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1. Because good spelling could help you get a job! 2. Becuz badd spilleng is hrd two undrstnd wen yuu reed it.
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Is convenience spelled correctly?

Convenience (easy access or availability) is correctly spelled.

How important is it to spell words correctly?

It is important because with the many similar words we have in  English, a small error in spelling can change the meaning or a  sentence, or even make it meaningless.  

Is oxens spelled correctly?

Is oxens the plural of ox? No, the plural of ox is oxen.

Is oceaniana spelled correctly?

No. The correct spelling for the wide geographical area is Oceania.

Can you spell the word Eeetdmpoln correctly?

The 10 letters EEETDMPOLN do not spell any one word, only many phrases such as "molten deep". The original may have been YEETDMPOLN which would make the 10-letter word deploym