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All data is stored in a computer as 0s and 1s. In order to make this more efficient, certain sets of bits can mean different things depending on what the data type is. Some languages, such as Java, make sure the programmer doesn't confuse these types and mess up the data. However, other languages allow you to do things like multiply a string and an array. If you don't pay careful attention to data types, you can easily end up with useless data.
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What are the data types?

According to Wikipedia, "In computer science and computer programming, a data type or simply type is a classification identifying one of various types of data, such as real-valued, integer or Boolean, that determines the possible values for that type; the operations that can be done on values (MORE)

What type is data?

There Are Two main types of data. Qualitative data are expressed As numbers, obtained by counting or measuring. Another type of data is called an inference.An inference is a logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.

What is a data type?

Data type, or more commonly datatype as it related to database management systems is the phyisical format by which the data in a database managment is stored on the computers harddrive. The datatypes are database specific. In general, you need to have the same datatype to be able to compare, sort, a (MORE)

Can a data type be called a data structure?

Yes, they can be used interchangeably, but they usually mean separate things. A type of data is something like an integer, or string. While a data structure usually refers to a linked list or tree of integers or strings.

Why is high quality data important?

High quality data is important because without good data, acomputer knows nothing. The computer only knows what is put intoit, so if something is bad going in it will come out bad.

About data type?

There are three types of data as followed in the corresponding order in their hierarchy: . Interval data . Values are real numbers . all calculations are valid . can be treated as ordinal or nominal . Ordinal data . Values must be represent the ranked order or the data . calculations base (MORE)

Type of data?

data can be represented in different ways such as in data communicatoin numbers images audio video etc

What are the Different types of data type?

Java Data TypesJava is a powerful language that gives us options to have data in different forms. We have several data types that we can use for our needs. The basic data types that java offers us are termed as Primitive Data Types. Though all programming languages have varied data types java offers (MORE)

What is the importance of data in decision making?

The importance of data in decision making is to make sure the decision you are making or about to make, is the correct one. If you have studies going on what will have a best outcome with each set decision, and there is data shown that the set solutions are not good solutions, then you have a decisi (MORE)

What are the types of data type?

Character or small integer . Short Integer . Integer . Long integer . Boolean . Floating point numbers . Double precision floating point number . Long double precision floating point number . Wide character To get a better idea on C++ data types, see related links below.

What is logical data independence and why is it important?

Logical data independence refers to the key feature of databasemanagement system that helps maintain data integrity and theoverall effectiveness of the data usage. It is very important as itallows for the modification of the conceptual schema withoutdisturbing the external schema.

Type of data structure for storing data?

It depends on what kind of data. If you want to store integer numbers use short , int , long . If you have numbers with decimal point use float , and double . If you want to store characters use char . And in case if you want to store text use char * or char mytext[], and of course string (MORE)

Why do you think it is important to have a variety of different data types for integer and floating-point numbers?

To balance needs of space and accuracy. For a start, having a separate data type for integer is necessary for accuracy - if, for example, you add and subtract lots of numbers with floating-point numbers, you will get accumulated errors. On the other hand, and especially when using sets of many numbe (MORE)

Difference between Data Type and Abstract Data Type?

A data type tends to mean a primitive data type. Primitive data are built-in data types, such as integers, characters and Booleans. They are basic constructs of the language (that is, they are built into the language). Primitive data also tends to be of a strict data type, meaning you can't treat (MORE)

Which is a type of data?

There are several different types of data. Some include qualitativeand quantitative. Qualitative is data that is not numeric andquantitative data is numerical.

The differences beween a data type and primitive data type?

A primitive type is, in a way, built-in, in the language. This often includes different kinds of numbers, strings, and in some languages, dates and boolean. The other data type, other than primitive, is a compound, or user-defined, data type. For example, some languages allow the programmer to defin (MORE)

What are the different types of data types?

Types of data types : . Primitive data type . User-defined data type . Derived Data type Primitive data type: int,char,float,double,void User-Defined data type: class,enumeration,structure,union Derived Data type: Arrays,Functions,Pointers.

Why protocol is important in data communication?

A protocol is a set of rules describing some behavior. In order to communicate in a common manner, the sender and receiver have to agree on the "language" of communication. A protocol states what those rules are, and because they are a standard, everyone agrees and knows what to expect.

Why is accurate data important?

The level of importance and the level of accuracy needed necessarily depends on exactly what data you are talking about and what conclusions you are trying to reach. If you are performing analysis on database and your data is not accurate, you run two main risks, one on a computational level, and t (MORE)

Why is population data important to a country?

It alerts the government to changes needed in the country. e.g. If a census indicates an increase in the number of elderlypeople and a decrease in the number of young people then thegovernment knows to cut resources to the education sector for theyouth and spend the money on help for the elderly suc (MORE)

What is data and why is it important in a scientific experiment?

Keep in mind that the word "Datum" is singular and the word "Data" is plural, although apparently there is debate over the usage and whether Data refers to a singular data set. Data refers to the values or information that is collected in an experiment which will either support or fail to support (MORE)

Why is it important to use the correct data type?

It is important to use the correct data type so you dont get confused and makes it easier for the system to Calculate numbers, and when text is text. For example Windows Excel wouldnt be able to calculate the data if it wasnt for using the correct data type

Why is Soil Data Important to Scientists?

we use soil data to answer a very wide range of questions - from the obvious ones such as "which crops grow best where?" to more specific ones, such as "if we put this type of pesticide on this field, where will it end up? The river, the aquifer, or will it degrade in the soil?"

Why data type is important?

Data type is important because data type specify the type of information that any variable 0r column can hold. It also specify the type of operations on those variables or columns

Is abstract data type a structured data type?

Abstract is not a datatype but a modifier. Abstract can be used in 2 places: Methods: If a method is termed abstract it means that the current class does not provide an implementation for this method and the first concrete subclass will do the same. Classes: Any class that has one or more abstract (MORE)

Data type in data base?

In different languages we have different datatypes . Like in c++ we have int for integers , string for strings . In database we have datatypes, number for storing integer and varchar2 for storing string or characters. Like in languages like c we have datatypes such as char for characters , int for (MORE)

What is the importance of data dictionary in DBMS?

A data dictionary contains a list of all files in the database, the number of records in each file, and the names and types of each field. Data dictionaries do not contain any actual data from the database, only bookkeeping information for managing it. Without a data dictionary, however, a database (MORE)

How important is backing up data?

Backing up data on your computer is crucial because if yourcomputer or device breaks it probably means that your work or dataon that computer will be lost and will have to be refreshed. Alsoas it was common a few years ago people hacking into computersystems or your personal area means that your wor (MORE)

Why is personal data important in a resume?

So the manager and the people who work there get to know you better or have an idea of who you are. So if you are cheerful and always have an positive attitude, you are most likely to get hired, you get what i mean?

What is some important data about Jupiter?

Jupiter has a big red spot. It is not just any old spot though, it is some kind of on-going tornado. If you head directly to it & reach Jupiter's atmosphere, you will be sucked into the dot (or tornado) and probably die...

Can you import data from the web to excel?

There are lots of ways of doing it and some websites give you special ways to do it so as to keep dynamic data up to date, such as changing share prices. It really depends on what it is you are trying to import and where it is coming from. There are lots of ways of doing it and some websites give y (MORE)

Why is it important to backup data regularly?

One should backup data on a regular basis as a catastrophic failure of your primary storage medium could occur. In most computer systems, data is stored on a hard disk drive (HDD). Due to the mechanical stress endured by the HDD, the read head could scratch the surface of the sensitive platters, cau (MORE)

What does data type mean in data base?

A data type is, well, the type of data. The most common types are strings (text with spaces, punctuation, etc), integers (whole numbers within a certain range, depending on the specific type), and decimal numbers (1.7). Depending on the database software, there will be many other types.

Why are data structures important?

Data structures are important because they allow us to aggregatedifferent data types and treat them as a single entity. Forinstance, if we have separate variables such as first name, lastname and age to represent a person, embedding them into a datastructure means we can handle multiple people much (MORE)

Why is it important to select the proper field size for a field whose data type is number?

Because you want the field to be large enough to store the data. Also, you may not want to have it too large if you know values are going to be in a small range. If you allocate a large amount of space, that will be used by each record, even when actual values are small, so it is more efficient to u (MORE)

What types of data does meta data refer to?

Meta data refers to data about data.For example a webpage may contain data about the way it has been constructed, the language used, the tools used to create it.This information allows a web browser to make better use of the site but may not be of actual use to the intended audience.

Which data type can store any data?

There is no such data type. However, when we use user-defined data types of our own type, then that type of data can be stored in a variable. So as a term, you may say that user-defined data type can store any data. As the data-type used in any variable will be depending upon us.

Offsite data refers to what type of data?

Offsite data is sending data to a critical main location. Data is normally transported using storage media such as magnetic tips and optical storage. Many companies choose to store data with third parties.

Why is data model important?

Data modelling performs much the same task as general and detaildesign in programming. It lays out the relationships between tablesin a relational database as well as the major elements of thetables (elements, foreign keys, etc.)