Why is austria named austria?

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Firstly in German the country is called "Österreich". At first the country was denoted as "Marchia Orientalis", wich means something like "eastern border".
The first German translation was "Osterrîchi"; a term, which first appeared in the Ostarrîchi Document from 996.
The word"Austria" is a latinization of the German "Österreich".
An other translation of "Marchia Orientalis", was "Ostmark", this name for Austria was used by Nazi Germany
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A derivation of the real name: Oestereich (check spelling), which I would translate as "eastern realm". But east of which country? It lies South East from Germany. Is that

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In 996 Austria's German name was first mentioned in a document in a medieval form: "Ostarrichi" of which Österreich is the modern form that is used nowadays. The word Austr

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