Why is it wise to avoid high open locations during a thunderstorm?

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High points are more likely to be hit by lighting than low-lying areas. In an open area you are likely going to be the highest point for some distance, which puts you at risk of being struck directly.
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Why isn't it safe to stand in an open field during a thunderstorm?

it isn't safe to stand in an open field during a thunder storm because you could get stuck by lightening or a tornado can form in the field.. it isn't safe to stand in an ope

Why should you avoid touching metal objects during a thunderstorm?

Because electric currents could shock you. Addition: Lightning is attracted to conductive objects such asmetal, especially if the conductive object is connected to theground w

How does high pressure cause thunderstorms?

It usually does not. However, if you have two areas of highpressure, then that can create an area of relatively low pressurein between them. Air converges and rises in this ar

Would it be safe to stand in an open field during a thunderstorm?

No, that is too dangerous. Because the ground is charge with a positive pole and the clouds with a negative one. And the lighting is "despaired" to come down the fastest possi

What to during a thunderstorm?

To keep safe you should consider the following. 1) Stay low 2) Stay away from trees, water, metal, electric objects, windows, and doors. 3) Go inside a car with closed window

What should you do if you are caught on open water during thunderstorm?

Being caught in a thunderstorm on open waters is very dangerous. But at that point there is nothing you can really do. Its obvious if you are close to shore that you should tr
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Why we should avoid bathing during a thunderstorm?

we all know electricity can flow trough water.We have contact to earth while bathing and also water content will be present.It will be easy to get shock trough ground.so it is