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cause china(people republic of china) and Taiwan was a contry, after war Taiwan (as republic of china)lost the war, so they separated.the communist got china,so they use the name, they cant be 2 china in the world, so they use Taiwan.but the real name is republic of china(ROC)

Not totally correct and very misleading. Taiwan was awarded to Japan in 1895 because of military superiority of China. Taiwan people did not have a military and China sent ships to the island in order for sugarcane and numerous minerals to be mined and grown for money to be sent back to the Empress. The Republic of China is not a land/country but it is a "government". It was the name of the government on the mainland of China up until they were defeated just after WWII. Taiwan first tried to assert themselves as an independent country in 1895 and again in 1945 (approximately) after the defeat of Japan. Because Chiang, Kai Shek was an ally during WWII and since he was being defeated on the mainland, it was thought that if he took the island, that China could be monitored by the US. The people were mistreated and killed until they were subdued enough to stop fighting back and to realize that they could not take back their country. The real name of the island is Formosa or Taiwan...not "The Republic of China". The island has only been controlled by Chinese forces for a little over 100 years prior to Japan being the so-called "owners". Taiwan NEVER fought China...therefore they could never have lost. People should read and learn and not follow what anybody says or writes.
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Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is off the east coast of Asia, east of mainlandChina. Taiwan (also "Formosa" or "The Republic of China") consists of theislands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and some minor islands inthe seas east of mainland China (in the Philippine Sea and theTaiwan Strait, extensions of the western North Pacific Ocean). Because of the split between the Nationalists and Communistsfollowing the 1949 war, China still claims jurisdiction over Taiwanand vice versa. However, there is major conflict between the twoplaces, on whether to call it a province, the legitimate China oran entirely independent country altogether.

How was Taiwan created?

Answer . Taiwan was created when Chinese Nationalists, after being defeated by the Communists, fled to Taiwan and created a new republic.

What is the capital of Taiwan?

The capital of Taiwan is Taipei. Taipei is located on the Tamsui River, at the northern tip ofTaiwan. Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung together form theTaipei-Keelung metropolitan area with a population of 6,900,273.

Is Taiwan a state?

Taiwan is an island off the SE coast of China, between the East and South China Seas. It is difficult to say whether or not Taiwan is a state, because of disagreements between Beijing (People's Republic of China, mainland) and Taipei (Republic of China, Taiwan). Since 1949 mainland China has considered Taiwan to be a rebel province. They each saw themselves as the legitimate government of both. Economic cooperation increased in the 1990's, but things soured when Taiwan redefined its relationship to mainland China as "state to state", implying that Taiwan sees the "two" Chinas as two separate, independent nations. Under the name "Republic of China", Taipei has applied for and has been denied membership in the UN. In August, 2007, the BBC reported that Taiwan may at some point re-apply to the UN under the name "Taiwan" and not "Republic of China". A spokesman said that this would be a technical decision for purposes of the application, and the constitutional name of "Republic of China" would remain. The United States of America is made up of 50 states and various possessions and protectorates, but this use of the word state is not the only one. World-wide, the word state implies that a region is an independent nation, able to conduct any affairs of 'state' with any other nation. The origin of the word in the US is not totally unrelated; in the US the 'states', originally independent of one another, have come together as a federation, with a central or federal government taking authority as given to it by the Constitution.

What religion does Taiwan have?

Taiwan is a free country. The residents are free to choose which ever religion they wish to practice. There is high tolerance for many different religions to be practiced side by side. Major religions Buddhism, Taoism, folk religion makes up about 93% of total religious population. There is about 4.5% Christians, and 2.5% other religions.

Who is the President of Taiwan?

Ma Ying-Jeou is the president of Taiwan. Heassumed office on May 20, 2008. The current president of Taiwan is Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang political party. Ma Ying-Jeou

What are facts about Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries of the world with about 1595 people per square mile. . Black Bears, Rock Monkeys, Leopards, Sambars, Flying Frogs, Salamanders etc are found in Taiwan. . The highest point in Taiwan is the Jade mountain which is about 3950m above sea level. . Baseball is the national sport in Taiwan. . Like France, Italy and the United States, Taiwan is very famous for its films in the world. . Taiwan is slightly bigger than Belgium. . Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is the Asia capital of art and culture.

When was Taiwan established?

Taiwan is an island which has a different government than the Chinese mainland because the losing non-communist forces during the Chinese civil war fled to Taiwan leaving the communists to take over the mainland. The official title of Taiwan is the 'Republic of China'

How do you get to Taiwan?

Fly on a plane. There are direct flights to Taiwan, or you can fly to Hong Kong and take the Ferry to Taiwan. There is no Ferry from Hong Kong to Taiwan. It is still necessary to take plane from Hong Kong to Taiwan (about 1.5 hours)

What are Taiwans imports?

taiwans imports include electricle products, crude oil, machinery, other metel products, and iron and steel.

Who is president of Taiwan?

The President of the Republic of China is usually informally referred to as the "President of Taiwan" . The President of the Republic of China is Ma Ying Jiu

What other name is Taiwan called by?

The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa (from Portuguese ( Ilha ) Formosa , meaning "beautiful (island)") (Wikipedia). so Taiwan also called Formosa. Nationalist China or Republic of China

Why is Taiwan in dispute?

The politicians want Taiwan to be separate from China and they tried to gain UN membership as Taiwan as opposed to Republic of China (they failed).. During the Chinese civil war most Nationalists escaped to Taiwan and developed its economy but both governments claimed to be in control of both China and Taiwan. Eventually the Nationalists gave up the idea.. There is constant conflict between Taiwan and China as Taiwan wants to declare independence. Taiwan buys weapons from US in order to protect themselves from a possible invasion.

What is made in Taiwan?

Items that are made in Taiwan are chainsaws, LCD TV's, andSmartphones. Trucks and PC Mainboards are also made in Taiwan..

What wheather in Taiwan?

Taiwan is VERY hot and humid, and it's got wet winters.. Taiwan is VERY hot and humid, and it's got wet winters.

What is the climate in Taiwan?

The climate in taiwan is Tropical monsoon and Subtropical monsoon.Wet-Dry tropical climate,mild,trade-wind coastal climate,humidclimate,temperate rainy climate, and dry winters. XD

What are the cities of Taiwan?

the capital is taipei. the other cities are: hsinchu,taichung,tainan, taoyuan,taitung, kenting, keelung, kaohsivng hope that helps.

What is Taiwan known for?

Taiwan is known for their high technology, friendliness, older cultures, and modern songs.\nTaiwan is considered the most high-tech country in Asia

Who does Taiwan belong to?

It belongs to the Taiwanese people. Chang Kai-Shek and his nationalist followers fled (with emphasis on fled) to Taiwan from Mao Zedong's communist rule. Ever since then, Taiwan has been its own country and rules its own government. Only a Chinese bimbo would tell you otherwise.

When was Taiwan founded?

when communist radicals seized power, all the nationalists escaped to tiwan and founded it as an indepenent nation

Who founded Taiwan?

Luke Allen founded Taiwan in 1949. He attacked there and dominated them. He put in an anarchy government.

Is Taiwan developed?

If by developed, you mean a second world country, then yes, Taiwan is developed. Although they do not receive as much income per year as Americans do, the cost of living there is very low (I bought 20 t-shirts for only 60 USD, and they were pretty good quality). Taiwan is one of the four Asian Tigers and it is classified as a highly advance country/economy by the IMF and the World Bank. Taiwan produces quite a large portion of the world technology and they are most known for their advance computer chips.

Was taiwan colonized?

Yes. It was a colony of Japan. The Treaty of Shimonoseki, endingthe First Sino-Japanese War was signed on 17 April 1895 which cededTaiwan and Penghu to Japan, which would rule the island for 50years until its defeat in World War II.

Who occupies Taiwan?

The Communist Chinese own and occupy Taiwan. ___ No that is incorrect. The Communist Chinese DO NOT occupy Taiwan. Taiwan is called the Republic of China, a separate country from the People's Republic of China. At the end of the Chinese Revolution, Chaing Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang fled China and set up government in Taiwan. The existence of the Republic of China has been a contentious issue between Taiwan and mainland China.

What is the altitude of Taiwan?

Taiwan is a mountainous island. Mountains account for 30% of its total area, hills and plateaus for 40%, and plains for the remaining 30%. In terms of altitude Taiwan's topography can be categorized as follows: A. Mountains Taiwan's mountainous area consists of mountains of over 1,000 meters, spreading from the east to the central part of the island. Most of the mountain ranges go from north to south. Starting from the east coast, they are: Taitung Coastal Mountain Range (Hai-an Shan-mo), Central Mountain Range (Chung-yang Shan-mo), Snow Mountain Range (Hsue-shan Shan-mo), Jade Mountain Range (Yu-shan Shan-mo), and Ali Mountain Range (Ali-shan Shan-mo). The Central Mountain Range starts at Suao in the north and ends at Heng-chun Peninsula in the south, with a total length of 340 kilometers. It forms the major watershed for Taiwan's rivers. Jade Mountain (Yu-shan), soaring to a height of 3,952 meters, is the highest peak in Taiwan. B. Hills and Plateaus On the outskirts of the mountainous area are hills and plateaus ranging from 100 to 1,000 meters in altitude. Most of the hills are located in the west, especially in Chu-nan and Chia-i. They are constantly cut through by rivers and torn apart by faults in the earth's crust. As a result, they form an extremely rugged and broken landscape. Plateaus on the other hand are relatively low and flat, no more than 600 meters in height. All of them are in the west, starting from the Lin-ko Plateau in the north to the Heng-chun Plateau in the south. The soil covering both hills and plateaus in Taiwan has a high quantity of red clay and gravel. C. Plains and Basins The lowlands are most often found near the sea and rivers. Land formations lower than 100 meters are plains: these include great plains, deltas and valleys. Those surrounded by hills with a flat base in the center are basins, though some basins rise above 100 meters. The major ones in Taiwan are Taipei basin, Taichung basin, and Puli basin. D. Coasts Taiwan's coastline is approximately 1,566 kilometers long. There are four types of coastal landscape based on crust movement, rock formation and the resulting slope and contour of the sea floor as it rises to meet dry land: a) Eastern fault coast: This starts at Santiao Chiao in the north and ends at the southern tip of Hengchun Peninsula. The coastal mountains are parallel to the coastline, and so most of the eastern coast is rocky with few bays or islets. b) Western uplifted coast: This begins at the mouth of the Tanshui River in the north and ends at Fangliao in Pingtung County. Close to a deposit plain, it is a straight sandy coast without deep bays. It is a very typical uplifted sand coast. c) Northern mixed coast: This goes from the mouth of the Tanshui River to Santiao Chiao. As a mixed coast, it has both rocky and sandy sections, produced by uplifting and depression. d) Southern coral-reef coast: This starts from Fengkang in the west and reaches to Hsuhai in the east. Fringe reefs appear along the coastline. It resembles the western uplifted coast, straight with few bays. The development of coral reefs is clear evidence of the uplifting process which produced this coastline. e) the outlying islets : the Penghu archipelago is the largest region: its islets are based on flat basalt. Others are formed either by volcanic andesite or by coral reefs. Examples of the former are Kueshan Toa, Lu Tao, Lan Yu, Tiaoyutai Lieyu, Pengchia Yu, Mienhua Yu, Huaping Yu, and Keelung Yu. Examples of the latter include Liuchiu Yu, Pratas, and Taiping Tao. Source: http://twgeog.geo.ntnu.edu.tw/english/gemophology/gemophology.htm

Is Taiwan clean?

The streets and sidewalks? Yes, very. But I wish there were more trash cans. I'm not sure what everyone does with their garbage. Maybe, as a culture, they tend to not walk while eating and drinking, but I often find myself tempted to throw a wrapper to the ground because I can't find a bin. The air, on the other hand, is rather polluted from all of the factories. There seems to always be a haze over populated areas of Taiwan. A lot like Los Angeles.

What is Taiwan tea called?

There are many different types of tea produced in Taiwan. Taiwan is best known for oolongs, which are often referred to as "Formosa oolong"; Formosa is just an old name for Taiwan. Some specific types of oolong produced in Taiwan include Dong Ding and Alishan oolongs. These are both high-grown oolongs, and are called "High Mountain Oolong". Sometimes the teas are classified by their color or oxidation level, with the greener ones called Jade Oolong, and the intermediate ones called Amber Oolong. A darker but mellow and sweet oolong produced in Taiwan is called Bai Hao Oolong. There is another type of very green oolong produced in Taiwan, called Pouchong or Bao Zhong. These are just a few of the best-known teas produced in Taiwan. There are many different types out there, including green teas and black teas as well.

How do people get to Taiwan?

You can take a plane flight there, this will vary in cost depending where you are. There is also boat transportation available from certain countries nearby. If you're question was How did they get there, then they arrived by boat. The aborigines arrived about 4000 years ago. Additional information can be found in the first part of Wikipedia under prehistory and early settlements.

What does Taiwan farm?

This is not a researched answer, but the result of personal experience. Wherever you go in Taiwan, you see rice paddies. Most of them are privately owned but they produce rice not only for personal use, but also for commercial purposes. The second thing you see are fruit trees upon fruit trees. These are mostly for commercial purposes, though. There are also numerous kinds of vegetables (like yams, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, etc.) that are grown in different parts of Taiwan, depending on the weather conditions of each part. Another very popular product is the betel nut. These trees are planted wherever there is a little space, and in mountainous areas, the betel nut trees are often planted on the slopes of the mountains. In the smaller rural areas, most families have some kind of a vegetable garden where they produce something of everything. For some of the elderly, these little vegetable patches provide their main income.

Where in the world is Taiwan?

Taiwan is an Asian country and is situated in the Pacific Ocean approximately 120 kilometers away from mainland China.

Where can you get the Taiwan dollar?

As the earlier answer pointed out, in Taiwan. However, you can alsogo to any nearby currency exchange store and they will most likelybe able to exchange any of your currency for the New Taiwan Dollar!

When did Taiwan become Taiwan?

The first year of Taiwan is 1911, but officially have our own government is on 1951 the San Francisco peace treaty signed

What year was Taiwan named Taiwan?

Japan had control of Taiwan from 1895 until the end of World War II. After WW II, in 1949, Taiwan was reverted to Chinese control, and the name was then changed to Taiwan, meaning Big Island. .

Which singer is from Taiwan?

Jay Chou (周杰倫) A-Mei (張惠妹) Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella) Show Luo (羅志祥) Ariel Lin (林依晨) Etc.

Is it safe in Taiwan?

Well it's safe in the sense that you can walk around, as long as you follow common sense rules like not walking around during the dead of night by yourself or going into strange alleyways you'll be safe. Except crossing the roads in Taiwan can be dangerous so just be extra cautious when you cross the roads.

What did the country of Taiwan used to be called?

The official name of the country is The Republic of China, but ithas been previously called "formosa" when sighted by Portugeseships (comes from "Ilha Formosa", meaning "beautiful island" inPortuguese).

How can you call London from Taiwan?

The country code and area code for London, UK, is +44 20, followed by an 8-digit local number. The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here"; Taiwan uses several different international access prefixes, including 002, 005, 006, 007, 009, and 019. Dial (prefix) + 44 + 20 + (8-digit local number)

Is Taiwan now called Chinese Taipei officially?

Taiwan is not called Chinese Taipei, except for participationduring the Olympic Games. Otherwise, it's still known as Taiwan.The name Chinese Taipei is being used because China doesn't wantTaiwan to participate as a sovereign country, and the name ChineseTaipei satisfy the Chinese authority because it alludes to Taiwanbeing part of China.

Is Taiwan a continent?

No, it is an island off the coast of mainland China in the South China Sea. A Continant is one of the large landmasses of the earth, such as Africa and South America. Thanks for the question, had to scratch my head for a while there.