Why is it important that that a scientist be both logical and creative?

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because they have to know the scientific method and everything about science!
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What is the importance of logic?

Logic is description. The importance of logic in reference to education is that if a student understands the logic and reasoning behind a given aspect of reality, then he/she

The importance of logic?

logic, put is simply as possible, is all that is true and makes complete sense logic is the basis of many things, and the more we use it, the more consistent and accurate we w

How are scientists creative?

because they need to be able to think outside the box otherwise they will have trouble as a scientist. thinking outside of the box is part of there job. If they don't be creat

Why is logic important?

it isn't that important unless you have a job that needs it like a scientist or doctor. i mean teachers ALWAYS tell students you'll need it or use it someday, but you don't ne

Why logic is important?

lets start from beggning.. what u defined logic as?? most appropiate defnition is to think correctly... if i have to go to a place 500 kms 4m here, i can go by air,veh

What is important of logic?

Logic link cause to effect, action to reaction and input to output. By finding result, we use logic to analyze. Logic is the basis of learning methodology and decision making.

Why is it important to be creative?

Creativity is one of the most important things one should have. By being creative you can show your talent, your presence of mind on how you grasp something, and use it more c
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How important is it to be creative?

Different people place different amounts of importance on creativity. To artists, musicians, and writers, creativity is extremely important. To someone this author, it is no