Why is heartburn called heartburn?

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Because it feel like there's a burning sensation where your heart is. But in reality it is because your esophagus, aka the tube that acid backs up into, is located in the same general area as your heart.
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What is heartburn?

Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in the chest. It is often associated with stomach acid in the esophagus. The pain can radiate to surrounding areas. You can take an antacid tablet to stop it but a liquid antacid works much faster.

How do you get heartburn?

Answer . Concentrated Hydrochloric acid is produced by the stomach to aid digestion and eliminate bacteria and fungi. There is a valve, the cardiac sphincter, that keeps the contents of the stomach from coming back up toward the mouth. If this valve malfunctions, the acidic content of the stomac (MORE)

How is heartburn treated?

Heartburn treatment . Heartburn is caused by excess stomach acids.. There are many things you can do to treat heartburn or even cure it. Most people get heartburn and they take an antiacid which provides some instant type of relief but in reality heartburn medications don't cure, they just mask (MORE)

Heartburn then vomiting?

Vomiting can happen in extreme cases after experiencing heartburnif the symptom persists and it goes all the way up the esophagus,neck and mouth. This is when the symptom persists because we areeither not doing anything about it, or we have a lot of stomachacid escaped from the stomach. What I would (MORE)

What causes heartburn?

Community Answer 1 Concentrated Hydrochloric acid is produced by the stomach to aiddigestion and eliminate bacteria and fungi. There is a valve, thecardiac sphincter, that keeps the contents of the stomach fromcoming back up toward the mouth. If this valve malfunctions, theacidic content of the st (MORE)

Do you get heartburn when pregnant?

yes you do, second most common symptom after morning sickness, I am only 6 weeks pregnant and suffer chronic heartburn particularly at night. You can look at diet ect ect but i would advise if persistent and uncomfortable speak to a doctor/pharmacist about what u can take.

What is a heartburn?

heartburn is a sore feeling of the esophagus which causes stomach.but there is a cure for these symptoms called "heartburn no more"by jeff martins visit this link--->http://tinyurl.com/llgqv87

Why do you have heartburn?

Heartburn is caused by eating too much, eating the wrong things orplacing your body in the wrong position after/during eating. Someof the wrong things to eat are fatty and fried foods, chocolate,sometimes citrus juices, but it's really up to the specific person.People can also get it when they eat t (MORE)

What triggers heartburn?

Heart burn doesn't actually involve your heart but your throat. it can be caused by many things, like eating acidy/spicy foods or from acid reflux disease. what it is is when your stomach acid "leaks" out of you stomach and into your throat and your throat isn't protected from that so the acid burns (MORE)

How did heartburn get its name?

In reflux oesophagitis you in fact get the severe burning pain in the chest behind the sternum. So the name 'Heart burn' is there.

What are facts about the heartburn?

listen up 2 things i know about the heartburn thingy whatever it affects the ugly digestive system And it has NOTHING to do about the freakin' heart Okay theres your REASONS

A cure for heartburn?

a decent way is to take a spoonful of apple cider vingear it can help some, but the best way is to use Calcium Bentonite, it is a desert healing powder that can remove heartburn before you rinse the glass and put it in the dishwasher, there are many sources but most are processed and not very pure s (MORE)

How do you get rid of Heartburn?

Take antacids, sleep on left side when heartburn occurs, avoid spicy foods, soda, greasy foods, eat healthier if problem persists see a doc

What causes heartburns?

chocolate and sertin food can course heartburn. i get it regually i just buy a packet of rennies (they work fantasic) or just sip on some cold/warmish water while sitting or standing cus then it can get to the problem a bit better. maybe write down a eating dairy then you will know what cour (MORE)

Causes of heartburn?

There are several causes of heartburn, most of them related to lifestyle and habits .. The main causes are: . - Eating Large meals (especially before going to sleep).. - Fried and fatty foods. - Alcohol and drinks contains caffeine.. - Chocolate. - Obesity. - Smoking .

What are the characteristics of heartburn?

Heartburn is also known as pyrosis and acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest just behind the breastbone or in the epigastrium. Heartburn is usually associated with regurgitation of gastric acid(gastric reflux) which is the major symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD). (MORE)

Can kids get heartburn?

Certainly. It is not something that just occurs in adults. If you feel this is happening to you (if you are the child) or to your child (if you are the parent) then take your child to the doctor and they can prescribe a safe medication that will help with this. If it is just occasional heart burn th (MORE)

What are heartburn symptoms?

These are heartburn Symptoms: A - Shortness of breath B - Upper abdominal heaviness or fullness C - Bloating D - Nausea E - Indigestion F - Sour taste in the mouth (especially in the throat) G - Growling stomach OMG i have my first case of heartburn and let me tell you IT SUCKS!!!!!

Where does heartburn occur?

Heartburn occurs within the esophagus and stomach. Stomach acidtravels up the esophagus causing a burning feeling in the throatand chest.

Where does heartburn start?

Heartburn process starts from your stomach "back up" into theesophagus It's called the lower esophageal sphincter and it'slocated between your stomach and your esophagus.

How can you stop your heartburn?

a decent way is to take a spoonful of apple cider vingear it can help some, but the best way is to use Calcium Bentonite, it is a desert healing powder that can remove heartburn before you rinse the glass and put it in the dishwasher, there are many sources but most are processed and not very pure s (MORE)

Why is it called heartburn?

It's called heartburn because the burning sensation is in the general area of the heart. It feels like your heart is burning!

What is a remedy for heartburn?

baking soda and water In your local chemist or supermarket they will have Rennies. These are small white tablets which you chew. They come in peppermint flavour or spearmint flavour.

What are the symtoms of heartburn?

The symtoms of heartburn are.... A burning sensation in the chest This burning sensation usually starts behind the breastbone (the sternum), and may travel up to the throat. It usually occurs shortly after eating, and can last from a few minutes to several hours. A burning feeling in the throat (MORE)

What are the signs of heartburn?

The signs of heartburn are: when you have pains in your chest and it hurts to swallow or when a nerve is being pushed by part of your spine, this can cause changes in your body such as heartburn.

How do you avoid heartburn?

First have it evaluated by a doctor to make sure that is all that it is. Frequent irritation of the esophagus can trigger other problems- see your doctor. Secondly, you can take antiacids, over the counter medications like prilosec, or after an official diagnosis contact the doctor for a prescriptio (MORE)

What can people do about heartburn?

Suffering from heartburn myself for many years, I eventually stumbled on a cure for myself when I took up Herbalife. Now I'm not sure whether it was just luck or some of the ingredients in this product, but it worked for me. I even quit Herbalife and the heartburn didn't come back. Not I am not a (MORE)

What cures heartburn?

- Anti-acidic foods, such as Apple Juice, Veg and Lots of water. Alcohol is BAD for it also. Alka Seltzer.

Is heartburn an acid?

Heart burn is a condition when the hydrochloric acid in your stomach riles up and starts splashing around, sometimes splashing a little outside of your stomach. The hydorchloric acid in your gastric juices irritates your throat linings, causing that uncomfortable sensation. Another example is when (MORE)

Can heartburn be prevented?

Due to the risk of GERD, Barrett's syndrome, and esophageal cancer, prevention of heartburn is very important. Heartburn usually is preventable with dietary and lifestyle changes.

How is heartburn diagnosed?

Heartburn usually is diagnosed by patient histories, symptoms, and clinical assessments. Additional procedures may be used to confirm the diagnosis

What does heartburn do?

Heartburn occurs when digestive juices from the stomach move back up into the esophagus, the tube connecting the throat to the stomach. A bit more: As to what heartburn actually does, it can cause irritation, and even corrosion of the stomach and esophagus. If you have frequent heartburn, or if (MORE)

How can you reduce heartburn?

It depends on what is causing the stomach acid reflux problem. Lose a few pounds of weight. Reduce the amount of food you eat. Most people in western countrieseat too much. If you eat less food, your stomach generates lessacid to re-flux. Remove certain foods from your diet: different people are a (MORE)

What age do you get heartburn?

There is not a set age where you get heartburn. It can happen at any time. You can get it at any age, however it is generally most apparent in adults ages 35 and up.

What do you do for heartburn?

Antacids, such as Tums, will provide quick relief of heartburn. There are also many natural ways to end heartburn pain. Milk, over-ripe bananas or chewing gum to name a few.

Cures for heartburn?

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the middle of the chest causedby acidity. For preventing these heartburns you can take treatmentthrough home natural remedies, medicines like "Acidgone" with yourdoctor's approval.

Do zebras get heartburn?

No. Never. They do not need stomach acid, which is there to aid in the digestion of meat. Zebras do not eat meat.

What does antacids do when you have heartburn?

Antacids are things you can take to relieve heartburn by a simplechemical interaction. Things that are considered antacids have ahigh pH and heartburn is caused by stomach acids that have a lowpH, so the antacids balance out, or buffer, the acids so they arenot as active and that relieves your sympt (MORE)

Is indigestion sometimes called heartburn?

Not necessarily. Heart burn is one specific form of indigestion. Itis caused by acids coming up from the stomach and causing pain uptowards the throat. There are other forms of indigestion too. Not necessarily. Heart burn is one specific form of indigestion. Itis caused by acids coming up from the (MORE)

What causes heartburn-?

Heartburn is the result od acid reflux or the condition caused whenstomach acids flow back up into the esophagus which is the tubethat food slides through on its way to the stomach. The body produces very powerful acids which are designed to breakdown the nutrients in food so that the body can abso (MORE)

What heartburn is?

Heartburn is sensation feels in the chest when acid regurgitationinto the oesophagus. In order to prevent this there are manyremedies available , you can try natural medicine like" spoonful ofsodium bicarbonate, or teaspoon-full to be exact in water, 1/2 cupaloe vera juice, or even use readily avail (MORE)

How can heartburn be relieved?

Unlike another disease there are many ways to getting cure fromthis heartburn in Medical Science. From all Treatment by using Homebased natural remedy is best as in this way there no risk on Healthcompares to other treatments. So before going for any treatment youshould try some home remedy like An (MORE)