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Zoe doesnt know why she is so bored. she did nothing Sunday and she wasnt bored now she is at school and really bored. she said she was wearing her PJs all day Sunday and made a chocolate cake it was yummmmm
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Why do you get bored?

People get bored because now-a-days people don't go out, for  example; instead of going out shopping they do it online. Also  because of the credit cards people now have les

How do you get bored?

x#1 Not A Good Answer :you have nothing to do ahaha =]] x#2 Not A Good Answer :nothing can keep your attention very long so you get EXTEMLY bored and go out of your mind!....

Am I boring you?

Answer">Answer Well, no. By using just that question you're actually drawing people in.    Answer">Answer What a paradox. Answer">Answer On the contrary, your question ha

How do you not be boring?

Go out to the movies or get together with friends, go shopping, play pool or something you enjoy, spend time with the family. If your bored and alone at home, call some of you

Are you bored of me?

Well it depends who you are and what you are like. So this question remains unanswered.   very   ----   Your the most boring person I've ever meet. If your a dude c

Can you be bored?

The word bored can mean several things. One meaning of the word  bored is sitting around with nothing to do, or to feel what is  going on is dull and uninteresting.   Ev

What bores you?

WikiAnswers... haha jk :D:D:D This is the strangest thing I've ever heard but... whenever my brain gets bored, I start to get very, very nervous, and I start to shake uncontro

When you are bored what are you?

If you are bored, you just arent using your imagination. If you really think, and be creative, you can easily find something to do. Once you think hard enough, you will realiz

Where do you get bored?

People usually get bored while waiting, for example, waiting in lines, waiting for a phone call, waiting for school to end, etc. And people get bored at school!!But only GEEKS
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I am bored?

go text your friends or play a game to cure your bordem

Why do I get bored?

One reason could be that you are very intelligent and are notgetting enough to do that challenges you. If this is the case youshould be intelligent enough to set your own goal