Why is immigration an important consideration for Canada?

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Actually, i lived in Canada before, they don't need to consider it for the next 200 years, because no one wants to move and live permanently in Canada, no offense; Canada is beautiful and no one hates the country, but think about it, the snow, the cold, no one can take it for the rest of their life. I hope this helps :)
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What are important considerations when working with customers?

I consider the most important when working with customers is to know about all the information about them. To understand in their situation. You should know their moods. And always have a good explanation about their question. You don't always need an answer but show you are willing to go the "extra (MORE)

Is immigration good for Canada?

If you're interested in migrating - I suggest you contact an Immigration Specialist firm such as The Immigration Unit Group PLC. http://www.immigrationunit.com Good Luck! you didnt even answer his question dumb fack

How do you immigrate to Canada?

If you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few different waysto apply. You will need to decide which immigration program willwork best for you and your family. •Skilled workers and professionals (Skilled workers are selected aspermanent residents based on their education, work experience, (MORE)

How can I get to Canada as immigrant?

You can be sponsored by a close relative, have a job offer or come as an investor/entrepreneur. The Citizenship and Immigration website has all the details plus any and all forms you need.

Why is consideration important?

When dealing with people in any matter. consideration is always important, because you never know how your actions will affect the other person. What you do affects the world. Consideration is always appreciated because it shows you are a thoughtful person and always thinking of others. Considera (MORE)

What is immigrants of Canada?

In general meaning, this means people who move to Canada, i.e. people who previously live outside Canada then move to Canada and live there. In legal meaning, this means people who does not born citizen of Canada, but later live in Canada, either legally (legal immigrants) or not (illegal immigra (MORE)

What are the 3 types of immigrants to Canada?

I am currently in grade 10 Canadian History and we learned that the 3 classes are. 1)Family Class: immigrants who come to canada to be with family 2Refugee Class: immigrants who come to canada for freedom 3) Independent class: this class is evaluated according to the points system, which assig (MORE)

Why did Indians immigrate to Canada?

Indians, and any ethnic group for that matter, will usually migrate to a country to start a better life than they would in their home country. Indians have been welcomed to Canada where they have played an important role in developing its economy by her skill and experience in all fields. Indians (MORE)

What is the percentage on immigrants in Canada in 2008?

77% --------------------- Depends on area but over all most Canadians are first or second generation. First generation Canadians, including those who have not yet been granted citizenship (we assume they will) is approx 25% of our population.

Why did the Aboriginal people immigrate to Canada?

The Aboriginal people did not immigrate to Canada. Also known as the First Nations and Native People, the Aboriginals were the original inhabitants of Canada, who were said to have arrived in Canada from Asia (through Russia and Alaska) back in primal, non-civilized times. When the European people t (MORE)

Why does Canada welcome immigrants?

Canada's population is shrinking and getting older. The government is supposed to pay for the standard and living health care for and the old citizens. The coming of immigrants will increase the number of employment in Canada which will provide the nation's government with enough money to continue s (MORE)

Why immigration is important?

Immagration was important because its people from various country's coming to America for many reason's. Immgration is also important because they improve the American population. Also many imagrants are taking American job's which is a issue today.

In which province of Canada you get easily immigration?

Immigration is managed by the Federal government and not the provinces. Only the province of Quebec selects its own applicants and uses a different selection grid which puts more importance on french language skills and applicant's age and work experience and less importance on education compared to (MORE)

How many immigrants come to Canada?

Each year about 250,000 immigrants come to Canada. The number coming in fluctuates depending on a number of factors. Assimilation and employment play a significant role in how well immigration contributes to a country. Subsequently, with regards to immigration Canada, it's important to note that a d (MORE)

Why do immigrants immigrate to Canada?

One of the main goals of Canadian immigration is to welcome skillednewcomers who will contribute to Canada's growing economy. If youare looking for immigration to Canada then you must know some tipsand points - The Canadian government grants permanent residencevisas using a point system. This is ver (MORE)

How important is consideration in a contract?

Consideration or renumeration is one of two major parts of the basic contract. The other portion is service or product rendered. Of course the contract will also call for terms, delivery and possible penalty defaults.

How can you immigrate to Canada smoothly?

It can be given as follows.. Apply for a university in Canada - for a bachelors' degree . Once you get selected, apply for student visa . After graduation, apply for 1-2 yr work permit . After the period, apply for a masters' degree . After graduation, apply again for 1-2 yr work permit . At t (MORE)

Is it hard or easy to immigrate to Canada?

, I am a current Canadian citizen living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This question is very hard to answer and has no real 'yes' or 'no' answer to it. The only way that this is determined is all about yourself. Canada is a developed country and rated the best country in the world to live in for 6 ye (MORE)

What are four important investment considerations?

Considerations for investments are Market Risk, Dollar CostAveraging, Diversification, and Time Horizon. The biggestconsideration to many investors is that their investment is secure,and will pay itself back over time plus some.

Why did the Icelandic immigrate to Canada?

Many icelandic citizens moved to Canada because of few reasons. Not much work, better health care, better education, better goverment, freedom. The Danish Kingdom that ruled over oss at the time treated oss with much cruelty at the time.

Immigrant what to do in Canada?

Tours, Malls, Amusement parks, In Canada immigrants are First Generation Canadians. They have all the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and as such do the same as everyone else, including amusement parks which can be a lot of fun.

Are immigrants important?

yes, because if you are American your ancestors probably immigrated here from Europe or somewhere else

What important considerations have to be taken into anorexia?

There are many important things to consider about anorexia. It all depends on what you are trying to focus on. Some crucial or important things to consider in all aspects are.... * Anorexia is both a physical and mental disorder. * Anorexia is very sensitive to the person. * Strict or harsh / a (MORE)

What are facts about immigration to Canada?

Some facts about Canadian immigration include: . Immigration to Canada, since 2001, has ranged between 221,352 and 262,236 people per year; . As of 2004, Canada has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world; and . Canadian immigration has three categories: Family, Economic and Refugee. (MORE)

Which were true about immigration to Canada?

The full question is: Which were true about immigration to Canada? Economic forces drove Canadian Immigration Immigrants settle in Canada's cities Asians are the largest immigrant group Canadians used to fear immigration would ruin their culture All of them are true. All Four Of the Answers

Why would someone immigrate to Canada?

there are many reasons, for instance, freedom to do anything that is legal, great people, we are not war mongers, live un obtrusive lives, mind our own business, great advantages for young people if they are willing to work hard and get a good education, the list goes on and on.

Why is being considerate to others important?

Answer 1 Because if you are considerate to others then they'll be considerate back and then you'll make it a lot further in life. Answer 2 Being considerate is not an absolute necessity in life, however it tends to make social interactions easier as long as everyone socializing is being co (MORE)

How did Immigration affect the creation of Canada?

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow expedited immigration processing to meet provincial labour market and business needs. There are two types of PNP program, the skilled worker PNP for occupations in demand and the business immigration program designed to allow expedited immigration processing (MORE)

Who can immigrate to Canada?

Well mainly anyone the Government can choose if they want them to come in or not. ie. if they know they use to be from a terrorist group than they may not want to let them in

How to immigrate to Canada?

There are two ways for applying. . Through Representative/lawyers/ immigration consultants . . If your case is quite clear-cut with full confidence, you should be able to manage the immigration process on your own directly through CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). You can visit CIC's Of (MORE)

Why has Canada historically encouraged immigration?

Immigration served many purposes over the centuries. Early on it was hoped large local populations would help to defend the new possessions. After 13 colonies decide to go it on their own that idea was for the most part abandoned. Give people time and a Continent and they are likely to take it. St (MORE)

Why did people immigrate from Canada to Massachusetts?

For many reasons. Before, during and after the American Revolution Canadians would immigrate to Massachusetts and from Massachusetts for political reasons. Those loyal to the government and Crown would leave and those loyal to the revolution would arrive. Of course for many they would immigrat (MORE)

How did the Irish immigrants change Canada?

They helped create Canada. Some of our Fathers of Confederation were Irish, most famously DArcy Mcgee, our first politician to be assassinated by the Americans, or as they prefer by an American, actually they prefer if we say by an Irish man who just happened to be American but that is another answe (MORE)

What did the Irish immigrants do to change Canada?

Many many things including creating Confederation, creating Canada. One of the most famous fathers of Confederation, D'Arcy McGee was Irish. They also supplied a large percentage of the labour to build railways in Canada including the railway to BC.