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Why is St. Cecilia the patroness of music?

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When Cecilia was married they played pagan Roman music but Cecilia said she was singing hymns of praise to God in her heart.
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What does cecilia mean?

Cecilia has a Latin origin, from the Latin word caecus, meaning blind. It means "the way for the blind". It was a Roman family name. The most famous religious figure is Saint

What did St. Cecilia believe in?

She wore sackcloth next to her skin, and fasted, and invoked the saints and angels and virgins, beseeching them to guard her virginity. And she said to her husband, "I will te

What is the nickname for Cecilia?

The most common Nicknames for Cecilia are:    Cece   Celia   Celie       Other less common nicknames include:    Lia   Cee   Ceci 

What 3 miracles did St. Cecilia perform?

None! Back when she was alive you didn't need to perform three miracles. You would only have to die for your religion. She met the only criterion.

Why did St. Cecilia become a saint?

St Cecilia become a saint when a solider struck her head 3 times  she did not die yet. Though she can live for 3 days. I that 3 days  she become very rich.On the last day of

Did Vince Lombardi coach St Cecilia High School football?

At the age of 26 Vince started his coaching career as Assistant coach for the freshman team at St. Cecilia high school. He then took over the head coaching position three year
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What did Saint Cecilia do?

During the early Roman persecutions she was martyred for her faith but not before she distributed her wealth to the poor and converted her pagan husband to Christianity.