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Why is it that when I go to start my computer the monitor stays blank and nothing happens but the button you push to start the computer lights up and cooling fan also runs?

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Short answer: Check fuse, power supply, and make sure both the monitor and the PC are plugged in. It is possible that either your graphics card is dead or not inserted properly. However, it could also be the CPU or even the motherboard.

Longer answer: When you press power button of your PC, see if the little LED under the button is on. If not, then you should check the power supply, RAM and the CPU.

You can check the power supply fan to see if the power supply works. If that works, then check your processor and RAM in another CPU or get different RAM and processor and then try them with your PC one at a time. You can also try the power supply in another PC.

If the little LED under the power button is lit and the power supply fan is running, then check the video adapter is it built-in in or standalone if it is built-in then the problem may be in your monitor display. If the video card is standalone then check the video card in others PC or any other video card to your PC.

If your CD ROM is not on that is supply is off or not working then you must first make sure that the power supply is okay. So try it in another PC. If it is okay then turn to processor and RAM as told above.

The next thing to check is your CPU. It that doesn't work, then you should try the motherboard.

But before working out on your CPU you should check your monitor with a known working machine. Often, you don't even need to have the monitor attached to anything to be able to test it. Its light by the switch should be on, and the display may be lighter than when it is off. That shows the monitor is okay. Otherwise if there is an orange light then it may be consider in most computers that the monitor is not okay.
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