Why is blood sugar an important test?

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This is because you can get gestational diabetes while pregnant. This is where you develop diabetes(i presume it's due to hormones), and if not taken care of, it can lead to the baby being diabetic, where the pancreas doesn't produce any/enough insulin to control the amount of sugar in the blood. This can lead to ketones, which are produced by the body, and basically turn your blood pH weird. I don't know if it's the same with gestational diabetes, but if you're diabetic you're supposed to keep your blood sugar level under 5 for the entire duration of the pregnancy. I'm diabetic, insulin controlled and i can promse you it's not fun.
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Why is sugar important?

sugar is important because it helps to maintain sugar levels with in your body. Sugar has an acidic base.

How does sugar get into blood?

Carbohydrate is broken down to glucose (monosaccharide) it's absorber via facilitated diffusion or secondary active transport into blood stream

What is a blood test?

A blood test is a test that the doctor takes a sample of your blood to test it to see if you have any medical conditions or diseases, etc.

Where can you get a blood test?

It usually depends on what type of blood test you need, but a doctor has to write an order for the test, no matter why type it is. Some tests can be performed in the doctor's office, but others have to be done at a hospital or lab. And others have to be drawn at the doctor's office or lab, and then (MORE)

What is the diagnostic importance of blood testing?

Your blood courses through every single part of your body. Blood testing is a diagnostic tool used due to the fact that if you have poisons, bacteria, viruses, or cancerous cells, they're going to be found in the circulatory system.

Does sugar raise blood sugar?

Talk to any Endocrinologist or other medical person and theywill tell yes sugar does raise blood sugar. But so do other highglycemic foods, even some fruits. Other foods include white pasta,white rice , watermelon and bananas. Go online to check theglycemic index of foods and you will be fine if you (MORE)

What is the importance of blood sugar determination?

Blood sugar normally falls in a range between 80 and 120. Outside of that range indicates that the person has a problem. It could be diabetes, low blood sugar, or some other disease. For a diabetic on insulin, a reading below 80 indicates that they need to eat certain foods to raise their blood suga (MORE)

How accurate are blood sugar testing machines?

The score recommended for your control solution will tell you how accurate it should be. For OneTouch machines their control solution should produce a reading of 5.5-7.5mmol so you know from that you should be within 2mmol of accuracy. But it also depends where you do your tests. I got ranges of be (MORE)

Is haemoglobin test a sugar test?

Not exactly, but it is part of the diabetes tests as it shows whether your diabetes is controlled effectively. Haemoglobin is the red pigment which gives the colour to your blood. It carries oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the red blood cells. Either too much (Polycythemia, Hamochromatosis), too (MORE)

When do you take the blood sugar test during your pregnancy?

The glucose challenge screening test, is usually done during the 24th to the 28th week of pregnancy. If you are at increase risk for gestational diabetes or you start spilling sugar in your route urine sample, the test will be done earlier in the pregnancy as need develops. A prior pregnancy where (MORE)

Will blood sugar effect a test for alcohol?

No. However, insulin shock can be mistaken for intoxication. The question is nearly beside the point, considering that alcohol is one of the last things a diabetic should drink.

Are blood sugars the same as sugars that you eat?

No. They are very different. Normal blood sugar is "regularized" by your pancreas, liver, basically your whole endocrine system. However, what foods you eat that contain carbs and sugars affect your blood sugar. Normal blood sugar is about 80-160, and it does go somewhat higher when you eat, or (MORE)

Why do you test your blood?

Many reasons. Glucose levels, hormone levels, cholesterol, infections, anemia, cancer indicators, kidney function, liver function, & on and on the list goes.

What are blood sugar tests?

Blood sugar tests include several different tests that measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in a person's blood.

Why do you have to have blood sugar?

Sugar is energy ( to be simple ) . Our body needs energy to do any work . The energy is stored in the form of carbohydrates . So naturally there is a certain level of sugar otherwise called glucose present on the blood. When excess glucose is present the condition is called diabetes !

Why is it important to test a baby's blood for the thyroxine level?

Thyroxine is the precursor to active thyroid hormone, which is essential for life. Thyroid hormone also plays an important role in brain development. A child with untreated low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) will develop a condition known as cretinism, which is marked by severe physical and mental (MORE)

How do you test your blood sugar levels?

An HBA1C test can be ordered by your doctor. The most common method, however, is to buy a traditional home blood sugar monitor. They come at a variety of sizes, accuracy and cost.

Can sugar free rise blood sugar?

Yes, sugar free foods can raise blood sugar. It depends if it has more then 5 carbohydrates in then most likely it will raise the blood sugar a bit but if you are not carbohydrate counting then i wouldn't worry too much about it

How much the apparatus for blood sugar test?

In Brazil, I've paid just US$20 for this device, Bayer brand, Breeze model. It's very cheap and easy to use. Read carefully the instructions. You can buy it through e-commerce, or on any drugstore in your city.

What sugar is called blood sugar?

Blood sugar isn't really sugar, but a measure of the amount of glucose bound into a person's blood cells. We use glucose for "fuel" essentially, to power various cellular processes.

Why do sugar foods not test positive for sugar?

Common sugar tests, like Somogyi or Benedict test, focus in a simple reaction, the reduction of a part of the sugar skeleton. Simple sugars, like glucose, have an alpha-avaliable conformation, which lets Somogyi or Benedict reactives interact with the molecule and change it chemically. Some sugar f (MORE)

Why might it be important for a diabetic to lower the blood sugar?

It is beneficial for those who are diagnosed with diabetic to decrease their blood sugar level. This is essentially because high blood sugar level can increase the risks of strokes and even heart attack, which can be life threatening. For more advice on how to control to blood sugar level, it is rec (MORE)

What is involved in a Blood sugar test?

For a postprandial glucose test, you are required to eat 2 hours before a sample of your blood is taken. The results of your postprandial glucose test should be ready in 1-to-2 hours.