Why is hose collapsing and car running hot in a 2002 sebring coupe?

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If this is on a 2.7 litre engine, probably the cooling system needs to be bled. Other causes could be the thermostat, but they are very relieable. Even though the cooling system reserviour shows full, the cooling system might just need to be bled properly. Has the engine had a cooling system failure. Blown hose or leaky radiator Most common for this failure on the 2.7l engine is low coolant level. The heater core supply lines and temperature sensor sit as high as the top of the engine and when the cooling system gets low on coolant, the first thing noticed in cooler weather when you turn on the heater is no heat coming from the heater. You may also notice the temperature gauge fluctuation(moving up and down), or below normal to normal temperatures. This is all caused from low coolant level. Fill coolant tank, then properly bleed the cooling system. You can bleed the cooling system by placing a clear plastic hose on the coolant bleeder valve at the top of the engine, just left of the intake manifold. Next to it is the engine coolant temperature sensor. Place the other end of the hose in a clear container, open the valve counterclockwise and monitor the coolant flow through the tube. When the bubbles stop and coolant is clear, your system is clear of all air and full of coolant. You may need to redo this two or more times after driving a while.
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One possible solution would be that you didn't bleed all the air from the cooling system after replacing the thermostat. The coolant temperature switch is located next to the

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