Why is a trampoline in your yard a reason for your homeowners insurance company to cancel you?

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Homeowners Insurance and Trampolines
Insurance companies consider trampolines to be an Extreme Risk, People are often injured (sometimes seriously) on them. The claims paid on trampoline related accidents are some of the highest an Insurer can ever encounter. The injuries sustained can be far reaching and last a lifetime. Injuries such as Lifelong Paralysis can require medical care and assisted living expenses that far exceed most policy limits. Insurance companies are writing policies with many stipulations in them due to the high rate of injury claims.

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  • Just two days ago my neighbor put a trampoline up. This neighbor never is out with their young children so any activity that gets them out of the house and out of her way is what they look for. in the first hour of them jumping on this while we were outside playing you heard the youngest a six year old screaming and crying then running in for help twice that we know of. Not only are they a danger but when unobserved with no parental care they are an extreme hazard. I have a family member that is a competitive gymnast trained for years to do these jumps at the gym under a coaches direct supervision. she jumps and trains on a trampoline at the gym, not at home. her parents are wise enough to know that it is something to be used while under supervision and one person at a time. putting a trampoline in their yard is and should become a huge liability to that homeowner.
  • Insurance companies are also worried about uninvited trampoline jumpers. Even if you supervise your children on the trampoline and make sure that they use it properly, neighbors and others may be tempted to use it when you are not around. Trampolines are considered an "attractive nuisance" which means that they tempt people to use them even when they do not have permission to do so. Even though this is trespassing some courts will make awards to the trespassers anyway. It may not even matter that you have signs posted telling everyone to keep off. Some individuals may sue when they get hurt on your trampoline, even if you did not give them permission to use it. This can cost you (or rather your insurance company) thousands, perhaps millions of dollars (hey weirder things have happened!) Even if your win the court case brought against you and you are not found liable for the intruder's injuries your insurance company will have spent thousands defending you. Insurance companies would rather lose your business ($500 premium) than thousands defending a law suit.
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