Why is an adjective important in a writing?

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adjectives are words that describe. And when u read a paper that is descriptive, it helps you picture the story that ins being read. ex. which can u picture better?

1. She went to a Friends house

2. She happily skipped along the brightly colored paved side walk wile on her way to her best friend's beautiful house.

Big difference hu?
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What is the importance of writing?

Writing helps you express yourself. Writing prepares you for school and employment (both of which in most cases require a lot of it). Writing is how much of the world communicates. If you don't write, you cut yourself off from a large community (including this one, incidentally). Writing ca (MORE)

Why is writing important?

Writing is important because it's communication. We can communicate with others when they're not where you are or at a different time than you are. In other words, writing is communication over time and space. Kind of magical isn't it. I can read a book, a newspaper, or even a personal letter writte (MORE)

Importance of writing?

writing is a very important component of our life.Writing helps us to increase our speed.learn things more faster and in a easy way.We write because we forget things very fast and to keep knowledge with us and to acees it at any time we write.

Why do writing is important?

What is "do writing?" This does not appear to be proper English. If the question were rephrased in proper English, I think we would know how to answer it.

What is the importance of creative writing?

Creative writing is important for many reasons. . Creativity means using your brain, and anything you do to use your brain improves your intelligence and helps you to learn how to think better. . Creative writing is storytelling, and humans have always loved stories. . Creative writing can give (MORE)

When you write an adjective do you place a comma after the adjective?

If a sentence has one adjective, then a comma is not necessary after the adjective. Example: She is a beautiful woman . However, if there is a series of adjectives (coordinate adjectives) modifying the same noun, then a comma (or and) is necessary to separate the adjectives. Example: She is a (MORE)

Why are adjectives important?

Because they help describe things. And help make sentences describing things. For example: Sue had black hair. (sentence with no adjective) Sue had shiny curls of black hair. (sentence with ajective) Adjectives add more meaning to the noun.

How do you write a paragraph without using adjectives?

shopping is an entertainment thing. i like the shopping most yesterday i went on shopping. first i went on sleepers shop i saw slippers and than i went on to the clothes shop. i saw clothes there then i ate foods and i bought some things and came back home. u mad?

What is the write adjective used to compliment a stylish person?

"Stylish" is a very good adjective to use. Here are some others: dapper: "'You are looking rather dapper today' said Lord Kissmybutt to the Duke of Earl. Who is tailor, may I ask?" In African American slang "fly": "Yo, you is lookin' fly today, baby." Trendy: "She is so trendy. I hate her." (MORE)

Why was roman writing important?

To the Romans writing was very important as it was for every literate society. To their posterity, the great poets of Latin literature, such as Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Terence and Martial had a strong influence of European literature until the early 20th century. Cicero was a great of Latin prose writ (MORE)

How do adjectives and adverbs enhance the process of writing and communications?

As we know, adjectives are words that describe nouns whereas adverbs are words that describe actions, or verbs. Adjectives and adverbs enhance the process of writing by allowing the reader to develop a representation of the author's writing in the best way possible. If the author writes a story abou (MORE)

Why is writing important in life?

writing is important to life because if we don't have writing, we don't have anything. we cant do alot of things and it will be very hard on us

Why is writing a summary important?

When you know how to summarize, you know how to find the most important information in what you just read. It's an important skill and will also help you learn how to follow directions by looking for the most important parts.

Why was writing important to the Romans?

Writing was important to the Romans for the same reasons that it is important to us. It was their means of correspondence, both for business purposes and for personal purposes. Record keeping, the rolls of citizenship, tax assessments, accounting matters, the manumission papers of a slave, marriage (MORE)

Why are graphics important in technical writing?

Graphics can be important to technical writing, if the graphics accurately represent the current state of the technology. Too often, the technology morphs and changes, so that the graphics become different from the technology -- this is the danger of using graphics in technical writing.

Why is syntax important in technical writing?

Making sense in technical writing is paramount to success in communicating your information, hypothesis, theories, etc. for the benefit of your reader's comprehension. Without correct syntax, grammar, and word usage your efforts to impart new knowledge to the reader can be seriously impaired. (More (MORE)

What is the importance of reading and writing fluently?

The ability to read and write enables one to communicate with greater effectiveness. Your ideas, thoughts, and dreams can be spread throughout the world. So much of our communication occurs in online mediums that lacking the ability to read and write effectively will cordon you from entire methods o (MORE)

What is the importance of pronouns and adjectives?

The importance is fundamental on all languages' grammar. Using adjectives you can express the quality of any object or person. Without adjectives you couldn't say how any object looks like. Not only pronouns and adjectives are fundamental on grammar, but all elements of syntax are also important.

Why is writing so important to history?

so if they wrote something about a categories like (presidents,landfills,the goverment)we would information about it's we would be able to put it in museum's and stuff like that

Why is presentation important in technical writing?

Technical writing is all about facts. If you write and present the facts in a good way then it's more likely that your reader will understand you. You've only got to look at half the questions on Wikianswers and half the answers as well to see that it's not easy to tell from the question exactly wha (MORE)

Why are sacred writing important to belivers?

To answer that question you need to know: ~~ WHO DECIDES whether something is 'Sacred' or not? Do 'believers' get to decide that? Some 'believers' consider the Bible 'sacred'. Others do not. Or would 'the Writer' decide something is sacred, and then expect the readers to consider it 'sacred (MORE)

How do you write a common and proper adjective sentence?

One common thing that you will find in all writing groups and/or writing classes, is that you will hear people tell you, "Show me, don't tell me." It's your job as the writer of whatever piece you're working on to make the reader feel and see what you are writing. The amount of adjectives and/or des (MORE)

How do you write a paragraph using adjectives?

Example paragraph: An adjective is a word that is used to describe a noun. We can saythat a house is new , a house is old , a house is grand , or a house is shabby . The adjectives provide a clearer picture of the person or thing we are talking about.This is not a long paragraph, but it is a (MORE)

How do you write an explanation on why homework is important?

The reason for doing homework is so that students will have a chance to use the knowledge that they are being taught, hopefully getting some idea of what they may be able to do with that knowledge in the course of their lives. Otherwise, a lecture delivered in school becomes a meaningless sound that (MORE)

How do you write a sentence with an adjective in it?

You write by using descriptive words in the sentence to describe a noun. For an example: The four teenagers were being scared out of the house by the the phantom. Another example: All things Bright and Beautiful

How do you write bicycle as an adjective?

When functioning as an adjective, the noun bicycle does not change, for example a bicycle sale or a bicycle ride. Most uses of bicycle as an adjective have come to be commonly used as compound nouns, for example a bicycle seat, bicycle shorts, a bicycle race, etc.

Is write an adjective?

Write is a verb. If you want to use it as an adjective, you would say written. Verb: I will write a check at the store. Adjective: This is his written account of what happened.

Is writing an adjective?

Not usually. It can, rarely, be used to mean for writing as in "writingimplements" or referring to the study of writing, as in"writing workshops", but these are closer to a noun adjunct than anadjective. The word writing is a verb form, the present participle of the verb(to write) and can be us (MORE)