Why is it bad luck if you open an umbrella indoors?

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In ancient cultures, the umbrella represented royalty and power. African royalty for instance first used umbrellas to shield themselves from the hot rays of the sun. To open one in the shade was an insult to the Sun God. The superstition about it being bad luck to open an umbrella indoors may have originated because people saw it as an act that insulted the spirits of the household by implying their protection was inadequate.
Despite modern life, superstitions can still have a powerful affect on people and there are many who will avoid crossing people on stairs, walking under ladders breaking mirrors and many who will still carry a good luck charm.
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Why is it considered bad luck to open an umbrella indoors?

Umbrellas were first used by African royalty to shield themselves from the hot rays of the sun god. To open one in the shade insulted the god. To open one indoors must have be

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Well, everyone know it's all supersticious! But, no one really knows why. It's like something someone made up, that just spread around like a wildfire. Hope I helped!. Signed

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