Why is a drawing pin called a drawing pin?

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Used to hold drawings flat... Because they used to be used in draughting offices to hold plans flat on drawing boards - the wooden boards were resistant to normal pins and the broad top of the drawing pin enabled them to be pushed in without damaging the paper.
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Is a drawing pin well designed?

Yes, it is, and the main reason is pressure. It has a small end, so that there is a more concentrated pressure being applied to whatever you push it in to. There is a big

What is the American word for a drawing pin?

A drawing pin (British English) is known as a thumb tack ora push pin in American English. Other nails for a drawingpin come from the materials that they are made from, su

Why does a drawing pin must have a sharp point?

I think its because the point has a small surface area which makes it easier to press down on. p=F/A pressure=force/area (the area is small, you do not need as much pressure
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How do you separate drawing pins from sugar?

Just use a sieve that the sugar will go through but the pins won't. However I don't think this is the answer Science Quest One is looking for.
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Why are drawing pins called drawing pins?

Back in the good old days, all plans for building, machinery anything that was designed, was done so by drawing it on a large flat board using large pieces of paper. These boa