How does pain pills alliveate pain?

Common knowledge would tell you that all pain medications are the same, when in fact, there are several different classifications. Pain killers such as Acetaminophen and Iubpr (MORE)
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Why we get pain?

I am not a doctor but I can give you a simple and short answer to this question that I find has infinite knowledge behind it. Pain is the way your body tells you something is (MORE)
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Who is Pain?

Pain is the official leader of Akatsuki, Pain is the name that bounds all of the Rinnegan's 6 paths. The person behind Pain is Nagato, who remote controls all 6 bodies of th (MORE)
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Are you in pain?

I am suffering pain in the center of my chest and my neck is really painful moving my head sideways or up and down is painful coupled with a strange sensation in the back of m (MORE)
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What is the pain of central pain syndrome?

Extremely persistent, intractable type of pain that can be quite debilitating and depressing to the sufferer. The pain may be localized to a particular part of the body (such (MORE)

Why is pain painful?

Pain is when you hurt youself right? well, its just the way of how your body reacts to the discomfort of an injury.. hope it helps :)
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Can the pain meds cause pain?

Absolutely, most pain meds have severe side effects that include headaches and overall feeling unwell. once you have been taking them for s long enough time, you begin to expe (MORE)