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Why is fox a difficult animal to catch?

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Because it is fast and ninja like, very stealthy, hardly makes a sound!
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Is the fennec fox a domestic animal?

  No, it is not a domesticated animal.

How do red foxes catch prey?

Most likely, they'll first smell the prey. Then they will sneak up behind it and pounce and catch the prey.

How does a fox catch its prey?

they use there teeth The fox catches its prey by sneaking up to its prey and grabs it prey and devours the prey

How was the fox able to catch Chanticleer?

The Fox was able to catch Chanticleer by flattering his singing and asking to hear a song. As Chanticleer begins to sing with his eyes closed, the fox seizes him in his jaws a

What animals eat fennec foxes?

Fennec Foxes are eaten by the African Eagle Owl and any other  mammal that is bigger than it.

Do foxes catch rabbits?

Yes, rabbits are part of a foxes diet. Foxes have been known to kill pet rabbits as well.

Is aids difficult to catch why?

The HIV/AIDS virus is hard to get if you follow certain procedures. This is because aids is transmitted through contact with body fluids such as blood or sperm, and is not air