Why is copper good for making better pipes and overhead cables?

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It conducts heat and electricity very well. It is good in pipes for keeping the heat in the water.
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How do you join copper pipe to plastic pipe?

With a commpression fitting found at Home Depot With an IPS or FIPS adapter as Compression is not allowed in civilized countries or places that actually have some type of model plumbing code ANS 3 - You can join copper to PEX or other plastics of the same OD with compression fittings including (MORE)

How do you connect a PVC pipe to a copper pipe?

I've seen fittings for that situation in the plumbing section at home depot. Most hardware stores should have those fittings. I would be careful not to heat up the PVC too much if you're soldering to the copper. You could use copperbond epoxy instead of soldering next to the PVC.

Is copper pipe better to use for plumbing than brass?

Red Brass = 85 % copper /15 % zinc Yellow Brass = 60% Copper 40 % Zinc Copper TP is threadless pipe diameter Copper tubing Type K / L/ M So what is tyhe application and working pressure? BEST application would be Brass (RED) and brazed joints with TP fittings I would tend to agree but only if the b (MORE)

How do you join copper pipe to steel pipe?

Depending if you are talking about stainless steel or galvanised steel. Either way, you need to use copper compression fittings, otherwise known as conex fittings in some countries. Also, you need to be aware of galvanic corrosion if you are connecting copper pipes to galvanized steel pipes. The j (MORE)

Can a galvanized pipe be attached to a copper pipe?

Yes, this happens quite often in older houses, copper pipe can be threaded; thus one can join them and there are several fittings that can be utilized. On the other hand, copper tubing (K, L, M, and DWV) can be joined depending on which of the following application method is used: . For coppe (MORE)

Why is copper used for making water tanks and pipes?

It is more mallable, requires less fitting, and uses less fittings. It is not as labor intensive to install. It doesn't corrode as easily as galvanized pipe or iron pipe, but is does corrode for several reasons. Copper is attacked chemically (corroded) by water with low ph, high dissolved oxygen, h (MORE)

Why is copper used to make water pipes?

Copper has several redeeming qualities. It last long, does notrust, and won't grow bacteria. It also does not interact withwater, making it good for pipes.

Difference between overhead cables and under ground cables?

The principle difference between underground and overhead cable is thermal dissipation. With overhead cable, heat can dissipate into the air, and wind can improve the rate of thermal dissipation. On the other hand, overhead cable is exposed to solar gain that will result in some heating. With (MORE)

Why is copper a good metal to use for water pipes?

Copper is better than galvanized steel pipe. -That's about the only good thing I can say about it. Copper is hard to work with, copper is prone to pinhole leaks, you have to make many soldered connections (and I work mostly in wooden houses where a propane torch can be dangerous) Since PEX pipes be (MORE)

Overhead cables are made of almunium not of copper explain?

Much of the newer overhead cables is made of aluminum with steel reinforcing it for strenght purposes. Aluminimum is much cheap, and much lighter, thus it is cheaper to use vs. copper for high voltage transmission, and copper has a lower resistance which means more electricity can get through the wi (MORE)

How do you make cable tv quality better?

In my experience there are a number of things that can affect signal quality. 1. Cable size or gauge - using too small of gauge, especially on runs of more than 50 feet can begin to degrade signal quality. RG-59 is a poor choice and is acceptable only for short runs in good environments and is susce (MORE)

What are Overhead power cables advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages= . The main advantage is that they are easier to repair if damaged (Usually just go up a ladder and do the necessary work) . They are not restricted by the landscape that they are in e.g. you can easily suspend them over a motorway or river . Also they have a less chance of electrocut (MORE)

Galvanised pipe to copper pipe fitting?

You will want to put a length of copper into the fitting and solder it before you put it on the galvanised so that you don't cook out the pipe dope. >>they also could have soldiered on a flange on copper and thread on galvanized pipe.would have been another choice

Why copper cable better than aluminium cable?

Copper cable doesn't conduct as well as Aluminum , but for most applications, Copper doesn't heat up as quickly as Aluminum, and is stronger in tensile strength. Also when using Aluminum cable you need to use an oxide to help conduct as Aluminum will work loose from locks in time.

How do you join copper pipe to copper pipe?

In some applications, copper pipe can be TIG or MIG welded to copper pipe or to fittings. One example might be in antenna construction, but this is not what we usually encounter. Normally we braze or solder copper pipe to other copper pipe. We can also use a number of mechanical connections like (MORE)

How do I install copper piping to pex piping?

The copper should fit in the Pex fitting. My mistake, Pex uses the crimp rings. There is a coupling and other fitting that you just push the pipe into and it grabs and seal the pipe. Pex, pvc, copper, all will fit. Just use a coupling between the copper and the pex. I had my doubts the first time I (MORE)

Why are overhead cables dangerous?

If you are referring to the primary voltage wires that are on top of utility poles the voltage is extremely high as compared to everyday working voltages. Everyday working voltages are dangerous, high voltages even more so. If you inadvertently come into contact with them and you are grounded it cou (MORE)

How do you connect a lead pipe to a copper pipe?

You should not connect a lead pipe to any pipe. Lead is not legal to be used for any pipe anymore. If performing a repair on a waste line lead and copper can be joined by a rubber coupling with steel clamping sleeve. Lead pipe CAN BE USED on acid waste systems and on existing waste, vent. Usi (MORE)

How does copper get turned into a copper pipe?

Modern seamless pipe is extruded. The process starts wit a large cylindrical ingot like a big fat copper washer being forced through a a smaller diameter die to create a smaller diameter but longer tube. This new tube is put through a similar process producing even smaller diameter and longer.tube a (MORE)

Why you use overhead cables not underground cables?

It's cheaper to put wires in the air than underground, generally. The figure I've heard is it is ~10x more expensive to bury (and get an equivalent - buried conductor must be larger for the same ampacity since cooling is negatively impacted) vs. put wires in the air; this will vary depending on volt (MORE)

Why is copper for pipes?

Copper is a strong metal that will never rust. When dealing withwater, this is a must. (Teehee. I rhymed.)

What can copper cable do?

One of the major functions of copper cable is to conduct electricity. It is also quite malleable and can be moulded to many forms. You can also make it very thin for more effective wires.

What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Better Than Copper Cables?

I am not very good at this subject but, I do know that Fibre Opticwires contain glass and it transmits signals by putting a lightsignal through the wire. It is better than copper cables becauseFibre Optics use the speed of light, therefore making it thefastest signal that can ever be invented.