Why is Venezuela famous?

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Internationally, the country of Venezuela is usually known for: oil, beaches, titles in Beauty Contests, Baseball players, the highes waterfall in the world and the oldest rock formations.
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Who is a famous person from Venezuela?

Ly Jonatis Miss Venezuala 2006,. On September 14 , 2006 , Jonaitis competed in the national beauty pageant Miss Venezuela 2006 , held in Caracas , where she beat 27 other

What is Venezuela famous sport team?

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Venezuela. Some ofthe more famous Venezuelan Professional Baseball League teams areÃ?guilas del Zulia and Leones del Caracas.

Famous painters in Venezuela?

who are some famous painters in Venezuela? Magda Korn is one of them. She is famous for all sorts of things. Six of her paintings are Windows on the Roofs, Flower Banquet, Go

What is a famous food of Venezuela?

Pabellon - Thenational dish of Venezuela consists of rice, black beans, andplantain covered in stewed and shredded meat. Arepas - Arepas area common snack food found in V
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What is the name of the famous waterfalls in Venezuela?

Angel Falls The Angel Falls, in Venezuela, is the tallest waterfall in the world, standing a total of 3,212 feet tall. Unlike some very tall falls, water falls freely for t