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Why is hot water coming out of a vent pipe on the central heating system with no blocks and a new pump if the boiler is turned down?

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Check the overflow pipes and pans to be certain that they are not clogged.
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Why does the pilot for the hot water heater blow out when the central heat is turned on?

  That Sounds like a very dangerous problem. You Must Get This Checked By a PRO! Low Gas Pressure could be one cause another is if you use hot air heat the return ducts

Your heate rcore is hot but no heat comes out of vents?

  Check the vent operation. Check that both heater pipes (water) into and out of the heater core are hot, if only one is hot then normally the core is blocked and will nee

Should the hot water vent pipe be hot?

Yes. It connects to the inside of the tank, where the hot water is. Heat from the hot water will heat the vent pipe by conduction. The top end should be much warmer than the b

Do you have to fill a hot water heat boiler?

There has to be water in either system for it to work, check with the manufacturer and provided documentation to discern proper water capacity. A hot water boiler (hydronics)

Is a circulating pump located on the supply or the return line in hot water heating systems'?

It can be in either location, depending on your head pressure ie a circ on the head or "pump away" will circulate water better in upper floors. If the system is in a 2 or 3 st

Can you reverse pump down a heat pumps system?

Yes the same way you pump down a a/c, shut off unit at stat, remove electronics housing compartment door, place gages on service ports and close the liquid side service valve