Why is fox a difficult animal to catch?

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Because it is fast and ninja like, very stealthy, hardly makes a sound!
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Do foxes catch rabbits?

Yes, rabbits are part of a foxes diet. Foxes have been known to kill pet rabbits as well.

How does the fox catch chanticleer?

The fox is able to catch the chanticleer by flattering him andasking to hear his singing. The fox appeals to the vanity of thechanticleer.

Why were dinosaurs difficult to catch?

They were quick and nimble (well, some of them such as Velociraptor . If you were not nimble, you would immediately be eaten by animals such as Tyrannosaurus Rex or Alber

Is aids difficult to catch why?

The HIV/AIDS virus is hard to get if you follow certain procedures. This is because aids is transmitted through contact with body fluids such as blood or sperm, and is not air
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Can you catch a fox then keep it?

I'm sorry but you can not keep a fox you caught in the wild. It isillegal. There are some people who breed foxes who you can buy apet fox from, however.