Why is alcohol and depression medication not good to mix?

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because they are both mood affecting. they can interfere with eachother. e.g one might be trying to make you go up, the other down. and that cant be good.
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Is alcohol a depressant?

Yes, alcohol is a depressant in the sense that it slows your cardiovascular system. It can also be considered a depressant because it relaxes you and reduces the intensity of

What medications should not be mixed with alcohol?

Pretty much all of them, though to greatly varying degrees. There are many medications that can be dangerous and even fatal when taken with alcohol, far too many to enumera

Is it good to mix ecstacy with alcohol?

Mixing alcohol with anything is bad. And you can flood your self, and also dehydrate yourself taking Ecstasy, so any liquids have to be consumed with cation. I would say stay

Can alcohol be safely mixed with depressant drugs?

Alcohol should be avoided when taking any kind of Antidepressant drug. . The effects from the medication may worsen . The effects from the alcohol may increase . You may fe

Can you Mix alcohol and anti-depressants?

Alcohol is a depressant. Anti-depressants are meant to prevent depression. Do you get where we're going, here? Check the bottle and instructions for the medication. If they

Is it good to mix medical alcohol with a drink?

NOOO that's a horrible horrible idea, if you mean like isopropyl alcohol. You will probably die, or get really really sick and then die. Medical alcohol is very different from

Why is it not good to mix prescription pain medication and alcohol?

Alcohol and prescription drugs don't mix. Even the combination of alcohol and over-the-counter medications can lead to severe health problems. If you take prescription painki
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What can occur when you mix alcohol and depressant drugs?

Death, depression, and other serious side effects also minor ones like head aches, stomach aches; but it depends on the drug. I'd ask a doctor, but then again, that's probably
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Can you drink alcohol while taking medication for depression?

Alcohol is a depressant in that it slows the action of the heart, lungs, etc. However, alcohol is usually experienced as a mood enhancer. People commonly confuse the meaning o