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Why is a layup in basketball called a crip shot?

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I'm from Chicago, and have heard this term for over 25 years. We called it a crip' when I was young because 'anybody' should be able to make one; even a crippled person. Hence the term crip', and in no way a shot at those persons who are handicapped.
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What is a rainbow shot in basketball?

A rainbow shot in basketball is simply a shot that goes incredibly higher than most, there are also rainbow passes, which are also known as a lolli pass.

What are the types of basketball shot?

Free throws, three pointers, two pointers, alley-oops, reverse-layups, lay ups, Half court shots, full court shots, Fade-aways, Step-Backs, Bank-shots, Hook-shots , and if you

What does layup mean in basketball?

  It's when you run up to the hoop and simply lay the ball in to the rim with on hand while jumping off of one foot

How many steps is considered traveling before a layup in basketball?

Answer 3/28/2011 Technically you are allowed a two-count rhythm associated by how a player receives the ball and the pivot foot is the basis for the counts. Typically the

What do bloods call crips?

The Bloods disrespect Crips by calling them a number of names, such as Crabs, Rickets & C-Monsters, just to name a few.

How do you get high arc on your basketball shot?

  You need to either put the ball in your palm a little bit more so when you snap your wrist, the ball will release higher and farther, or you need to release the ball as

How many points is layup shot?

2 points

What is a layup in basketball?

when someone dribbles up to the net, takes 2 steps and then shoots the ball (usally in the top right corner of the backboard). by a random guy.

What is shot lock in basketball?

Shotloc is a basketball training tool designed to help players of all ages and skill levels learn how to shoot the ball correctly. Shotloc spreads the hand for stability, ke

What is a Set shot in basketball?

  okay let me see if i can help. there are two different shots in basketball the jump shot is were the player jumps to there highest peak then releases the ball usuall
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What is the hardest shot in basketball?

excluding stuff ridiculous shots like 360 no look backwards full court lobs i would say either a step back fadeaway or a floater. of course really deep 3 pointers are impressi