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Why is it that brothers act protective of sister but when they find girlfriend or wife they aren't protective of sisters anymore and don't care about sisters anymore?

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It's not that they don't care, they've just found their own love to be wraped up in.
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What do you call your brothers wifes sister?

i believe that your brother's wife's sister is also your sister in law No, I think not! But as you seem to have the hots for your brother's wife's sister, you can call her "ho

Why are big brothers so protective of their little sisters?

brothers are protective of their little sister's because they think the world will end if there little sister gets her heart broken or meets the wrong guy. They just love them

Why is it that sisters always care about brothers and want his attention but brothers behave as if they don't care for their sister or don't express if they really care?

Men and boys in our society are not allowed to show emotion like women and girls can, so they hide it. Many boys are told while they are growing up that they have to "act like

What if a sister behave like she doesn't know her brother anymore and don't even acknowledge him once she has a boyfriend?

Thing is, was she really close to you before she was with him? If so, she wouldn't be able to love both of you at the same time, and probably to her, a boyfriend is something

Why in general men are protective when it comes to their brothers-parents-wives-or girlfriend but are totally apathetic when it comes to their sisters while sisters have to crave for their attention?

Brothers are protective of other brothers because usually they know what they went through being a man. Parents usually have a connection, for the woman it the birthing proces

Why men are protective of their brothers but not of sisters?

An attck against a male sibling is like an attack against the guy because being of the dame sex means that the sibling id=s more representative of the guy than a sister would

How do you protect yourself from your sister who is narcissistic?

I can only suggest on how to protect yourself from an adult sister who is a Malignant Narcissist. After years of living with her attacks on my reputation and her manipulative

Why is sister wives not on TLC anymore?

Sister Wives is still on TLC. Currently they are between seasons, a new season is slated to debute late spring 2013. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting updates on the famil