Why is copper good for making better pipes and overhead cables?

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It conducts heat and electricity very well. It is good in pipes for keeping the heat in the water.
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Why is copper used to make water pipes?

Copper has several redeeming qualities. It last long, does notrust, and won't grow bacteria. It also does not interact withwater, making it good for pipes.

Overhead cables are made of almunium not of copper explain?

Much of the newer overhead cables is made of aluminum with steel reinforcing it for strenght purposes. Aluminimum is much cheap, and much lighter, thus it is cheaper to use vs

Why copper cable better than aluminium cable?

Copper cable doesn't conduct as well as Aluminum , but for most applications, Copper doesn't heat up as quickly as Aluminum, and is stronger in tensile strength. Also when usi
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Is it better to use copper for pipes or PVC?

`It is much better to use copper. PVC is much less expensive, and you may be at higher risk for robbery if you use copper, but it lasts longer and is more reliable.

What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Better Than Copper Cables?

I am not very good at this subject but, I do know that Fibre Opticwires contain glass and it transmits signals by putting a lightsignal through the wire. It is better than cop