Why is Zimbabwe called Zimbabwe?

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The name Zimbabwe means a house built from stones, split into two "zimba" means house and "bwe" is stone. The name relates to the Great Zimabwe "Ruins" which were built by laying stones on each other hence the name "House of stones"
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When was the fall of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe fell in 1998 when foreign currency was used to fund theZimbabwe army fighting in the DRC war. War veterans were also paida further $50 000 each as compensation for fighting in theliberation war in the 70's. Later on in the year 2000 war, veteransseized white-owned farms. This was done in an (MORE)

Where is Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa which is a region insub-saharan Africa. It is a land locked country just north of SouthAfrica, and also surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana.

What is the continent of Zimbabwe?

for my homework i have to find out what the continents of the selected countries are, and Zimbabwe is one of them my homework has to be in by Tuesday the 15th if u can give me the answer then thx

Who is the leader of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is governed by President Robert Mugabe as Head of State. The 2013 constitution abolished the office of prime minister (again)

What did the county of Zimbabwe used to be called until 1980?

Zimbabwe was called Southern Rhodesia until Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) gained independence in 1964, when it was renamed just Rhodesia. Horse Isle Answer: Southern Rhodesia ~CaptainQuiche (Dun Server) Sorry but the horse isle answer ' Southern Rhodesia' Is incorrect. The correct answer for h (MORE)

What technology do they have in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has technology just like most other countries. However, due to the decline of the country under the reign of Robert Mugabe, technology has become less accesible.

What food is in Zimbabwe?

Sadza is corn porridge that is sometimes dipped into meat andgravy. Nhedzi is a soup made of wild mushrooms. Bota is porridgeflavored with peanut butter, milk or jam. It is usually eaten forbreakfast. Papayas are grown here and are sometimes made intocandy.

What are problems in Zimbabwe?

Huge economic problems have been caused by Robert Mugabe, a cruel and brutal dictator who has ruled Zimbabwe for too many years.

Wha is zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a country lying north of South Africa, mostly between the Limpopo and Zambesi Rivers

What are the problems in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has many problems: the Blood diamond trade, lack of accessto education, AIDs, and Robert Mugabe who will not step down aspresident.

Does Zimbabwe have technology?

Yes, Zimbabwe has television, local radio stations, internetconnections and telephone lines. Although the frequent poweroutages do prevent these items of luxury being used.gfjgffjygftyjug

When was Zimbabwe colonised?

Zimbabwe was colonised in 1969 during the "Summer of Love " by Boyz II Men. However, the popular RnB group soon grew weary of the mundane duties required to run a country and so in 1980 sold the fledgling nation to Robert Mugabe for a nickel, a Grammy and horse named Shoe.

Map of Zimbabwe?

Maps of Zimbabwe can be found and bought online from certainretailers. A map of Zimbabwe can also be found in local libraries.

Does it snow in Zimbabwe?

No,it doesn't. Last time snow was recorded in Zimbabwean tallest peak (2500 meters asl) it was in August 1935.

What is up with Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is awesome even thought things are lacking like mean people and bombing and unicorns. oh comeon UNICORNS? chu dipstick... xD unicorns a stupid horses whitd a spike coverd in glitter glued to there forhead and plastick wings...

What was the country of Zimbabwe called beforen 1980?

Rhodesia. However, up unitl independence, when Zambia was still known as Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia was then known as Southern Rhodesia. Prior to that N. Rhodesia (Zambia), S. Rhodeisa (Zimbabwe) and Nyasaland (Malawi) were part of the Central African Federation.

What is Zimbabwe like?

Zimbabwe its a nice country with everything. The Victoria Falls are some of the most famous, considered by some to be among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European recorded to view the Victoria Falls (MORE)

Were is Zambia and Zimbabwe?

Zambia is directly south of Congo, in central Africa. Zambia's southern border is the Zambesi River and the other side is Zimbabwe.

What currency does Zimbabwe have?

Zimbabwean Dollar written Z$ to distinguish it from other dollar currencies. Because of massive inflation is was suspended 12th April 2009. Today, other currencies are used for transactions instead

Why is Zimbabwe a LEDC?

LEDC stands for Least Developed Country. Zimbabwe is the fifteenth least developed country in the world and is located in Africa. Most of Africa is underdeveloped because the continent has only had self-governing countries since about the 1960s. Prior to the 60s, European countries controlled practi (MORE)

What lakes are in zimbabwe?

The most prominent lakes in Zimbabwe are Lake Kariba (which is the world's largest man made lake), Lake Mutirikwi, Lake Chivero and Lake Manyame.

Why was Zimbabwe colonised?

Zimbabwe was colonized by the British in order to expand theBritish territories. The British colonies were designed to bringriches to the crown.

What is the origin of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe was born out of Rhodesia in 1980 the year of independence after a protracted war of liberation that lasted many years. Zimbabwe was colonised by Britain when British settlers arrived and enslaved local indeginous black people in the 1800s. The indigenous people waged what became known as Ch (MORE)

Are there cats in Zimbabwe?

There are seven (7) cats species indigenous to Zimbabwe, theseare:- Africa wild cat, Black foot cat, - only in the far south west Caracal, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, and Serval cats.

What government is Zimbabwe?

Government: Semi presidential, parliamentary, consociationalist republic For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

What is Zimbabwe race?

Zimbabwe is predominantly made up of the indegenous Africans, mainly the Shona and Ndebele people, Caucasian and Indian/Asian.

How do you call a Zimbabwe mobile?

The country code for Zimbabwe is +263. Econet mobile numbers are +263 77 (changed from +263 91 in2010) . NetOne mobile numbers are +263 71 (changed from +263 11 in2009). Telecel mobile numbers are +263 73. (The plus sign means "insert yourinternational access prefix here." From a GSM mobile (MORE)

What are the regions of Zimbabwe?

Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East, Manicaland, Masvingo, Midlands, Matebeleland South, Matebeleland North, Bulawayo and Harare Provinces

Where is the Zimbabwe River?

There is no river by that name. But there is the Zambezi river which divides Zimbabwe and Zambia. Its the river that has the famous Victoria Falls and is well known for the Tiger fish in the man-made Kariba dam. The movie 'River white' was shot there because of the treacherous rapids. there is also (MORE)

Why does Zimbabwe have a flag?

Because each country has it's own flag. Therefore since Zimbabwe is a country in the continent of Africa, it has a flag.

Is the mountain in Zimbabwe called mount inyangani or mount nyangani?

The original name is called Chirikuutsi mountain, thats what the locals call it. Meaning mountain with smoke. However before Zimbabwe gained independance the town was called Inyanga, thats where the mountain got its name; mountain Inyangani. Now the town changed the name to Nyanga, then the mountain (MORE)

What is the currancy of Zimbabwe?

The current de facto currency of Zimbabwe is the US dollar. The South African rand, Botswana pula and UK pound are also used under the multi-currency regime.

What was the greatest Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe are the ruins of a stone walled settlement that was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe between about 1220 and 1450 AD.

What do people in Zimbabwe call Santa Claus?

Either Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Most English-speaking people call him Santa Claus but Zimbabwe was colonized by the British who would have brought Christianity with them and the British call him "Father Christmas".

Does Zimbabwe have an election?

Zimbabwe does not do well with elections. -Almost every national election in the past 30 years has been rigged in some manner by Mugabe's henchmen. People are scared off by corrupt national police and 'bully boys'. -International observers have made many protests at election irregularities to no av (MORE)

What is a Zimbabwe?

A zimbabwe, as a common noun, is a prominent cultural ruin, such asone called Great Zimbabwe located inside the country itself.