers to eastern Scotland are separated from travelers to western Scotland.
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What is scotch made of?

Scotch whiskey is made from water and barley. A little yeast may be added to get the fermentation process going. The barley mash is dried in a kiln with a porous floor, under which burns a fire made of peat, which is what gives Scotch it's distinctive smoky and slightly oily flavor. After the whiske (MORE)

What is a scotch hose?

A "Scotch Hose" is a 2" high pressure hose fitted with a regulation Spengler Nozzle, capable of providing a mist, spray, or stream of the finest quality scotch.

Why did Scotch-Irish call themselves Scotch-Irish?

I consider myself Scots-Irish , but from the other way around as the explanations below. I was born in Scotland but from Irish immigrant grand-parents. I consider myself Scots ( not Scotch , that term is used for products like whiskey etc , Scots is for people ) and have a strong Glasgow accent , (MORE)

What is the mean scotch?

It's the commercialised name for some products which come from Scotland such as, Scotch Tape, Scotch whisky, Scotch broth. Shortened from Scottish (and after a few whiskies most people end up blurring Scottish in to Scot-ch)

Is there a dealcoholized scotch?

Impossible. Scotch has to have at least 40% alcohol by volume (otherwise they aren't allowed to sell it as 'scotch') and the remaining 40 to 60% is pretty much entirely water. In other words, scotch is (deliciously flavored) alcohol. It's like asking if you could have a cup of coffee without any cof (MORE)

What is scotch tape?

scotch tape is a brand of tape. there are many kinds though. like magic tape for wrapping papers, or normal tape. you can buy them at staples.

What are brands of scotch?

What do you mean ? Whisky ? Pies ? Sticky Tape ? If you mean Scotch Whisky then they are too numerous too mention. There are 100's of brands of Blended Whiskies, Single Malt Whiskies and Vatted Malt Whiskies. For example, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Jura, Talisker, Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Glen Moray, Bell (MORE)

What flavors scotch?

There are many variables including water quality, but many scotch's flavors come from the type of cask used, such as Sherry or the popular Oak.

What is Scotch?

You may be thing of Scotch Whisky. That is to say whiskey made in Scotland.

Is scotch alkaline?

Scotch is mildly acidic because it undergoes maturation in oak casks for a number of years. It gains Tannic Acid from the wood. Most people are familiar with tannins wine.

Why were the Scotch-Irish called Scotch-Irish?

They are better known as Ulster Scots in the UK. In America there is a tendancy to over emphasise the Irish influence and that has led to the name Scotch-Iris h. It actually refers to the Scots who travelled to settle Ulster and eventually moved to the American colonies.

Where can you find scotch?

I presume you mean Scotch Whisky. You can find Scotch Whisky anywhere in the world. Supermarkets, Whisky Shops and any other shop that sells alcohol.

Why is it called mitered corner?

A mitered corner is one where the material is cut at an angle, most commonly 45 degrees. Two pieces of material cut at 45 would make a 90 degree corner. Of course many other angles are possible as well.

What do you call 7up and scotch drink?

Manhattan Sorry, wrong... A Manhattan is whiskey, vermouth, and bitters.Scotch whiskey and 7-Up, which aren't typically mixed, is called a"Scotch & 7" to differentiate from the standard "7 and 7",which is Seagrams Seven Crown whiskey (or any whiskey) and 7-Up.Most Scotches are typically too "full bo (MORE)

How do you describe scotch?

Scotch whiskey, is a spirit distilled in Scotland and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years in Scotland. There are five categories as defined late 2009 by the Scottish Whisky Association- 1)Single Malt 2)Blended Malt 3)Single grain 4)Blended grain 5)Blended whiskey Single malt (MORE)

What is the difference between blended scotch and single malt scotch?

Single Malt versus Blended Scotch Whisky Scotch whiskey (or simply Scotch) refers to a large family of spirits made in Scotland from malted grain. Malt refers to any kind of cereal grain (e.g., corn, barley, wheat, rye) that has been sprouted and then dried. This turns the grain's starches into (MORE)

What is the corner by a fireplace called?

I'm an old (75) country boy who lived by a fireplace all my life, until I was in my 20's as the only source of heat besides the wood stove in eth kitchen, and I've never heard the corner by the fireplace to have a special name except "the corner by the fireplace." As in, "Stand it in the corner by t (MORE)

What is Scotch Scenes about?

The defensemechanisms. are always in operation to some degree. operate unconsciously.serve to distort reality. all of these

Why is scotch bonnet called scotch bonnet?

The scotch bonnet gets its name from it resemblance to the traditional Scottish cap: the tam or tam o'shanter. The tam is a flat round cap with a pompom or tassel in the center. These caps or bonnets are commonly red. Some may say the fiery taste of the pepper is like some of the strong whiskys of S (MORE)

Is Scotch Scottish?

Yes, scotch whiskey is whiskey made in Scotland. You will notice that although there is good whiskey made in other countries, Ireland for example, the bottle will say what kind of whiskey it is : single, double malt, blend but not call it scotch.

What are the incredent of scotch?

Water, alcohol (made from malted barley that may be smoked over a peat fire), and what are called cogeners . Cogeners are the molecules that attach to the alcohol and/or water during distillation that give each type of liquor its unique flavor. However, the higher proof you distill something to, or (MORE)

What are different scotches?

The big difference is blended vs. single malt. Blended - This term means that the scotch is a blend from many distilleries in Scotland. The big brands are: Johnny Walker, Chivas Regal, J&B and Cutty Sark. Single Malt - This term means that the scotch was distilled at only one distillery in S (MORE)

What is a corner of a triangle called?

The corner of a triangle is a vertex . A vertex is defined as an angle is the endpoint where two line segments or lines come together. Every triangle has three vertices.

What is a Scotch Bowl?

Scotch bowls were made to be hung over a fire in order to cook broth or porridge. Both are dishes that need to be stirred constantly which is why they have rounded bottoms and no lids. They were made of cast iron in many different sizes. So far as I know, they are no longer being made.

Why is a sticking tape called scotch tape?

The tape is actually adhesive tape. People commonly refer to it as scotch tape because of the popular brand name that manufactures and sells it. It morphed into common usage for all cellophane mucilage tape. In some countries it's called Sellotape after another popular brand.

Is scotch fattening?

Scotch as in whiskey, hard liquour has a lot of calories. Anything that has any calories in it can be fattening if you eat/drink too much of it.

What do you call a corner of a 3D shape?

A vertex (plural: vertices or vertexes) is the point of intersection of lines (like the 'corners' of a 3D shape). A corner is the same but where only two lines are intersecting.

Is jameson a scotch?

No, Jameson is an Irish whiskey. Scotch whiskey (note the different spelling) must be distilled and bottled in Scotland.

What is Scotch and polly?

Popular British name in the last century for a drink mixing Scotch whisky with a German brand of mineral water called Apollinaris.

What is a scotch sheperd?

It is a kind of dog. There are lots of sites on them. Please look them up, I hope you find all the info. that you need!

How do you age scotch?

Scotch is usually made by aging them in casks that were originallyused for different alcoholic beverages (whisky, sherry, etc).

What does the scotch in scotch bonnet mean?

"Scotch" (not including the trademark adhesive products from 3M)refers to anything from Scotland (like "Scottish" would be). In thenomenclature of alcoholic beverages, "scotch" refers to scotchwhisky, a type of whisky distilled in Scotland. It generally hasthis smoky and/or peaty taste to it.

Why is a scotch boiler called scotch?

The first recorded marine installation of a Scotch boiler was by Randolph, Elder & Co. in the SS McGregor Laird in 1862. Having been firdst installed in a Scottish ship, and given that the vast majority of steam and marine engineers were Scots, what else could they call it?

What is the corner of the fingernail called?

the cuticle . The corner of the fingernail is called the free edge . The cuticle is a layer of non-living, almost invisible skin that "rides on" the surface of the nail at the base of the nail plate.

What actors and actresses appeared in Scotch Corner - 1972?

The cast of Scotch Corner - 1972 includes: Moira Anderson as herself Dana as herself Aly Bain as himself Jimmy Blue And His Scottish Country Dance Band as Themselves Lonnie Donegan as himself Julie Felix as herself Archie Fisher as himself Clinton Ford as himself Dick Gaughan as himself Anita Harris (MORE)

What is a shape with corners called?

There are many, many shapes with corners. Each has its own name.Some examples are: Rectangles, Triangles, Septangles, parallelograms, trapezoids,cube, dodecahedrons, and so forth.