Why is copper so valuable to people?

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Copper is a mined resource, so the supply of copper is limited to the amount successfully mined and processed. Processing consists of shipping, separating, purifying, and then making it in to a useful shape or form. Once in the marketable form people can purchase it for use. Products like Wire for conducting electricity, pipe for a variety of piping systems, and electronics like motors and transformers are some good examples. when the demand for copper exceeds the supply the prices rise. So to answer your question most people value copper for it's recycling value, but without copper the wires, pipes, and electronics would have to be made with something else which may not be as convnient.
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Are there any valuable copper US pennies and if so what years?

Answer . There are many years that have valuable 1 cent coins. For Lincoln cents, this usually will involve a combination of the year and the mintmark -- a small "D" or "

Is a copper penny of 1983 a valuable coin?

No. All 1983 cents were minted on zinc planchets coated with a thin layer of copper. The last solid copper cents were minted in mid-1982, and there are no reports of any co

Is copper valuable?

It is not a precious metal, but it a marketable metal and the demand for it has increased considerbaly in the last few years.

Are there any valuable copper pennies and if so what years?

Yes there are 1831, 1834 and 1837 in high grades....1837 is quite rare 1841 with a colon after lettering REG on the reverse 1843 1849 1856 1860 over 59 (about 400 struc

Is zinc more valuable than copper?

As of 11th of December 2009, Copper is more valuable than zinc. According to the London Metal Exchange, Copper is worth $6.87 / kg and Zinc $2.29 / kg. Please see related li

Are copper pennies valuable?

For metal content, or melt value, copper pennies (pre-1982) are worth about 2 cents each. As far as collector value, that depends more on specific dates, mint marks, and condi

Why is copper a valuable metal?

Copper is not a precious metal, but demand for copper has remained high for many years. Since supply and demand directly affect price, the price has remained at appropriate le

What is more valuable nickel or copper?

As of March 4th 2011: Lime Nickel is more expensive than Lime Copper by about 3:1 Price of Lime Nickel is $13.1315 Price of Lime Copper is $4.5225

Are there any valuable british copper coins?

Yes. The pure copper rarities are: 1827 pennies (nearly all were shipped to Australia) 1843 pennies 1849 pennies 1856 pennies (with either a PLAIN or ORNAMENTAL trident) 1860
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Is gold more valuable than copper?

The people has to know all the metal that it in the spot market,does not has stable price it's only manipulation and speculationfor the last two decade!!! but have humanity us