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Why is a pulse called a pulse if it is a heartbeat?

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Pulse is short for pulsations which is the word used to describe the feeling of a heartbeat
the definition for pulsation: the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart.
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Pulse rate related to heartbeat?

Yes, directly related. When the heart beats it pushes blood around the body. You can feel a pulse as the blood moves around the body at a variety of places (the neck, the wr

Pulse related to heartbeat?

yes, your pulse is the rate your blood is going through your body and your blood is pumped by your heart.

How is your pulse different that your heartbeat?

pulse is caused by the dilation and recoiling of your artery as blood gushes through (one sound). heartbeat is closing of the heart valves (2 sounds). The 2 sounds are caused

How is your pulse related to your heartbeat?

A heart beat happens when your heart squeezes an amount of blood out of the left ventricle. This wave of high pressure travels throughout the blood vessel (cardiovascular) s

How does the pulse rate compare to the heartbeat rate?

the pulse rate and the heart rate are mainly the same but only have a small difrance which is that the heart beat is only your heart but the pulse rate is in more places aroun

Differentiate between pulse and heartbeat?

The pulse is what is felt in the arteries each time the heart contracts and pumps out blood. There isn't really any difference between the two words.