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Cookies are unhealthy when eaten too often or too many at a time, because they are high in calories without much protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates or vitamins.
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What are cookies for?

cookies are bad food for you they make you fat never eat cookies because you will go to jail maybe idk lol but if u eat cookies you will have lots and lots of fun with hot sex

Where are cookies from?

The earliest cookie-style are thought to date back to 5th century Persia (now Iran), one of the first countries to cultivate sugar (luxurious cakes and pastries in large and s

Are cookies an unhealthy food?

Cookies r made differently so there is more than one answer. but they do have Banana cookies they r a lil healthy.

What is a cookies?

  A cookie is a warm, delicios, baked treat that sometimes has chocolate chips in it and is stored in a cookie jar.

How you get on cookies?

If you have Windows Vista go to the start menu and type in the "Start Search" bar "temp" because your temporary files are your cookies. If you have Windows XP or XD you go to

What is in a cookie?

  A cookie is made from flour, butter, sugar, egg and often flavourings such as vanilla essence or chocolate.

What do cookies do?

their a satisfying treat that you can share with your friends by the way if you want more questions just ask

When will you get a cookie?

  The cookies can found on loads of website and you can get them if you are going on those sites, those sites are mainly containing animations or videos or email system or

What is cookie and what does it do?

Cookie is somethin u eat lolz... but for computers its data u get from the internet for example: you go online and go to face book and u see photos of stuff... the photos r
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What makes cookies unhealthy?

Cookies are only unhealthy if they are eaten in excess, or if theyreplace other nutritious food. Cookies should be eaten sparingly asdessert or as rare snacks, because they co