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Why is it painful when a bee stings you?

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because it contains formic acid
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Why does bees sting?

A bee will sting when it feels threatened. Bees are generally docile. If one flies near you it is very unlikely to sting if you don't make sudden movements towards it, so do

What to do after a bee sting?

Put some vinegar on the sting, or use something cold like ice or a  frozen lollipop to cool it and relieve pain. The best thing to use  though is 'Anthisan' its a bite and s

Is the sting of wool carder bee painful?

I've been studying and working with the wool-carder bee for 3  years. Never been stung. Females are very non-aggressive and will  usually just try and get out of your way. M

What do you do if you get a bee sting?

If it is definitely a bee sting and not a wasp sting, the first thing to do is remove the barb because as long as the barb is in your skin, the venom will continue to pump int

Where is the sting on a bee?

A bee's stinger is located at the exterior end of its abdomen.

What to do if you have a bee sting?

if it is a bee sting it is an acid sting so then put vinegar an alkilie will level out the ph [the level of intensity in acid s and alkilies] and if it is a wasp sting put lem

How does a bee sting?

  The worker bee's sting is similar to egg laying organs. The stinger is located in the chamber end of the Abdomen, only sharp pointed shaft is protruded in to the person.

What acids is present in toothpaste that minimise the pain caused by the bee sting?

  i believe that the pain caused by a bee sting is caused by a strong acid which is injected by the sting itself. The substance in the toothpaste which causes the pain to

Bee sting type pain left knee left side of knee?

sharp pain in the knee when kneeling can be due to injury to ligament, tendon; bursitis; osteoarthritis or rheumatic arthritis etc. You can take antiinflammatory medicines lik

Does urine stop pain in bee stings?

No..that's an old wifes tale. Try some insect bite creams from  the RX drug store.   Never heard of that. I have heard of making a paste of  tenderizer and a small amount