Why is fennel seed good for the skin?

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beacuse it is tasty
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What flavor does fennel seed have?

Fennel tastes like licorice or anise seed. It is a really nice plant. However, the plant looks just like poison hemlock so be careful if you harvest the seeds yourself.

Is the skin of the pumpkin seed good for you?

You have to bake the pumpkin seeds once they have been scooped out of the pumpkin. They need to be dried first and can be seasoned with various things like cinnamon or salt. T

Is fennel seed saunf good for health?

Fennel Seed known to relieve digestion.This excellent mouth refresher can simply be chewed to get the most of its benefits, its freshening taste can also be used to make fenne

Do fennel seeds have a drug rating?

Fennel is an herb native to southern Europe and Asia Minor. It is cultivated there, and in the US, Great Britain, and temperate areas of Eurasia. All parts of the plant are ar