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Why is an adjective important in a writing?

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adjectives are words that describe. And when u read a paper that is descriptive, it helps you picture the story that ins being read. ex. which can u picture better?

1. She went to a Friends house

2. She happily skipped along the brightly colored paved side walk wile on her way to her best friend's beautiful house.

Big difference hu?
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When you write an adjective do you place a comma after the adjective?

If a sentence has one adjective, then a comma is not necessary after the adjective. Example: She is a beautiful woman . However, if there is a series of adjectives (coord

Why are adjectives important?

Because they help describe things. And help make sentences describing things. For example: Sue had black hair. (sentence with no adjective) Sue had shiny curls of black hair.

Is important an adjective?

Yes. An adjective is any word that modifies a noun or pronoun; this is the function of "important."

What is the adjective for important?

Important is an adjective. The related noun is importance.

What is an adjective for important?

Important is the adjective form. The noun is importance and theadverb form is importantly.

How do you write a paragraph using adjectives?

Example paragraph: An adjective is a word that is used to describe a noun. We can saythat a house is new , a house is old , a house is grand , or a house is shabby . The ad

Is write an adjective?

Write is a verb. If you want to use it as an adjective, you would say written. Verb: I will write a check at the store. Adjective: This is his written account of what

Is writing an adjective?

Not usually. It can, rarely, be used to mean for writing as in "writingimplements" or referring to the study of writing, as in"writing workshops", but these are closer to