Why is my 21 yr old adopted daughter never able to stop lying or telling obvious tales?

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She may be a psychological liar.
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How do you adopt your wife's 13-year-old daughter if her father has never seen her and does not pay any child support and the only thing that connects her to him is his name on the birth certificate?

I'm in Michigan and the way that we handled that was by calling the "County Court" where we live. They hooked us up with the Family Courts. You have to be married (at least in our state) for one year and then there is an 'application' process. It took a few months to get completed as we had to "pet (MORE)

Your 3 yr old daughter blinks non stop since morning?

Answer . Your daughter could be experiencing 'dry eye' or even have allergies, but it's not worth the risk to guess. Please see your doctor right away so he/she can send you to a specialist so your daughter can get a thorough eye exam. Get your doctor to send you to a Opthamologist because they c (MORE)

How do you help your 5 yr old daughter like your husband?

That is a good question, but what I am up to suggest is entirely my own opinion. . On my own observation I have noticed that this problem is becoming very common in our society.. I am glad that you have this concern but I am sorry that you are facing this dilemma with your so young daughter.. I f (MORE)

Can your 16 yr old daughter get a work permit to drive if she was stopped driving with her learners permit?

Nope ... she broke the laws by driving without another licensed driver in the car while she was driving. A "work permit" does not issue authorization to drive a car without being properly licensed. There are other transportation means for people to get to work ... public buses, taxicabs, bicycles, w (MORE)

What is the cause of the dash tell tale to stop working?

Many things can make the lights indicating trouble come on in an automobile. The lights are there to alert you to problems, red ones indicate there is a problem requiring immediate attention, while the yellow mean there is a potential threat looming. Any light should be checked out by a diagnostic m (MORE)

What should a 9 yr old be able to do in gymnastics?

Most 9 year olds are diffrent in what they can do! It depends if they r flexible or not! When I was nine i was still doing cart wheels......but most 9 year olds should be able to do at least 3 running back handsprings

How do you stop your 11 yr old from lying?

I am afraid that you have to start when the child is a baby, and NEVER, EVER, yell, criticize, or discipline her when she tells you the truth, even if it's bad news. By age 11, the personality is largely determined, and it becomes very difficult to change. You can engage the services of a child psy (MORE)

Can you emancipate your pregnant 17-yr-old daughter?

It depends upon the state. Only about half of them have emancipation statutes. Most states that have emancipation statutes require you to be at least 16 years old. And having a child does not automatically make one an adult. It actually makes it more difficult to prove financial independence..

What do you say to your ex when he rings you and is the father of your 4 yr old daughter tells you he only wants sex?

Tell him to quit being so cheap and go and pay for it! Also let him know that you are not in the market for his game playing and are not interested in him regarding sex and let him know that unless he can show you better respect to quit calling. All the both of you should have in common is your daug (MORE)

What can you do to stop my 7 year old from lying all the time?

You might try feeding them something they don't like for dinner on the days you catch them in a lie. Small amount of something healthy, broccoli, mushrooms. Everyone else in the family gets a normal dinner. Make sure they still get their normal drink. If they are still hungry, bread and butter or cr (MORE)

You live in NJ and kids live with their mom in ga one daughter is 20 not in college but maybe this semester you also have an 18 yr old daughter out of high school may move to NJ when does support stop?

When you call the state that your divorce went through and talk to Friend of the Court and find out why they continue to take it out.. In Michigan child support stops usually at 18 BUT if you owe any back child support you will continue paying until all chiild support owed, that has been in arreara (MORE)

How old is the narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart?

The age of the narrator is not given in the story. Also, byreferring to the "old man" the narrator may or may not be referringto his father because their relationship to one another is unclear.

What can i do when my daughter an 18 yr old troubled teen moves out?

Nothing, she is considered an adult at 18. If you can convince her to seek help then you might be able to help her, but other than that you having no standing. Can she support herself? Maybe if you sat down and pointed out what she would need to live it might convince her to stay. Make a contract an (MORE)

Your 12 yr old daughter wants to get into contact with her paternal grandparents who by her father's choice know nothing about her should you let her do this or tell her to wait until she is older?

Chances are the smart move would be to wait, because potentially the father is going to be very angry with his daughter for acting contrary to his wishes (even he never actually told her what he wished). It could be argued that your daughter has the right to know her own grandparents, but they are n (MORE)

Adoption of a 15 year old niece daughter?

Her parents have to be willing to give up parental rights and youhave to be accepted by the social workers and court. Since she is15 the court will also ask for her opinion. if she is being abusedof some kind you can report it to the social workers and they willfind her a foster home and then you ca (MORE)

How can you tell when your twelve year old older sister is lying?

Whenever her lips move. Just kidding! But seriously, look up Guantanamo Bay and a fun little game called waterboarding! Kidding again! There are chemicals that are said to make one voluble, and of course there are methods of lie detection that measure minute differences in heart rate and sweat p (MORE)

Can you adopt a 21 years old stepdaughter?

i dont think so, at 21 years she is considared an adult, in the case of she being a sick person, mental illness or some physical impediment you can ask the court to make you her tutor (person in charge) but adopt he as she have already reached the legal age is impossible

What should you get your 12 yr old daughter for her birthday?

I have the same problem. Only thing is I'm the one turning twelve and I don't know what I want! To be honest though, you should just think about your daughter, what makes her happiest? What would she really like? Is there anything that she has been asking for lately? Most of these questions could h (MORE)

What is the cost of auto insurance for a 21 yr old women?

Insurance rates vary from state to state, zip code to zip code, and from company to company. This is not the forum to guess at auto insurance rates for individuals. I suggest that you call a good independent insurance agency and let them get you quotes from several insurance carriers that have compe (MORE)

How do you you tell a 10 yr old about his father he has never met and about to meet for first time?

Did you fall in love with his father? If so, tell your son why it was that you fell in love with him. You can tell him what he looked like at the time and if they share any similarities. You could include what he did for a living, or his hobbies, likes and dislikes. Tell him about his father in a go (MORE)

How can you tell if a 12 yr old boy likes a 12 yr old girl?

if he smiles at her constantly. If he gives her letters. If he comes in classlat sometimes just to impress her, or if he tries to make conversations with her, or if he likes being with her alot. It happened to me. I'm in seventh grade

How do you adopt your husband's 12 year old daughter?

You need to obtain the biological mother's consent. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody and adoption issues. You need to obtain the biological mother's consent. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody and adoption issues. You need to obtain the bio (MORE)

How do you adopt your wife's 4-month-old daughter if her father has never seen her and does not pay any child support?

You need to contact an attorney who specializes in custody and adoption. Generally, it will be easier if the father will consent to the adoption. If not then you will need to petition the court to terminate the father's parental rights. Each state has its own laws that govern such an issue. You need (MORE)