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Why is it that sisters' behavior towards siblings don't change after getting boyfriend or husband but brothers' often changes after getting into romantic relationship and they start ignoring siblings?

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who told boys (i.e) brothers get changed when they get a girl friend? they never change in there char....... they want to take care of the girl who came for him.. so they show there love , care ..etc.... -1% which they show on there siblings - BABU(trichy)
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Who starts the fights between brother and sister the big sibling or little sibling?

Most likely the younger sibling. But don't go blaming them yet. Take in each story of the sibling or maybe a wittness of the fight. It will help you decide which one is the tr

Why most brothers especially older ones ignore and neglect sisters after getting partner while most sisters never ignore her parents and siblings even after getting into relationship?

okk guys are secretive bout relationships they dont want ppl in there business or in the life. guys or older brothers usually push everyone way to have there only lil life on

Why brothers dilute their love for their siblings after marriage while sisters always remain close and loyal to her siblings and will always love and support them even after getting married?

Because females are more comforting, loyal, honest and faithful than males. Males tend to get distracted by their social or working life very easily but females have the abili

Why in general brothers change after marriage and don't care about their families while sisters always care about their siblings and families even after getting married and having kids?

I haven't taken a psych class or anything, but I think it has to do with western influence on gender roles. Women tend to be more nurturing: even though they leave the family,