Why is Siberia climatic condition so harsh?

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What are the three main regions of siberia
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What climate does Siberia have?

Siberia ranges from Arctic in the north, to sub-arctic, to temperate forest and tundra along the southern borders (where the biggest cities tend to be located). You will find moderate to slightly warm summers, a cool, wet spring and fall, and cold to VERY cold winters. In many ways, the climate of S (MORE)

Why are black jokes so harsh?

People can be very racist/prejudice against the opposite colour, it's not right, anyway, it is because they are a different colour they think they can offend them as much as they want because there different!

Why is the antarctic environment so harsh?

The south pole receives very little direct sunlight. In its winter, the sun does not come up at all for a period of many days. That makes it pretty cold for much of the year. Plus, it is very windy. There is no plant growth on the continent because of the conditions on the surface.

What is a contributing factor to siberias harsh winters?

A contributing factor to Siberia's harsh winters is its location.During the winter the sun is not up for as long to warm the space.It is a large land mass with no nearby ocean to help warm things uptherefore, it gets cold, and it stays cold.

Can a willow tree survive in harsh climate?

There are several varieties of willow trees and some varieties areable to survive in harsh climates. Types of willow trees that growin the extreme northern climates include the sage leaf and flatleaf.

Why is everyone so harsh on vegetarians?

It Probably works both ways. But many people feel that they need to justify their own eating preferences to people that feel they should not cause harm as a result of what they eat. When people don't have a good argument they tend to become belligerent.

Why were medieval punishments so harsh?

Law and order was very harsh in Medieval England. It was believed that people would only learn how to behave properly if they feared what would happen to them if they broke the law. Even the 'smallest' offences had serious punishments.

How do bacteria survive harsh conditions?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environment is unfavorable (such as extreme temperatures, radiation, extreme pH levels, extreme pressures and harmful chemical agents) (MORE)

What climate zone is Siberia in?

Siberia has mostly a subarctic climate, which means winters are very long and cold while summers are short and cool. However, some places in Siberia are known to have summer temperatures reach 20˚C.

Why was Egypt's legal system so harsh?

I would guess because of the climate. The desert is inhospitiple, and can be cultivated only with coordinated mass social effort. These sort of tasks, and the great projects, the pyramids, the planting of the nile, the dam in modern times require unification. In comparison, the ancient Greeks had ma (MORE)

Why is your step dad so harsh about your dad?

Your step-dad may not approve of your real dad for any number of reasons. the main ones are probably contempt, jealousy, annoyance and just standard guy-on-guy dislike.. Self preservation, he has a need to seem bigger and better to hold a place in your affection. OR he is pointing out the uncomfort (MORE)

How was the harsh condition reaching the Oregon Trail?

Very harsh. Pioneer journals describe crossing flooded rivers and having whole wagons getting washed down river and how they lost everything. They write about the sickness, death, and heat. How, when going over the mountain passes, the wagons would go over a cliff and they would loose family members (MORE)

Why are People so Harsh to Gay people?

Its all about insecurities. I don't feel good about myself, so at your expense I would "have a go" at you to make myself feel better. Its a short term solution to a long term problem. The "harshies" can have any issues ranging from family stress, to chronic fatigue from bad diet. But to be honest (MORE)

Why is desert climate harsh?

Desert climate is harsh due to the severe heat; to much heat can and will dehydrate you and you will die from most likely lack of water/fluids.

What are opinions about why kate is so harsh on Jon?

It wasn't that she was harsh on him. It was just because Jon was a different person than Kate, and did things differently. Kate didn't always like the way he did things, and it frustrated her, which led to the divorce.

Why is siberia so cold?

Siberia is cold because there is a high pressure weather system during the winter which brings more clear skies. When skies are clear, it gets really cold

Why is life on Earth so harsh to the Environment?

The earth isn't harsh to the environment, we are harsh to the environment. If we could all just help the earth and the environment by redusing reusing and recycling we wouldn't have to ask these questions. keep our earth clean!

How can lichens survive in habitats so seemingly devoid of nutrients and under harsh physical condition?

Lichens are one of the first organisms to colonise a newly disturbed area and are a part of the first stage in plant succession. Like mosses lichens have a number of adaptations which allow them to survive seemingly nutrient free habitats. Lichens, unlike vascular plants can grow with very littl (MORE)

Why are driving penalties so harsh?

Driving penalties are so harsh because let's think about this everytime we heard about car accidents it's not only the driver who causes the accident that sustaines severe injuries but also the other drivers who are on the road. Penalties in reckless driving were established because sometimes accide (MORE)

How harsh were the conditions at breitenau concentration camp?

In the eyes of the Nazis, the deaf were of "minor value". The assumption that deafness was a "hereditary disease" lead to forced sterilization. Breitenau was a Nazi education and labor camp established in June 1933 in Germany. It was located in Guxhagen, ca. 15 km south of Kassel and was built aroun (MORE)

The climate on the Moon is harsh because?

The moon has no atmosphere. This means that the climate isparticularly harsh not just because you can't breathe. When it isdark, the moon can get down to -300 degrees F. When the sun isshining, it can get up to 200 degrees F. Mixed in with that is thefull radiation of the sun, cosmic rays, and solar (MORE)

Do Koala bears have harsh living conditions?

Koalas, which are not bears at all, do not necessarily have harsh living conditions, althoug it is true that they sometimes endure terrible heatwaves in southern Australia, which often lead to devastating bushfires. It lives mostly within the temperate zones. Its habitat is eucalypt woodland and (MORE)

Why is Judge Judy so harsh?

In part, she tries to run her TV show the way a real court would operate; testimony must be direct and in response to questions. This is far more strict (and realistic) than some other court shows on television, which permit litigants to tell long stories containing lots of irrelevant, unprovable de (MORE)

Why is Severus Snape so harsh?

Neville - He could've been the Chosen One and if he had, Lilywouldn't have died. Harry - Because he is reminded of James Hermione - because Lily was smart and he's painfully reminded ofher. Ron - because he's Harry's bestie

Why is the Torah so harsh and oppressive to women?

This question is based on a false assumption about the Torah. In truth, according to the Torah, women are of a higher spiritual level than men. We see many times that men are told to listen to their wives and that it is the husband's responsibility to please his wife sexually, not the other way arou (MORE)

Why was punishment so harsh in Tudor times?

They had no police. However, wrongdoing was frowned upon and the Tudor Punishments were cruel. If someone was executed for committing a crime, nobody else would commit the same crime.

Why is Batman so harsh?

I doubt he would be as effective if he just tapped villains on the shoulder and cheerfully said, "Hey! I'm gonna take you to jail now, OK?"

How did the Jews deal with such harsh conditions?

The upper middle and higher class fled to another country. Everyone below found a hiding spot or were sent to concentration camps __ Not all upper and middle class fled. Many were rounded up and sent to concentration camps as well. Those that did manage to flee, usually went to other European coun (MORE)

How do Echidnas surive in a harsh desert climate?

Echidnas do not enjoy extreme temperatures so are not found indeserts. They use caves and rock crevasses to hide from harshweather conditions. Echidnas can be found in forests, woodlands,snuggled under vegetation, roots or piles of debris. They sometimeshide in other animal burrows, such as rabbits (MORE)

Why does not bacteria survive in harsh conditions?

There are a number of bacteria that DO survive in harsh environments be it pH or temperature extremes or an environment that is very salty. Bacteria that don't survive in harsh conditions usually lose cell wall integrity and break apart, or lose all their intercellular fluid and shrivel up.

Why was roman punishment so harsh?

Roman punishments, at least some of them, only seem harsh to us. The time of the ancient Romans was a harsh time calling for harsh punishments in order to keep the peace. Bear in mind that they lived in a different time and in a different culture than ours and had a different perspective regarding c (MORE)

What makes the flavor of mint so harsh?

The flavor of mint isn't harsh at all. It's just the breeze feeling of the mint could be mistaken for the harsh flavor. This flavor gets mistaken for the harsh flavor very often.

How do animals survive in the harsh desert climates?

There is no one way desert animals survive. Instead, there are a lot of ways animals (and plants) survive in deserts, in part because there are different kinds of deserts. Some are hot, some are cold, some get a lot of rain occasionally, while others get no rain ever, but do get a lot of dew frequen (MORE)

Why were punishments in medieval Europe so harsh?

That was just the societal norm of things in those days. To them it would be strange to put someone in jail for their entire lives with plenty of food and living space. They would see us as to nice and caring to someone who has broken the law. In those times the world was much harsher then our mode (MORE)

Why was Hammurabi's code of laws so harsh?

Hammurabi was a just ruler who thought that cruel kings had shortreigns. The Law of Moses is a biblical term first found in the Bookof Joshua 8:31-32 where Joshua writes the words of "the Law ofMoses" on the altar at Mount Ebal. It is mostly know by the MosaicLaw. They are written in the Book of Deu (MORE)