Why is fiberglass used as insulation?

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Fiberglass Insulation Glass fiber is used to make insulating materials primarily because in the proper form it will trap air and reduce its circulation, AND because the glass fibres are non-combustible [fireproof].
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Why is fiberglass a good insulator?

A: Glass is a very good insulator and fiber glass are just fibers of glass. VERY dangerous if inhaled because of it.

When should fiberglass insulation be replaced?

don't replace it. fiberglass will compress a little over time and lose some of its insulative function but shouldn't have to be replaced because it is still working just not a

What should be used to cover basement ceiling exposed fiberglass insulation?

\nThere are a few things. If you can get 4x8 Hardibacker, that would be best. 3x5 Hardibacker would be second-best, just because of the extra seams you'll have to put in it. M