Why is hose collapsing and car running hot in a 2002 sebring coupe?

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If this is on a 2.7 litre engine, probably the cooling system needs to be bled. Other causes could be the thermostat, but they are very relieable. Even though the cooling system reserviour shows full, the cooling system might just need to be bled properly. Has the engine had a cooling system failure. Blown hose or leaky radiator Most common for this failure on the 2.7l engine is low coolant level. The heater core supply lines and temperature sensor sit as high as the top of the engine and when the cooling system gets low on coolant, the first thing noticed in cooler weather when you turn on the heater is no heat coming from the heater. You may also notice the temperature gauge fluctuation(moving up and down), or below normal to normal temperatures. This is all caused from low coolant level. Fill coolant tank, then properly bleed the cooling system. You can bleed the cooling system by placing a clear plastic hose on the coolant bleeder valve at the top of the engine, just left of the intake manifold. Next to it is the engine coolant temperature sensor. Place the other end of the hose in a clear container, open the valve counterclockwise and monitor the coolant flow through the tube. When the bubbles stop and coolant is clear, your system is clear of all air and full of coolant. You may need to redo this two or more times after driving a while.
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Why is your car is running hot and leaking water?

Answer It's running hot because it is leaking coolant. Find where it is leaking and repair. If it is leaking at the water pump, replace the pump.\n\n Answer You may have a problem with the cylinder head gasket. If you have an empty radiator and it all goes out of the exhaust, the problem will be (MORE)

Why does my 1994 coupe with a VIN P engine run hot at idle?

What is "Hot at idle?" Anyway, if the cooling fan IS functioning and she's still runiing on the high end of the scale, you can get a new part that fits between the wiring harness to the fan to let the fan kick on at a lower temperature. The kit comes with a new sending unit as well. It's not too exp (MORE)

Warning light on 2002 sebring car show an engine?

It is your "check engine" light. It is telling you that something is wrong with the engine or engine controls. It could be minor or major. You will need to get the "codes" read to find out the problem.\n. \n Answer \n. \nUse a code scanner to find out what is wrong.

Why would a car get hot if you have checked all hoses and the radiator?

Car gets hot and hoses/radiator are good . Check the fan. If you have an electric fan, verify it comes on when the car is at operating temp. If you have a 'clutch' fan you can verify it's working by starting the car and listening for the fan to change pitch or 'roar' when it warms up. This can b (MORE)

What makes a car stop running hot?

Answer . \nreplace the radiator.. Damage Head Gasket . There are a lots of cause why a car stop and running hot. First, your car might have damage head gasket. Second, it might have a worned thermostat and you might need to replace the water pump.

What needs replaced on a 2002 volkswagen jetta if the car runs hot but doesn't over heat?

The cap to the expansion tank (or a radiator cap) may need to be replaced. These go bad and allow the temperature to slowly start rising. Or maybe your existing cap is loose---try tightening it.\n. \n Answer \n. \nRadiator or water pump. Check your maintenance schedule and see if you are du (MORE)

You changed the thermostat in your 2002 Chrysler sebring why does it still runs hot and the oil light comes on?

One possible solution would be that you didn't bleed all the air from the cooling system after replacing the thermostat. The coolant temperature switch is located next to the air bleed valve for the cooling system at the top of the engine. When the cooling system gets air locked(not bled)there is no (MORE)

Why does Radiator run hot in 2002 Cavalier?

Answer . \n1. Check coolant level\n. \n2. Check to see if you have heat in the cabin\n. \n3. Feel the hoses and see if you feel any coolant passing thru them. Be careful the hoses can be hot.\n. \n4. Your thermostat may be stuck not allowing coolant to circulate\n. \n5. Your water pump (MORE)

Why is your car running hot?

My lumina, 1999, 121,000 miles, keeps running hot, even after a new thermostat and a new water pump? This could indicate a cracked head , or a blown head gasket. The superheated exhaust is entering the coolant chamber, and superheating the coolant. Check the oil for antifreeze, and the antifreeze (MORE)

What would cause a car to run hot?

Lack of coolant. Blocked radiator. Air lock in cooling system. Water pump failiure. Drive belt failiure. Faulty thermostat. Weak fuel mixture. Over advanced ignition timing. Faulty pressure cap onm coolant tank. cooling fans not working properly

Why did my Upper rad hose collapse?

Answer . I can think of Three things, 1. Thremostat stuck open. 2. Poor quality radiator hose or the spring inside is bent or missing. 3. Low water level in radiator. Good Luck

Why does your car run hot?

9 times out of 10 its low on antifreeze/coolant. either from leaking internally or externally. could be a weak or bad water pump clogged radiator or any of hundreds of other causes for overheating

Car runs hot?

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening? Water pump not circulating coolant? Plugged or restricted radiator? Defective radiator cap? System air bound? Cooling fan not working?

Why does Car runs hot when air conditioner on?

The ac unit is a tax on the engine to run. This is true with all vehicles. Having the ac on will make the engine work harder to run the ac compressor. This makes the engine run hotter.

What would cause your car to run hot?

There could be many reasons for this, thermostat bad or weak, cooling fluid low, weak water pump, fan not operating properly, radiator hose weak, plugged radiator.

What makes a car run hot?

The radiator is not radiating. For whatever reason, the heat is not being removed from the engine. In a normally functioning water-cooled engine the water pump circulates cool water from the radiator to the engine where it travels through the water jacket picking up heat as it goes. The water exi (MORE)

How hot is a car engine when it runs?

Try 175 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the temperature rating of your thermostat. Although there are certain internal areas that experience significantly higher temperatures the combustion chambers are around 3600 degrees Fahrenheit

Why car wont start after running hot?

Any time a vehicle runs "hot", that in itself is a huge issue. Thevehicle may-- or may not--- restart once it cools off. However,excessive heat in an engine means (A) something bad already existsand (B) the longer the engine runs while excessively hot, the moredamage is being done! Never ever run or (MORE)

Why Top radiator hose collapses?

In a closed cooling system, as the radiator fluid cools after shutting off the engine, the fluid contracts creating a vacuum in the colling system. This vacuum sucks fluid from the overflow tank via the radiator cap so as to keep the radiator full even when the engine is off. If the radiator cap's i (MORE)

What can make a car run hot?

It could be manythings:. clogged radiator- coolant flow or air thourgh it. low coolant level - straight anti freeze in the summer. thermostat stuck closed. fan clutch went bad. electric fan inop. faulty motor, blow fuse, relay or a short. have seen a clogged catalytic converter cause it due to (MORE)

How do you know if your car is running hot?

The temperature guage, however, since you have a Buick, you more than likely dont have one. The issue with this is once the Temp warning light turns on, it might just be to late. You can buy a program like HP Tuners, install it into your laptop, and get the connector cable, and you can monitor your (MORE)

Do car hoses get soft when the car is hot?

1) Rubber will soften when heated, so yes, BUT... 2) the cooling system on a car is a pressurized environment - so the hoses should actually be firm due to the internal pressure.

Why does your car run hot all the time?

Bad thermostat, bad fan clutch, low on coolant, plugged radiator, restricted air flow thru radiator, missing shroud, water pump impeller damaged, to name a few.

Does a car engine get hot when it runs?

An engine of a car burns gasoline inside the piston chambers. This makes the temperature to be hot when running. The radiator fluid that cools the engine becomes hot also, where a fan and air entering the front of the radiator cools the fluid several degrees lower to mantain the temperature in an sp (MORE)

What can cause a car to run hot?

There are several different things that can cause a car to run hot. It is easier ti narrow down the likely cause by knowing a little more about the problem. Does the car when cold on start up immiediatly start to warm up and get hot as you drive and not cool back down. most likely thermostat is stuc (MORE)

Why is my car running hot?

Because there is a failure of the engine cooling system (water-pump failure, integrity failure (head-gasket leak), fan failure, radiator clogged, etc.)

How do you know when car is running hot?

The easiest way to find out is to look at the temperature gauge. Typically, if it's running over halfway, then it's "running hot". Also, look for steam rising from beneath the hood. If your car is overheating, pull over and shut it off IMMEDIATELY. Take extra care when opening the hood, as the st (MORE)

Will bad vauum hoses keep a car from running?

If it is a bad leak it will keep it fron idleing. While the engine is running you can spray some carb cleaner over the vacuum lines including intake gaskets when the engine changes sound or dies you have found the leak.

How hot is a running car engine?

Depends on which part. The exhust manifold can be glowing red, while the most of the engine should be slightly below the boiling point of water.

What make your car run hot?

All sorts of thing can.. Low oil, low coolant, blocked radiator, stuck thermostat, running too lean on fuel... If it just suddenly started to do it and the levels are ok then check the thermostat.

Why is your car running hot not for the normal reasons?

Low coolant level? Thermostat not opening? Radiator plugged? Defective radiator cap? Water pump not circulating coolant? System airbound? Collapsed radiator hose? Timing not adjusted properly (too far advanced)? Head gasket? Gauge not working properly? Temperature sending unit?

What causes the vacuum hose to collapse while engine is running?

The pressure inside the vacuum hose is lower than the pressure outside the hose. If the hose is old and weakened, it'll fold up on itself. If the pressure difference is bigger than the hose is expected to be able to deal with(by some other reason) the hose will collapse too. If someone has replaced (MORE)

Does a car run hot from lack of antifreeze?

No, or more accurately very unlikely, most antifreeze would also act to some degree as a coolant which is supposed to make water better at cooling your engine. Having said this the vast majority of cars should run at a good temperature on plain water so long as you keep it topped up and it is at pre (MORE)

Does a car need the heater hose to run?

Kinda-sorta. Most cars, the heater is part of the cooling system. If you pullthe heater hose off you're left with a hole that'll drain thecoolant out. If for some reason you want to run a car w/o theheater hose or the heater, you need to make sure that the coolantstill can circulate as it's expected (MORE)

Why engine of a running car is hot?

A car engine works by burning a fuel and air mixture releasing heatinto the engine making it hot. The workings of the engine alsoinvolves friction which creates additional heat.