Why is my Canon pixma mp470 is not printing?

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Here are a few things to do:

1. Check to make all cords are connected, and the power is on.
2. Go online and find/install drivers for the Canon Pixma MP470. A simple Google search will find it. Be sure to download the correct version-- whether it's 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64)
3. Go to your computer's control panel, then click "Hardware and Sound", then "printer" to make sure it's being recognized by your computer. If it is, make sure that it's set as the default printer.

Without any more information, that's all the advice I can give you.
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What does the error code E22 mean on Canon Pixma printer?

ERROR CODE CANNON MP150/MP160 E2 - No paper (ASF) E3 - Paper jam E4 - No ink E5 - The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed , or the ink cartridges are not installed properly E8 - Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full «О (MORE)

Is canon Pixma ink poisonous?

Well to stick on the safe side of things maybe try and not eat ink. Not such a good thought. I think everything has a purpose. Let ink do its job. Like i said, Dont eat ink and you'll be fine. To answer your question - Yes it is poisinous. Think about it!

IS a Canon pixma printer a good choice?

Yes, Canon makes excellent products and their printers are no different. They are kings of the photo world, which means their color use is excellent, and that is what you usually look for in printers, anyways.

How much is a Canon pixma printer?

The Canon pixma printer is $150 and is a great printer to use. Any Canon product is great because Canon has top quality manufacturing materials and has been top consumer choice for almost 3 decades.

Can one get canon pixma printer in staples?

Yes, Canon Pixma printers are available at Staples. However, whether they are in stock is up to individual stores. It is recommended that the store be contacted in advance if this is the only brand that is considered.

Which Canon Pixma model of printer is the best?

"As of 2011, the Canon Pixma iP4920 is the best reviewed. As far as quality and low energy cost go it's the best, but expensive ink replacement and having only one connectivity option are other variables to considered before purchasing."

How many pages can canon pixma ip 2770 can print?

This type of printer can print up to 250 pages before the papertray will need to be replenished. The amount of pages, before theink cartridges are empty, is dependent upon the amount of ink oneach page.

Where can you purchase Canon pixma ink?

One can purchase Canon Pixma ink from 'Best Buy' for around $20. One can also purchase this item from 'Amazon', 'Inkjetsuperstore', 'ebay' and '4inkjets'.

What is the primary focus of the Canon Pixma printer?

The primary focus of the Canon Pixma printer is to provide the consumer with a printer, scanner and copier all in one. It allows the customer to have three different pieces of office equipment without taking up a lot of space in your office.

What stores sell the Canon printers Pixma?

There are a wide variety of retail locations and online stores that sell Canon Pixma printers. Staples, Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Office Max, and Amazon, for example, each sell these printers.

What is the cost of a Canon Pixma MP830?

The Canon Pixma MP830 All-in-One printer is no longer produced, so the price will vary greatly for used models depending on their condition and whether they are factory refurbished. Amazon currently lists several of these models for sale, with prices ranging from $135 to $300 for a factory refurbish (MORE)

Where can one purchase a Canon Pixma ip90?

The Canon Pixma ip90 can be purchased art several places. This can be found for purchase at eBay and Amazon. They can also be found at Rakuten and Porter Electronics.

How much does a Canon Pixma cost?

A Canon PIXMA typically costs between ǣ30 and ǣ150. The broad price range is explained by the fact that there are several different models in the PIXMA range.

Where can a canon Pixma IP4000 be bought?

There are several places that one can purchase a Canon Pixma IP4000 camera online and in store, including Best Buy, Staples, Amazon, and NewEgg. This particular camera can also be purchased online directly from the Canon website.

What is the best feature of the Canon PIXMA iP4300?

The Canon PIXMA iP4300 has many beneficial functions which includes an impressive resolution of 9600 x 2400 colour dpi, included Easy-PhotoPrint 3.5 software and a built in two sided printing function as well as a second paper tray.

What features does the canon pixma mp450 have?

Canon is a company with a good reputation for its cameras and full line of camera equipment and accessories. Canon also produces all-in-one printers. The Canon Pixma MP450 is designed for printing photos. It has a color LCD screen and has direct photo printing capability from camera phones.

What are the properties of a Canon Pixma MP460?

The Canon Pixma MP460 bubble jet printer with built in scanner specifications are up to 22cpm printing black and up to 17cpm printing color.Scanner resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi optical and 19200 x 19200 dpi interpolated.

When was the Canon Pixma ip5000 printer introduced?

June first, 2005 around the time when Canon first started making it's way as a brand and business. Many Canon printers were before it, but this printer was different in increased quality and less wait time.

What features does the Canon Pixma IP6000D offer?

The Canon Pixma IP6000D offers a variety of features including: a 2.5" LCD Screen, printing from memory cards, wireless printing from cell phones, 2 sided printing, 6 individual ink cartridges, and 4800x1200 DPI.

What is the function of a Canon Pixma MP600?

Some of the function of a Canon PIXMA Mp600 is that it has a two paper tray, with a two-sided printing and copying feature. It can also print up to 30ppm black and 24ppm color.

What are the specifications of the Canon Pixma MP800?

The specifications for the Canin Pixma MP800 are as follows: a print speed of up to 30 pages per minute; ink droplet size of between 1 and 5 picoliters;multiple paper sizes;an auto sheet feeder. It also has a copy speed of up to 30 copies per minute.

What are the main features of a Canon Pixma MP 150 printer?

The Canon Pixma MP 150 printer has limited features, creating a smaller printer for home or light office use. It has a PictBridge connection, giving it the ability to print right from a camera. It also has the ability to copy and scan.