Why is copper used in plumbing versus PVC?

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Because it is NON Toxic
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What kind of glue is used in PVC plumbing?

There are many solvent glues that have been specifically formulated for use with different plastic pipes. Depending on the schedule of the piping 40, 80 etc what type of glu

Why is copper used in plumbing?

Copper is easy to use and work with. The minerals in water generally do not build up on copper as easily as on galvanized steel. After WWII copper was relatively cheap and ava

What kind of PVC should you use for plumbing?

did you mean pcv? if you did mean pvc, then it depends if you want to use it for water or for waste. and if for water, how many bars of pressure will be in the pipe and for wa

What kind of PVC should be used for plumbing?

Schedule 40 Foam Core pipe can be used for DWV systems, and Schedule 40 pressure rated pipe (PW) should be used for water lines, and can also be used for DWV. CPVC can also be

Can you use plumbing PVC for electrical wiring?

No you shouldn't. It will fail inspection. Use electrical (grey) conduit. It is about the same price and has the proper electrical insulating properties required. The thicker

Can you use PVC pipe for propane plumbing?

NO !!!! Must be Galvanized pipe with threaded fittings or Copper piping with flare fittings. If there ever was a fire, the PVC pipe would burn & burst allowing the propane gas

Why is copper used in domestic plumbing?

copper has a natural antimicrobial property to it preventing bacterial growth. Also Copper pipe will not build up corrosion & choke off water flow as Steel pipe will. Copper P

Why is copper plumbing used in homes but not aluminum plumbing?

Copper is the metal used for plumbing in houses, there are manyreasons behind it 1. Copper is the main metal for electrical wiring compare withaluminium. 2. Copper is an excel